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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Pisces: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • FULL MOON (Sun Moon Bridge): 1:21am
  • 10 Pisces 12
  • Hidden 2:2 Star Gate
  • Hidden 4:4 Star Gate
                   FULL PISCES MOON

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HERE’S MORE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS FROM  Shelly LealJan Finley, Christine ClemmerSonreyaand Vivian Small!

As you can see there are more aspects than you can count today, and these are not all of them. There are bridges, Light bridges, stepping stones, crossroads, communions and new cycles everywhere. But it doesn’t matter how advanced the astrology becomes, the Pisces Full Moon supercedes everything today. The Full Moon occurs just a little over an hour into this day, with Neptune, disposing the Moon up on the midheaven here on the East Coast of the United States. It’s a powerful Full Moon, with the Sun coming into a new cycle with Orcus. This means our immortality is being reflected back at us by the Moon all day today. The Moon is also in a major resource with both Uranus and Albion. Pay attention to the sound track that forever fill the background, and see if you can’t make out the messages you’re being offered.  A Pisces Full Moon offers limitless, boundless perspectives on everything, if we are willing to look.

Please have a look at Shelly Leal’s CC Monthly column, newly printed. It is filled with all the information you’ll need to guide you through the month ahead. It’s a jam packed one that includes the retrograde Mars cycle, which begins on September 9, a very powerful Star Gate of completion.
Neptune’s female counterpart, Salacia, is currently traveling with Chiron and forming a very powerful Light Bridge with MakeMake and Astraea. Meanwhile Chiron’s female  counterpart, Chariklo, is traveling with Saturn right now and is in a powerful Light Bridge with Venus. All these very profound divine feminine archetypes providing major observer’s perches for each and every one of us is not accident. We must make good use of these bridges to observe what is happening in our world. Don’t be concerned with what others are seeing or experiencing. It all begins and ends with you, and to the extent that you are conscious of that, you’re as well equipped as you’re going to get right now.
Also featured today is the 11th Black Moon Eris communion. ’11’ is the number of mastery and this slow but certain unveiling has reached its major turning point. What gets revealed now is unmistakable, and we will not question what we see again. The Black Moon had a couple of connections yesterday and today she makes FIVE more. She connects with Juno, Chariklo, Arcturus, Eris and SATURN today. Don’t take your eyes off whatever is right in front of you. Let it all be revealed. Don’t judge it, just let it be known.
Here are Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for today’s #11 Black Moon Eris communion and the Full Pisces Moon. These re reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks…

Aries 25:  A great dragon asleep in a cave.

(Black Moon Eris Communion #11)
              ” The dark deep inside seeking to emerge from a spell, from an enchantment, from a curse. The shadows, the beast, the serpent, the dragon of legend and myth stirring, restlessly, pervasively, bringing forth longings and desires previously suppressed and denied.
               Secrets and mysteries. Realms within realms. So much to get back in touch with now. A promise to the children of the future to come alive at the appointed times. The inquiries of karma and of destiny. That which cannot be understood, will not conform to convention.
               A wildness, a raw primal quality of needing an immense outlet for a huge energy that never had a place here. A desperate drive to let these things emerge, or else feel trapped and stuffed and caught in meaningless retrials of self avoidance at all cost.
               An emotional energy of ferocious intensity. So deep. So forbidden. So strange to the modern ways. Called to merge, to tap the depths, to activate the dormant powers for the sake of the whole.
               An absolutely extraordinary ability to draw forth what was hidden in each and all. A threshold capacity to elicit confidence and strength and new forces in those who are seeking a further enfoldment beyond the known.
               The world’s most fertile energy frequency. Yet often postponed, or held in reserve. Captured by pasts and futures at war with each other. The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. All of this is known and sensed with overwhelming force. It will come out. It will come through.”


  Pisces 11:  A high, crumbling wall. It is part of a ruin and covered with ivy.

(Pisces Full Moon)
               “What we are most up against is whatever we have made our own. This tends now to come back upon itself and to re-invent itself in ways both compulsive and illuminating. We have these memory-worlds which carry a lot of energy in them. Can we, will we, discharge that voltage, unplug from their steep caress, and be done with nightmares, the phantoms we insisted upon for so long.
               The path is to clear these entangling, thick  lies in releasing ourselves from a very old sense of self, perhaps taken as a given. We have hidden behind the disguise of being somehow passive and a product of experience. We have lain low in the underbrush of the familiar, the commonplace, the repetitive, the reassuring. It is that very sense of self we’ve built up and carried as our fortress against the world which is now giving way and must be relinquished at even deeper levels.
               There is somebody in here trying to get out. There is a thrashing, insistent force in here that cannot stay cooped up one moment longer. There is a staggering build up of frustration,    unsearched, realms unplumbed, lives not lived. Everybody in here wants to come out now.
               That primal cry echoes from every side of our world. Is it our own plea? Is it this earth that is casting us forth? Is it everybody here at once saying the same thing in that same voice?
               The structures, the forms, the containers hold this energy of memory. They are as strong as we keep making them. As we become ourselves again, the way it seems to be cracks and cracks again. We are being released now inside the belly of the whole. There is somebody here who never could abide the fixed self world.”


‘We all know there is a fine line between judgment and discernment. Sometimes we don’t know which side of the line we are walking on. It is very simple. When you are in discernment, there is no suffering. When you are in judgment, suffering will always be present.”
Derek O’Neill