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  • Waning Moon
  • Moon in Aquarius: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No



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 From Creacon Healing Centre, New Ross Ireland:

The Cosmic Consciousness Play shop is going really well. We are exploring the new planets and having fun doing it. Derek was here for a brief time, and he spoke with the group last night about the state of the world, (but really about the state of our Selves). One reader asked me to expand upon what I relayed about how the role of the darkness is currently more powerful than the role of the Light. That is not to say that EITHER is more powerful than the other. It’s only a comment on the current VERY NECESSARY state of things. Basically, of the role of the antagonist was not more powerful than the role of the Light then it would never have been able to rise to its current central position. But that’s all fine and good, because everything changes, and there is no better way to wake up than to be forced to look what you are hiding from your Self right in the eye. 

And that’s the point, actually. That all the chaos and confusion that is so upsetting to us is actually within us, and if we can’t recognize and even more than that embrace it, it will continue to be the more powerful side of the equation. LOVE, Love is the only answer.

Love the chaos, allow it, forgive it, let it be. Make friends with it so that it has no more power to upset you and create the kind of chaos it is manifesting right now. Today the Sun is in a resourceful connection with Ceres, and that means it is very possible to pull our Selves out of this state of resistance we’ve been in. It’s possible, and we must.

The Sun is making its way to a Soular eclipse in 2 more days. The Moon and Mercury spend their last day in Aquarius before both of them move into Pisces tomorrow and thoroughly kick off the eclipse event. Speaking of kicking things off, Mars is active today, in that he forms an etheric new cycle and an etheric bridge with Uranus and Neptune respectively. These connections occur at the higher levels of our consciousness but they are about to be brought down into the physical when Mars begins to make the same aspects Mercury made last week.

These Mars aspects begin just after the soular eclipse occurs. If you’re dealing with physical issues, or energetic ones (so many have told me they have had very little energy these past few weeks), here is the turning point, just up ahead. Be prepared.

Be prepared for all kinds of turns and twists. Eclipses are there or that very reason. The curves in the road the eclipses bring are designed to get you to that very place you so wish to be but have no idea how to get to. Let the curve in the road take you there. The only way that can happen is if you suspend your attachments and beliefs and allow a different experience to manifest.

Sometimes the thing we want the most comes in a package that looks entirely unlike what you have in mind. Be prepared to embrace whatever comes, and take a lesson from the world situation. What looks chaotic and ‘not so good’ is only the perfect situation in disguise.

Stay tuned to you. Your heart absolutely knows the way.

 “People spend lifetimes seeking that which they already have. All you have to do to have love is to Be Love.”

Neal Donald Walsch