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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • Moon enters Pisces: 12:35pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 5:27am – 12:35pm
  • FULL MOON (Sun/Moon Bridge): 5:27am
  • 25 Aquarius 52
  • Hidden 8:8 Star Gate
  • Hidden 9:9 Star Gate

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The Aquarius ALMOST eclipse occurs at 5:26am EDT this morning, kicking off a very wobbly portal into the upcoming worm hole event that begins in earnest on September 1. Aquarian energy often precedes itself, because it is the sign that brings the future into the present. It shifts things forward, often surprisingly, and we are often left scrambling to figure out what happened while scratching our heads in bewilderment. Hopefully, we’ve learned enough about how to handle these over the top energies to be able to stay grounded at a time when there is a huge Virgo prelude manifesting. We need to stay present for it.

8 18 16 Mercury Eris Great Eliminator

8 18 16 Aquarius Full Moon








There’s a lot going on for this full Moon. Let’s focus on the Virgo energies. I pointed out Venus’ big role in this upcoming scenario yesterday, as Venus manifested with Pluto, fresh off her new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra and her superbridge with Neptune on the same day (two days ago). Venus crossed the degree that Mercury crossed on August 11, when he entered his retrograde shadow. That means Mercury is about to go retrograde and return to this same degree (on September 21).


Before he does that, he will connect with Jupiter (8/21), connect with Venus on the world axis master degree (29 Virgo) on 8/29, two days after Venus connects with Jupiter, and then goes retrograde at 29 Virgo on 8/31 while Venus moves on into Libra and connects with MakeMake, where Jupiter will be very shortly. All this new cycle energy is manifesting, but with Mercury’s upcoming retrograde, it’s more accurate to realize that all this newness is percolating, and it’s waiting on Mercury (the mind) to gain full access to the heart (Virgo). After Mercury completes this upcoming retrograde cycle, (9/21) just before the wormhole ends, October 6, this will be accomplished and we will be so much more fully prepared to live in the 5D world.


Back to this full Moon, Jupiter is a major player, as he is the apex of a Finger of God that involves the Aquarius Moon and the Eris Uranus conjunction, in a resource with each other. That the Moon is in resource with Eris/Uranus, (Uranus disposing the Moon), is one seriously awakening energetic. That this resource points to Mercury and Jupiter, speaks to the upcoming triple conjunction between these two that promises to change everything.


It’s a seriously transmutational moment. Every cell in our being is being transformed by the amazing energies that are pumping through the atmosphere and our Being. We inch toward the Mars Anatares Saturn connection as well. This occurs on 8/24 and the energies are not going to get any less powerful any time before that (and probably afterward, as well).


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s full Moon, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aquarius 26:  Dragonflies around a stagnant pool.

Torture and insight. Staying in what always was with a lingering glance while seeing though it on the inside. Playing out the karmic script to the max. Observing one’s own every move from a timeless place. Yet in time, somehow compelled to do it again, recreate the same scenarios, be involved in what no longer seems to hold much promise, any real ability to change, to renew, to come again to life.

                Hard to explain or justify why. Fate works that way. Karma does as well. You just feel drawn, magnetized to that place you know so well, as though you wondered whether this time it could be different. Yet even when it proves the same as ever, you still hang around, you can’t seem to shake it, that pattern, that way of life.

                Meanwhile, on the inside, learning, growing, evolving. Buzzing with new facets, fresh angles. Sensing what it means from a different vantage point than ever before. The outer situations hold firm, but the interior path opens in the midst of closed worlds, flourishes where it would look like it’s all bad news.

                 Something needs to repeat the sequence over and again. While something else inside is ready to move on into the place of no longer needing to create such scenarios. There is a time gap, where what we did create before still clings to us, while we do not generate fresh karmas. And that gap offers space or breath of a contemplative kind to catch up, to get the whole story, to heal, to recover.

                So much truth arising amidst so much falsehood. Liberation in the thick of limitation. Being beyond all this and being fascinated by the past as it perpetuates itself so automatically, so compulsively.

                A great lesson in realizing how to follow what is known and no longer to doubt it. Doubt is the delay frequency. Conviction begins to erode doubt. Eventually, it all comes home to you that you are free to make your life fit who you are now.”

There is no denying that we are in a completely new world. This is the reflection of our new thought process and newly forming belief systems. Words and thoughts and beliefs are the stuff the world is made of. Don’t stop believing.


And stay tuned to you.


“Your real life is timeless and unlimited. It is impossible for you to experience this great truth and not become it.”

ADAMA, High Priest of Telos (through Aurelia Louise Jones)


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