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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 10:28pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 6:06pm – 10:28pm
  • 29 Aries 26
  • 4:4 Star Gate
        Approaching LION’S GATE

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It’s yet another very busy day planet wise, with Mercury Venus and Mars all very active after yesterday’s Full Aquarius Moon. That’s a lot of personal energy being utilized. Mercury reaches the end of his journey through Cancer, after months of retrograding through this sign. He enters Leo late tonight and his recently begun new chapter takes on even more of a new reality. Venus forms a Light Bridge with the Galactic Center, bringing important downloads of higher consciousness to the heart. And Mars forms an all important stepping stone with Jupiter, very likely showing us the places where physical transformation is most likely to take place in the weeks ahead.

Mars is one to watch, but these days you can’t watch Mars without being fully aware of Mercury as well. These two have recently passed the baton one more time, which means their transits are intrinsically tied to each other in very significant ways. Today the Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Mercury from the master degrees of 29 Aries/Cancer. Mercury moves on into Leo tonight, but the Black Moon is going retrograde at 29 Aries today.
This is exactly where Mars will go retrograde in September. The Black Moon is unveiling Mars’ journey, and if we pay careful enough attention, especially to Mercury’s messages today, we will be able to catch some pretty significant views. If we all keep our focus on the Aries portion of our charts, the Self-Realization process gets a major boost.
We need to comprehend the True meaning of Self as Light. This is what Self-Realization is all about. I Am the Light. I Am Awake. Nothing but unconditional TLC for your Self. Kindness matters. Be good to you. With the Black Moon reaching the master degree of Aries this morning and stationing all day, there is plenty to see along these lines. Make it a point to pay attention.
The Black Moon is also manifesting with Ixion and the Earth Star chakra today and it all becomes exact tomorrow. Without a doubt there will be an unveiling… some kind of revelation… tomorrow that delivers us to the new world and the way it is going to unfold. We won’t see ALL of it, we probably wouldn’t be able to handle it, but make it your business to observe, and it will certainly change everything for you.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Black Moon Station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Aries 30:  An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys.

                “Objective awareness specializes in taking particulars and demonstrating principles through fascinating examples. This way, each thing encountered in life adds up to a total vision, a theory, a hypothesis, some overviewing myth or realization.
                Such a mode of seeing and knowing and communicating is calibrated to fit within existing situations, to meet a demand, to keep the world going in it’s fascinating, stimulating, external workings. It repeats, recirculates, regurgitates data, theories, pet notions, popular sound bytes. For it is meant to popularize, to spread, to universalize, to get the word out there.
               There is no personal note struck. There is no subjective interpretation indulged. There is no earthly undercurrent a given clear voice. All of this is inside consensus reality, solidly embedded in the world view of the Old Earth.
               What happens when a revolution, a radical evolution hits this place? The outer veneer is pierced. The husk of conformity gives way. What do we meet underneath?
               The machine drones onward. The outer mind keeps spewing facts and theories. But somebody is alive in here. They are not the end, the old, the recycled mind set of the past. They bear something vital to be connected up at a level beyond the outer mind arena and all it’s dynamics.
               That resurgent vital edge is always lurking, waiting. Just one more tour of duty, and then….But the times catch up. There comes a moment when what your guts tell you overrides the ideologies of mind and you stake your life upon the instinct.”


“I believe that the mind is the last planet that’s left unexplored. .. Achieving the universal or cosmic consciousness is the highest goal to mankind.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo