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 Mercury stations to go retrograde at 1:20pm EDT today. This is arguably one of the most important Mercury retrogrades, maybe ever. That’s because Mercury has been energized by Venus’ transit of the Uranus Eris connection (Venus rules Taurus, the sign that Mercury is transiting). It’s also because Mercury goes retrograde today in a very close (though not quite) conjunction with Sedna, the enlightened record keeper, and just after a conjunction with Vests, the keeper of the fire within. Consider those archetypes, coming together to energize a retrograde Mercury cycle, and then receiving Mercury again in early June, as Uranus and Eris come together in earnest for the first of three times. That’s a lot of awakened consciousness pouring in for our evolutionary purposes.

4 28 16 Mercury turns Retrograde

When Mercury turns retrograde today, he joins four other planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto, to produce a large chunk of retrograde consciousness for us to work with. According to Cosmic Consciousness, retrograde planets are moving clockwise, and therefore they put us much more directly in touch with Source Energy. These five planets, three of them forming a Grand Earth Manifestation (Mercury Jupiter and Pluto), two of them moving together through the sign of Highest Victory (Sagittarius), where the higher Self triumphs over the ego, Jupiter and Saturn, the two rulers of social consciousness coming together for the third of three stepping stones (squares) to produce an ultimate shift into spiritual consciousness, and perhaps most significantly of all, when Mercury returns to Sedna on June 8th, he also forms a very important bridge with Mars on June 9th, as Mars begins pulling into this retrograde station.

Whew! That’s a lot of realignment taking place between the lower four body system and the newly accessed higher Self. There’s a new social Self emerging, and while we move through the Taurus portion of our consciousness, there is a new kind of grounding taking place that combines the new energies we are being downloaded with and the hard won capacities we have to bring it all to a new physicality.

Our bodies are changing, and so is the planet. (In Truth, there is no separation between the two). This process is very uncomfortable, and many of us are experiencing physical issues that are not usual or easily defined. Resist the temptation to define them. If your body is speaking to you, pay attention, but let your higher Self determine what is being communicated. This is the highest expression of a Mercury Mars bridge, which is very much the destination of the current planetary transits.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 24:  A man with no mouth.

We can express ourselves in many different ways. If we are in tune with the life current, we may be able to tap it’s meaning so directly that there is no secondary process involved. Then we become these sharp, intensive, wildly insistent beings, who bear a presence and a weight, an authority and a conviction which cannot be missed.

                We learn not to disclose the obvious. We remember from Ancient times how wisdom and truth are best served with tact, self-containment, subtlety and grace. So we can make a show of force or disappear into waiting and watching. Both ways, we know what we’re doing and we stay at the center, not getting drawn out away from our power and our strength for anything.

                So many gifts and treasures can be preserved, maintained, and also given ripe expression through this mode. It is simply a matter of keeping our own counsel and embodying precisely what we intend. And most of us here have been through so much preparation and training that we just know how to be with what we bear as something which stakes a claim bigger than ourselves.

                However, we can also abuse this position. It is prone to fanaticism and excess. How do we know what is real and true here?

                It is a matter of great discernment, subtle discrimination. Is the power being wielded selflessly? Is the great presence that stands behind this energy being represented in a universal sympathy and sensibility? Or is there a self-serving and proud and blind tendency here?                               

                Either way, the stature, the fervor, the dedication is tremendous. We stand upright and we manifest a certain perfection which is formidable. We uphold what we know utterly.”


  Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.

― Saadi


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