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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces/li>
  • Moon enters Aries: 9:05am
  • Moon Void of Course: 8:54am – 9:05am

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We are headed straight for the Lion’s Gate, and everyone is feeling it, that’s for sure. The fabric of the universe has changed. Everything feels different. It’s exciting and disorienting at the same time. That’s pretty much the nature of polarization, though, and it is ever up to us to make the choice about how we will respond to whatever we are experiencing.  During the course of the next day or two, we will be delivered to the Lion’s Gate portal, with the assistance of Venus crossing the world axis. Venus sits at the degree today that delivered a powerful solar eclipse in the same place on June 21. Remember that?

Venus has spent this last week coming together with the Soul Star (dharmic) Chakra and producing a life altering (though it may not be completely obvious yet) Light Bridge with Ixion and the Earth Star (karmic) Chakra conjunct the Galactic Center. A Light Bridge is an information highway and when it is in alignment with the Galactic Center, we are gifted with the Mother of all downloads. The realization of all this will wash over us during the days ahead.
Meanwhile, today Venus crosses the world axis. Look for very important news related to women today. (Maybe a VP announcement?) The Black Moon is busy as ever, proceeding with her unveiling process without missing a beat. Today she forms a Light Bridge with Haumea, the Mother CREATOR archetype who manifests at will from whatever part of her being she desires to bring forth.
Mercury finds resource with Quaoar, giving us all the capacity to make good use of the universal mind, and leave the older, more limiting beliefs behind.
We have entered a four month chapter that promises to change everything. The thing is we don’t know how and it is not in our best interest to try and figure that out. We are here to hold the space of Love and Unity for a planet that is being ripped apart by polarization.  We know it will end well, but we don’t know when or how.
It will likely get ugly before it gets better. That’s is not our concern. We are here to be the way showers. The Love bringers. We are lifting the veil on the new order. We don’t know what’s next but we have all been here before. We just have to let it all happen.
Spend some of this day on those Light Bridges and prepare for the entry into that portal the transcends time and space tomorrow.  We are already there. Time disappears and all there is is limitless space to experience the truth of our Being.


“Stand still, my love, and breathe,
breathe into the chaos of this world.
You are only witnessing the passing of form.
What you are cannot pass, will not die,
shall not be ended when everything ends.
This is only a play of noise and shadow,
light and silence, and you, forever,
rooted, at its core, so still,
never witnessed, yet witnessing
through child-like eyes, invisible.
Storms will always break.”
~Jeff Foster