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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Leo: All day
  • Moon Void of Course: No
  • 3:3 Star Gate
  • 1:1 Star Gate



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As Mars moves into Taurus and begins a new chapter of recalibrating his energies with his co-ruler of the Divine feminine Self, Venus, Mercury makes it to the Light Bridge that is transforming the world right now. Even though these two events have nothing to do with each other aspect wise, it is a continuance of the Mars/Mercury progression of evolutionary energies that has gone on non stop for years.











As you can see, there’s a lot going on today. The Sun Pluto resource first thing this morning certainly energizes the day with transmutational energies. What a great day to wake and move into a morning meditation, or call in the Violet Flame, so that you are prepared for the shifts that the day’s events bring.


Mercury connects with Jupiter first, and later today with Uranus. The aspects Mercury makes are more subtle than Mars’ last week, but there is no denying the presence of the higher Mind as we cross the Light High Way today. Revelations and new realizations abound. Mercury will complete this circuit with the Light Bridge archetypes tomorrow. Remember that while realizing new thoughts and beliefs is the focus, it is just as important to mind your thoughts and beliefs today… because what happens on the Light Bridge manifests in the 3D world as well.


True, there is no such thing as a fear based thought that can even occur to you on the Light Bridge, (if you’re having fear based thoughts, your entire being is not focused on the higher dimension that is available to you). Make the conscious effort to be ALL IN on the Light High Way, stay centered in your heart, let you mind follow from there.


Mercury is going to make a whole bunch of aspects between now and the Full Moon on Sunday, and this contact with the Light Bridge is energizing that archetype and infusing the higher Mind with awareness we haven’t had before. This will serve all the other aspects Mercury makes very well. (Tomorrow he will come together with Chiron for a new cycle, and Chiron is the main dispositor of the Full Moon).


Mars entering Taurus today also sets him up for a whole new load of planetary connections, beginning with a manifestation with Quaoar tomorrow. With Quaoar at the earliest degree of all the outer planets, it is the first archetype to shape the personal planets as they come into new signs. This is going to go a very long way to help us produce an entirely new belief system upon which to manifest a new world.


The Moon enters Virgo tomorrow and from there the crescendo of the upcoming Full Moon begins to grow tangibly. This is also the end of the worm hole, so either buckle up, or remember that this has been a free fall all along.


Stay tuned to you.


“Destiny is mutable.  It isn’t some mystical conclusion to your life or past life’s journey, but rather the result of, the proof of where you have been focusing your energy.” 

Lauren Gorgo