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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • NEW MOON (Sun/Moon New Cycle): 4:45pm
  • 10 Leo 58
  • Hidden 1:1 Star Gate

Your world is spinning in your hand


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Dawn asked this question yesterday: I was thinking about all the placements at 2 degrees Juno Vesta Ceres Pallas. Now I see Mercury has joined them at 2 degrees. I recall in the past you made a point about something that happened at 2 degrees Virgo. Is this within the energy field of that last event that is somehow connected to all these asteroids and the messenger all at the same degree?”

What a gigantic day for planetary events! Mars reenters Sagittarius and the New Moon in Leo occurs at 4:44pm EDT. While we’re in the dark, of the Moon, it seems a perfect moment o tune in on the GRAND WATER MANIFESTATION/ KITE that is being formed by Pallas ( at 3 Pisces), Junp (at 3 Scorpio), and Vesta (at 3 Cancer). and Vesta, with Ceres at 3 Taurus acting as the tail of the Kite. Yesterday Mercury is transiting at 3 Virgo today, bringing the ruler of the mental body and the new Divine Masculine archetype into this gorgeous picture. Dawn, I don’t remember what went on at 2 Virgo, (though the Source Black Hole known as Shapley falls at 2 Scorpio), it’s just such a stunning display of the powerful divine feminine energies, doing something of a ballet with Mercury right now.


8 2 16 Mars Enters Sagittarius

If you have a planet at 2 or 3 Capricorn, that planet of yours is forming a Star of David with all these others, and that is some seriously divine feminine (albeit well balanced) creative energy indeed. A Kite is a manifesting creation given wings. We should be able to see a real swing in the balance of the energies today, toward the feminine, but don’t expect them to stay there. TRUE balance is a swaying back and forth with great and harmonious rhythm between the male/female axes.

Mars finally moves back into Sagittarius today at 1:49pm EDT. He has been in Scorpio since January 3 of this year, traveling all the way through that sign and entering Sagittarius for the first time this year on March 5th. He then traveled very slowly to his retrograde station at 8 Sagittarius 53 on April 17. Mars then reentered 29 Scorpio (traveling retrograde) on May 27th, and he stationed to go direct on June 30th at 23 Scorpio 03. He made it back to 29 Scorpio yesterday, and that triple journey over such a shadowy, dark and light master degree has been pretty profound for each of us.

Many of us learned to get truly centered in the heart during this year, others have had a nightmarish time of learning to let go, or even being forced to let go of people places and things we’ve loved or been overly attached to or both. Mars, in his new incarnation, is RIGHT ACTION, which comes purely from the heart and takes its motivation from there and only from there.

Now that Mars is back in Sagittarius, the Truth seeking begins, as opposed to the Scorpionic plumbing of the emotional depths. Scorpio is the sigh of the Alchemist, though, and there is bound to be some very rewarding realization in short order about how powerfully we’ve been transformed. No doubt we will all feel it was worth every moment.

I will mention the New Moon in short order today, to point out that the Lion’s Gate has opened, and that the Sun and Moon are manifesting with Saturn, who is preparing to go direct and is awaiting his long appointed meeting with Mars. This new Moon also forms a major finger of God over the course of this week, with Neptune (today and tomorrow) and with Pluto next weekend. The generators of our consciousness at the apex of a Finger of God with Neptune and Pluto… Hmmmmmm… Some serious personal metamorphosis is in order.

I will discuss the effects of this New Moon in the days ahead, because it’s a huge one.. but for now, here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for 11 Leo, reprinted with the author’s permission from his o book Star Sparks:

  Leo 11:  A boy removing a thorn from his foot.

 “Paralyzed and numbed by something bugging the self from way back. Mobile and fluent in every higher broader stretch. Unable to land, to embody, to get down to it. Distracted greatly by all the strengths and powers which the self can access and move among without bumping into the shadow.

                Living two lives at once. The one above, which most see, is delightful, charming, wondrous fun. A bright spirit sparks others with a grace and a presence that are irresistible. That smile, that gaze, that gift for articulation, and that way of knowing and acknowledging each one for what they can do are marvels of the shared life, treasures to behold.

                The one below, which few suspect, is tortuous, heavy, held back hard. A dark history generates a repeat performance on inward frequencies. We are haunted, possessed, inhibited. Our core self is somewhere else altogether. And we miss them dearly. Every step we take feels false inside. What is missing seems to be what counts and what impresses others feels deep down to be a lie.

                This split is intense. It is disabling. But there is a way through. It is not for the faint-hearted.

                For the way through stands with learning the fine art of meeting up against the worst in oneself without resorting to any escapist propensities. Only as we unflinchingly recognize what is stopping us and making us feel so fake can we begin to lift it from our energy field slowly, carefully, genuinely.

                What we are meeting inside ourselves is also reflected subtly on every hand. The greatest trap and pitfall is to use this fact to despair, to feel powerless and futile. As we awaken, we realize that we are clearing our field for everybody. This highly individualized struggle is also archetypally at one with the species in it’s pivotal blind spots and their working through.

                We are privileged to be at the center of the world dilemma and we are empowered to work on ourselves and give what we come to into all.”




“What’s difficult in life is to stay centered when somebody does or says something that tempts us to close our hearts because their heart was closed. That is hard. But that is also how we grow. We go through those circumstances in order to evolve into people who can hold to our loving center no matter what the world throws us.”

– Marianne Williamson


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