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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No

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Finally, a slightly quieter day, at least compared to the last week or so. These are THE four planetary events of the day… Two of them involve Mercury, and each of those involves a 5D planet. That’s a lot of superconscious awareness streaming in now. Be open to it. Let it come. The fourth aspect today involves the sun and the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor sits right smack in the middle of Ophiuchus! Sometimes the Truth is so powerful because it has been hiding in plain sight all along.
The Great Attractor is the Source of our Source of our Source. It has recently been recognized (at last) as the overwhelmingly huge Black Hole that is the Source of our entire galactic neighborhood… The center of Laniakea, our home super cluster. From that CREATOR essence pours everything we might ever be conscious of and more. I use the word ‘might’ because it would be unbelievably amazing to be able to grok all of it. The best we can do is open up and let it in.
Mercury has completed his retrograde journey and begun a new chapter just a few days ago. Today he forms a Great Eliminator with Quaoar, currently the highest harmonic of Mercurial energy. When these two come together, in any configuration, we are thinking with the universal mind and WAY outside the box, This is important if we are ever going to manifest a new world. (It will never come from our older more habitual way of thinking, so we are best to allow the new thought forms to take shape).
Today also Mercury comes together with Varuna. Varuna represents God’s perspective. WAY beyond the observer’s perch. We are all capable of this viewpoint, we have simply to allow it. It isn’t the easiest of tasks, but it can certainly be very rewarding. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Varuna new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks.

Leo 4 :  A gardener collecting cow manure.

               “We can find new life by shadow work. We can tap a bright path forward which bases itself upon digesting and assimilating and metabolizing every previous cycle, especially in it’s harshest lessons and heaviest self-confront.
               We are able to go as far in an expansive direction as our previous contractions paved the way for. And somehow we know this. For we find it is the fertile mistakes, the major errors and excuses which pull us most deeply through into a new life here in the earth.
               However, the constant embodiment of this frequency is a sobering and a tempering that is character forming, but profoundly unwelcome to the ego-mind. And the resistance we build up to this outworking as being inevitable and inescapable, is thick, is persistent, and is backed up by the world around in every way.
               Therefore, we must enlist help, support, empowerment in a direction that is threatening and overwhelming to most that we meet. We are compelled to draw forth every ounce of true reflection we can possible find anywhere. For everything depends upon taking up a path into the shadows which no ego-mind wants and nobody in this vicinity knows the uses of deeply enough.
               We are thrown here into the earth, to seek our sustenance and reflection in the hidden cracks. We are pulled to mysteries, to awakenings, to clues and cues and wild surmises. For everything we meet is a symbol, a pointer, a portal. And it all depends upon whether this one can be walked through to the other side.
               A deep earth path which reclaims what civilization has paved over. An ardent quest into infinities that hold the keys to earth evolution. A burning desire to meet the self through it’s shattered earth reflection. And the wildest of needs to go against what is convenient and comfortable, to smell what others deny.”
Just another thought to add to all of this.. The Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Saturn today, the first of many connections she will make as she retrogrades back through Aries, preparing the way for Mars’ upcoming retrograde journey. Saturn is first, and he will be last, as Mars comes into his station in September and the Black Moon comes back around. There is so much to see about how we are meant to take on the new order and establish it and make it viable… Watch this space…..


“Weep out the life you had imagined.
Turn towards the life that is here.
Make the present moment your home and sanctuary.
This is the secret of all healing.”
~Jeff Foster