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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
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Your world is spinning in your hand


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Let’s talk some more about that powerful New Moon yesterday. It made or is just about to make some very important pictures for us to ponder while we gaze at our cosmic reflections. Aside from the obvious manifestation with Saturn, the New Moon spends this week perfecting a very significant Finger of God that is pointed at by the Neptune Pluto resource currently gracing our heavens. A Finger of God generates many forks in the road, and most of us can attest to the fact that options are popping up everywhere. It is up to each and every one of us to make our increasingly significant choices from the heart. FEAR has no place in our world, not now, and therefore not ever.

8 3 16 Sun Neptune Great Eliminator

The Sun and Moon are known as the LIGHTS and they are the generators of our consciousness, especially at the most personal, most individual level. A New Moon brings a new chapter of consciousness for all. What it brings depends on so many factors. Where it falls in your energy field (chart) for one thing, and if it conjuncts or otherwise connects with other natal planets in your own chart. Your attitude and the way you are disposed to approach your life is a big influence on the way you get to experience the new chapter. And the connections the Sun and Moon make to the other transiting planets in the cosmos provides yet another huge determining factor.

For these reasons and probably many others, we all experience the New Moon’s energies in our own way. The way the new Moon hits your natal planets is a way to add fresh energies to what you’re used to. A Leo New Moon can infuse life and warmth and Light where there wasn’t any, or where that life was diminished. Your attitude toward life is probably the biggest factor in determining your most personal experience of the newness it provides. The ONLY one who can do anything about your attitude is you. This is the place where you have the most influence (hesitating to use the word control).

Finally, the aspects a new Moon makes to other transiting planets constituted a picture, which represents an energetic that is part and parcel of the new chapter. It’s a lot like the weather. Consider how pouring rain or a majorly sunny day can affect the experience you’re having, especially when you’re starting something new.

A Finger of God represents a MAJOR fork in the road.. a fork comprised of two forks. Plenty of conscious navigation is required. The options that appear within a Finger of God can be relentless, because the whole purpose of this energetic is to get you to leave behind the old fear-based behaviors in favor of Love of Self.

A Neptune Pluto resource (sextile), which is in effect for a long time and is not exact at the moment, is allowing us to achieve a major shift in our higher consciousness. These two are close enough to an exact resource to be generating pictures made by the Sun and Moon within days of each other, producing an ENERGETIC Finger of God. In so many ways, this is more profound than an exact one, because it constitutes a palpable backdrop that doesn’t go anywhere, it just is.

The most personal level of our consciousness (Sun and Moon) is the part from which we must make these Love based choices out of diligent presence and focus. With the long term influence of the Neptune Pluto connection taken into account, the higher Self is being transmuted in an ongoing fashion and its viability and quality are at stake. It’s easy enough to look around and recognize this issue all around us.

By the way, I want to thank Sonreya for recalling the significant Mercury station at 2 Virgo in 2011. With Mercury crossing that degree as he brought important harmonization to the Grand Water manifestation/Kite being formed by the divine feminine asteroids and dwarf planets (Ceres and Vesta), the events that occurred around September 2011 are very much related and triggered by the current experiences we are having.

In September of 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer… talk about a divine feminine focus. Today I went to my final check up before being pronounced a true survivor. (It takes 5 years, for those who don’t know). I was aware today that I had almost NO focus on my past health misalignment… No fear, no questions. What I am aware of is how my entire way of being has been transformed in order to preserve my well being.

What were you doing in September of 2011?


“It’s all so precious and hopelessly romantic…
I mean, just look around you right now. In your office, your neighborhood, down the street. There are people, right? Friends or maybe complete strangers. 7 billion people in all.
And every single one of them have forks in the road of life, just up ahead, that even now swiftly approach. Adventures and choices that will take them, at least temporarily, out of sight, beyond reach, and eventually closer to “home.” Yet until then, they’re so incredibly near, you have so much in common, and there are still stories to tell.
Treasure every beautiful second. ”

Love, love –
The Universe  Mike Dooley  (