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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
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The last couple of days have packed a wallop, between that Aquarius Full Moon in a stepping stone with the now stationing Uranus, and today’s Earth star Ixion New Cycle becoming exact after months of coming together. The hurricane that barreled up the East Coast of the United States, the giant west coast fire, the explosion in Lebanon, ALL of these express the overwhelming power of the planetary events that are reflecting what has happened here. EVERYTHING is changing. It’s important to note that well.

Very much like a tsunami or a bomb going off, the events taking place are larger than life. We know they are happening, but we don’t have a clue what will become of it all. There has never been a more perfect moment to stay riveted to the 5D consciousness of Knowing that everything is perfect, no matter what it seems like.
The Earth Star Ixion New Cycle today ushers in a brand new karmic cycle for life on Earth, complete with overriding purpose. It was always going to be like this, on this very day, but it’s so big an event, we could only ever sense it coming. And we’ve been sensing this event for decades.
The Black Moon manifests with both Ixion and the earth Star karmic node today, and Venus forms an exact Light Bridge with both planets at the exact moment of their meeting. It all  makes so much sense to me, that the Divine Feminine, in the form of Venus AND the very wise Black Moon, are in attendance here. This is the birthing of a new order.
All throughout the middle of this day (EDT) these aspects, new cycles, manifestations, and Light Bridges are holding court. There is so much to see, if we are willing to focus on the higher Truths and let them be unveiled before our very eyes.  On top of all this activity, the Earth Star Ixion new cycle occurs right on top of the Galactic Center, which is our Source.
Let those downloads come. Take up a position on the Venus Ixion/Earth Star Light Bridge and let the new world come fully into your consciousness. Let it in. Embrace it. You won’t understand it, so don’t try. It isn’t important. In fact, it’s important NOT to try and make sens out of something so vast… Let it sink in.
We have enters the Uranus storm.. (Uranus is moving very slowly into his station). We will be realizing the Truth of all of this all the way to the station (august 19) and beyond. Eyes, hearts, arms wide open. Let it be revealed.
Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Earth star Ixion new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Sagittarius 29:  The ritual slaughtering of a lamb.

(Earth Star Ixion New cycle on the world axis) (the Galactic Center is actually 27 Sagittarius)
               “Feeling everything this world has to dish out from a raw place of needing to give in and give over at every point. No basis for holding to anything. It is the time for relinquishing, for making our peace with all that is around us and becoming once again innocent and pure.
               We have wandered into a very deep space that is so lost and forlorn that the only possible step found from here is to die to the past, and to give up all claim to our own special existence. And in this process comes an excruciating and ultra-powerful soul drama.
               For we find that we are awash in collective contents, and that everything we experience is flowing in every direction around us, with almost no boundary between our own personal soul plight and what we are chorded into in a broader sense. This means that we face the same energetic edge everywhere. And this is very hard to take.
               It is more than tempting to try to neutralize and tune out the under-places and to surface into something less exposed and traumatic. Yet if we fall for this, we perpetuate the syndrome and dial it in one further notch. For we are at the juncture karmically where whatever we hold onto becomes the very thing we must give up in order to move further in any rightful direction.
               The drama we play out is clutching at straws, demanding that something buffer us against our fate. How could we not try to elude this baffling and strange situation? We do try anything and everything to give us ballast, to make it seems for a moment like we can level off in some place to rest and abide.
               If we ever do embrace unconditionally what we are given to bear, the drama ceases. The thickness dissolves. It turns out to be natural and just a matter of cutting through the endless tangles.”


“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
Lao Tzu