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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Pisces
  • Moon enters Aries: 10:12am
  • Moon Void of Course: 6:20am – 10:12am
  • NEW MOON (Sun conjunct Moon): 10:57pm
  • 7 Aries 37
  • 3:3 Star Gate
  • 1:1 Star Gate


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Well that was certainly quite a crescendo, wasn’t it? It is far from over, this hue surge of energy, but if we consider it as a wave, it is about to move into an ebb, which will certainly change the atmospheric pressure somewhat. Don’t let the lightened up pressure fool you, though. These days it is so important to stay riveted to the bigger picture, which is of course that every ebb must deliver us to another flow.


Mercury enters his retrograde shadow first thing this morning (EDT). The Great Messenger and ruler of the mental operating system is fresh off his conjunction with Uranus and Eris (yesterday) and he will be back to reunite with Uranus (only) when he stations direct on May 3. That will absolutely positively revivify the crescendo we have just encountered.


One thing that Mercury coming to the Light Bridge did was to broaden the view. It isn’t just what’s going on in this country that is changing the world. Europe is undergoing major transmutation as well, and there are few words to apply to the middle east at this time. Australia has been found to be harboring a new continent in the weeks past, and even the soular system and its surroundings have changed radically in recent weeks.


Remember at all times that these are but reflections of the inner changes that are taking place. Don’t struggle with them. They are uncomfortable, of course, but inner struggle creates outer struggle, and we certainly don’t need any more of that.


During the week ahead, Mars will move into Taurus, which is Venus’ sign, and Venus will retrograde back into Pisces. Those ingresses (planets entering new signs) kick off two very important upcoming events. Mars will now make his way past Ceres to a new cycle with Sedna. As mentioned the other day, Mars and Sedna are the two planets presiding over the Light Bridge that is transmuting everything right now. That new cycle occurs on April 15, which is also the day Venus goes direct, and also the day she comes back together (almost) with Chiron, which is the second major event that begins this week.


Venus and Mars are making very important inroads while the giant wave of transmutation ebbs. While this wave ebbs, it is vital to begin to realize that an ebb is every bit as powerful and meaningful as a major flow. There is no difference, expect maybe in the frequencies, but nothing is more or less important than anything else. It is absolutely time that we learn this.


Pluto makes a major inroad as the new intersection to the Light Bridge this week, and he is here to stay (because he’s Pluto). This intersection adds the element of rebirth and resurrection to everything we are moving through now.


And of course tonight features the Aries New Moon, (please read Anne Harris’s Lunar Consciousness article for more information.) The Aries New Moon is always the perfect time to create your vision board for the year ahead. Sit down with whatever magazines you have lying around and go through them looking for words or pictures that resonate with what you’re looking to manifest this year. Then cut and paste and create an amazing work of art that you can hang above your desk or in your living space to be reminded of your vision all year long. There is so much magical manifestation power in visioning your hopes and dreams.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s new Moon, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 8:  A lizard dressed in blue satin and pointed shoes.

Putting us all on. Semblance’s sensed as an open portal into playing with the appearances to make them come out any way we want them to. Getting so far into this style that we can design our self-presentation to fit any situation which arises and to further whichever dynamics we feel identified with or wish to be representing and trying on for size.

                A dazzling quality of self-impersonation. We are just like ourselves, only perpetually exaggerated and played up. We are allergic to the  subtle, the gradual, the unimpressive secondary factors. We just want to be there now and get it over with.

                The capacity to entertain, to impress, to charm, to manipulate, to do whatever it takes. The motivation to toy with what we don’t take seriously anyway. Recognizing that what is ephemeral can be experienced in it’s own wild sphere and played with, taken anywhere we please.

                A tremendous temptation to abuse this edge and go over it into more serious errors and distortions. If we push it too far, if we really think we’re clever and cute, we are capable here of driving ourselves and everybody else crazy with the fascination, the compulsion, the addiction. But all of it is invented, contrived, put on.

                Even at our worst, all we are really doing here is experimenting. We are seeing how far we can go in each direction we feel most drawn to and unable to deny. And we are intent upon making the most of our chance to become many ways or to momentarily track with whatever happens to arise.

                There is often denial linked with this frequency. We won’t let ourselves consciously realize what we are doing and why. And usually this component is the one which stops us the most. The skillful means is to cop to all of it and to give ourselves free reign to be ingenious and resourceful and just a bit wild and wacky. When you’ve got it and you flaunt it, this can be quite a gift or it can be a stuck place if you let it be.”


YOU CAN’T BE DECEIVED if you stay focused on your Self!!!!!


“If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.”

~Paulo Coelho

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