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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • FULL MOON (Sun Moon Bridge): 7:33pm
  • 22 Leo 28
  • 1:1 Star Gate



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 Are you ready to be moved in a direction you may not even know is there? It’s important that you say yes, because today’s lunar eclipse constitutes a sideways elevator unlike any we’ve known before. This is largely because the lower body rulers, notably Mercury Mars and Venus, have undergone powerful transmutations to their archetypal energies and are serving us in totally unprecedented ways, and also because the new 5D planets are very present here too, and they are very noticeably changing our experience… 

 That’s a lot of activity for a Full Moon/lunar eclipse day. Everything that happens around an eclipse is a part of it, and there’s no way around that. Just taking what’s going on around us as a reflection, the tide definitely seems to have turned on this wild and crazy state of affairs in this country. Mistakes are being made that are no longer being allowed to slide by, and the Federal judges unanimously voted to refuse to reinstate the travel ban. 

Finally a little breathing space. A lunar eclipse is all about the response to what is going on in your conscious awareness. This particular eclipse is conjunct the North Node, or collective Soul Star chakra, which means evolution is at hand, (as opposed to karmic clearing). This Leo eclipse occurs very close to the same degree as the total soular eclipse of August 1999. That was a memorable one for so many of us

22 Leo is very much connected to the 50′ generation, who all have Pluto in late Leo. And recently we have learned that Pluto was conjunct Haumea (the consciousness of wholeness and unity from the feminine perspective) for that generation. That means all the 50’s people are having Pluto/Haumea eclipsed today. If you have any planet at 22 Leo, or Aquarius, or Taurus or Scorpio, or Aries, or Sagittarius or Capricorn or Pisces (that’s just about every sign), this eclipse will be powerful for you much in the way it was in 1999.

That was a soular eclipse, a reboot of consciousness, and this is a lunar… a response to what is becoming conscious here, but the themes will be similar. Don’t pend time trying to remember or worse, trying to understand what this one brings. Just BE present for it, let it move you to a new inner space, and be ready to create a new world out of that space.

Mercury and Venus form a resource (sextile) today, which is very important. These are the two new archetypes for the masculine and feminine Self. The resource helps to bring about a new balance, and therefore a new level of ascension. Granted we are watching the old patriarchy take aim in some pretty archaic ways against the divine feminine right now. But we are also watching the divine feminine empowering her Self as never before.

We are watching a new dynamic being birthed, and we are holding the space for its manifestation…The Sun is in resource with Eris today too, so expect the unexpected to be disruptive enough to change things. This whole day feels like a collective sigh of relief.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s lunar eclipse, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Leo 23: An old man cutting Mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden knife.

He has been around these worlds forever. He can take on many forms, cast them off just as easily. Whichever way we see him, it says more about us than him. For he slips through the wormholes (!!!) and is gone before we can ask him just who he is and what he is trying to do out there.

                Yet his underlying presence beyond particular forms is very substantive and embodied and earth resonant. He stands for all those things which civilization races over, and the human soul longs to get back to, or find again somehow. And he is stalwartly committed, with iron will, to the path he walks, the Inner World vigil.

                What we least know about him is the core motivating spark behind his relentless pursuit of mastery. What few can uncover is the level to which he is at one with this whole earth and her awakening.

                This it the wild one, who never came in out of the cold. Here we meet the mythic figure of old. He walks the world seeming to be whatever we   and imagine and project, and really being entirely other.

                His true nature is to find the place where the innermost source- spring is on tap freely and to be a conduit for that power of the goddess to remain open and vibrantly in tune with it’s intended purpose. He brings together the earth spirit with the worlds beyond. And he is at home in the mix in a way few others can be. It is the expansion of core into core, world into world, which calls him and renders him the one we all mind when the crises comes and the coolest sensibility is absolutely crucial if we are to hang with it the way the gods intend. He is ally to our emergence, waiting for us to acknowledge that something much wilder is the direct path through.”

There’s never been a more important time to stay tuned to you.


“Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone and do what you’ve never done, because both are necessary to have what you’ve never had and be who you’ve  never been.”

The Universe.  (Mike Dooley)


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