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I am back home. I want to thank all of you for the amazing outpouring of love and well wishes after the loss of my mother-in-law, the mother of my heart. We are all grieving in my house over her sudden leaving. For that reason I have taken the week off from writing the horoscopes, and I am grateful to all for your kindness and patience as I hold the space of Light for a woman I adored and for my partner and my children. As I mentioned, my mother in law was a Pisces, and she got on the train just as Neptune pulled into his station. Today Neptune turns retrograde.

6 13 16 Neptune Turns Retrograde

Neptune’s station plays a major role in the disruptive winds of change that are affecting each and every one of us. Neptune is coming together with the Moon’s South Node this summer, and this is a huge part of that long standing wisdom crossroad.

Neptune is the planet of enlightenment, and all the strange and fuzzy confusion that almost always accompanies that process. As Neptune stations (stops and turns around), he anchors his portion of the crossroad he so ably brings to the next dimension of consciousness, and with the confusions (or clarities) that emerge, we come so much closer to the Truth.

Neptune is as close to a bridge with Jupiter as he’s going to get this year, and this fully activated avenue of major expansion has been open for human travel all year. Today, as Neptune stations, the bridge begins to destabilize, at least in terms of its solid structure. In terms of our consciousness, its a bridge that will remain eternally.

As we cross it, back and forth and back again, we forge a road we will be able to travel for the rest of our days. AND it will serve the many souls that follow in our footsteps. The coming of the South Node reveals the multidimensional nature of Neptune’s level of participation. There is karma here. That is, there has been action at the most collective human level that now requires balancing if enlightenment and descension are going to happen.

So take a seat in the observer’s perch and make it a point to watch as this bridge reactivates for the last time in a long while. It’s a bridge worth crossing, worth watching our Selves cross, and worth making connections with so deep that it will never ever disappear in our consciousness.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Neptune station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

 Pisces 13:  A woman imprisoned in a high tower.

“She has been hung up high and dry for the longest time. There simply was no way down. Her awareness could not fathom her plight. How did she get here? Why was she so abandoned to such a stark fate?

It is a long tall old story. It partakes of myth and fairy tale, legend and parable. But at the heart of it lies the feeling that the deepest soul has been held in earth captivity while the highest soul has flown free. And at the edge between these two, we live in the most paradoxical of states.

For we are free to soar, to link-up with the heavens and with the gods. Our spirit is  . And this itself is a rare condition, somehow intimately  connected with the other side of the story.

Our body and soul are bound to the wheel of life and death in a spindly tight and heavy fashion. We can feel how our roots are pinned down, our place in this world somehow under enchantment and not truly our own.

We are asked here to bring our spirit freedom to the service of our souls     . We are asked to sacrifice and remove our fabled vast [story line], so that the one in us who incarnates in the body can become transpersonal with a spirit of mercy and compassion. And only if we relent will this be possible.

It seems that a high and lofty spirit has refused to be taken hold of by this world. And then a very   and lost soul has been flung to the mercy of the forces that be, and these are merciless.

The only way  through is to surrender, is to yield. When you have gone this far, any further polarization is completely self-destructive. The soul can be it’s own mother and father, it’s own sister and brother. All of these are needed to get down under and free the one left behind.”


Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake & help us see we are 
worth so much more than we’re settling for.” 

-Mandy Hale