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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio: All day
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This is a big day as the Hero’s Journey goes. Marshas formed stepping stones with Jupiter, Chariklo and Pluto, and formed Light Bridges with Arcturus and Haumea. Today the newly minted co-dispositor of the Divine Feminine forms an all important stepping stone with Saturn, giving us all the chance to choose integrity and Right Action, and take the higher road to a greater vision for our future. This is the first of three stepping stones Mars will make to Saturn in the coming months, and we all know the value and meaning of THREE. It promises manifestation.

What is se tin motion today will come to pass, after Mars goes through his retrograde cycle, traveling backwards (clockwise) through his own sign, and providing each and every one of us with a chance to Self-realize SO much more. Mars will be retrograde until November 13 and Uranus will be retrograde until January 14. Mars enters Taurus and forms his THIRD stepping stone with Saturn AND Jupiter later that week. That means the Uranus (and Albion) stations last week are intrinsically tied to this wake up process, and it will VERY CLEARLY take until after the new year to make itself known.
Today the Black Moon finds resource with Saturn, adding an extra note of emphasis to the presence of the inner teacher today. Pay attention to you. Trust your Self. Don’t believe everything you hear. Trust your Self. Trust your Self is the mantra for the rest of the year. If you can promise your Self you will act according to your heart’s desire, you won’t go very wrong right now.
After all, we have a lot to live through in the months ahead, while Mars retrogrades. We are learning something new about our Selves and out own new physicality every day for the rest of the year, and that means we don’t know what’s coming or have a clue what to expect. Accept this and let it all unfold. REFUSE to try and figure it our ahead of time.
During the next four days the Black Moon will station direct and cross the world axis again, entering Aries on Wednesday. We learned a lot last week. There’s much more to come. This is the last time, the 12th time, the Black Moon crosses the world axis for this journey around the zodiac. She will be back in later Aries a few more times, but she will be nowhere near the world axis again any time soon. That  means she will reveal all she has to reveal right here right now. Are we ready? I believe we are..


“So stay right here, you lucky people,
let go and be happy in the natural state.
Let your complicated life and everyday confusion alone
and out of quietude, doing nothing, watch the nature of mind.
This piece of advice is from the bottom of my heart:
fully engage in contemplation and understanding is born;
cherish nonattachment and delusion dissolves;
and forming no agenda at all reality dawns.
Whatever occurs, whatever it may be, that itself is the key,
and without stopping it or nourishing it, in an even flow,
freely resting, surrendering to ultimate contemplation,
in naked pristine purity, we reach consummation.”