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Happy April! This is the day known as April Fool’s Day. But it seems as though every day these days is April Fool’s Day, doesn’t it? The month ahead is another wild and life-altering one. The Light Bridge with with’s new intersection in the form of Pluto’s square to it all is amped up even further than it was before. Pluto may be a dwarf planet now, but he packs the same major blast he’s always had. The presence of Pluto brings rebirth and resurrection front and center, and with all the expansion and ascension we’ve already been through, the prospect of new life is more meaningful than ever.


Venus is about to retrograde back into Pisces, and is about to repeat three of the aspects she manifested on her way to her station, in accordance with that same 5D planet lineup I put forth last week. Today Venus forms a second of three stepping stones with Quaoar. She is still in Aries, but she has given this stepping stone before. (She has also formed a second of three bridges with MakeMake during this retrograde).

This triple intersection produces a kind of strength and new consciousness where Venus/Quaoar and Venus/MakeMake are concerned. Consider Venus the heart center. When she forms a stepping stone with Quaoar, our capacity to Love, and to think with the Heart is made strong and empowered. The bridge to MakeMake is changing everyone’s relationship with Nature and the Divine Laws.

In a few days, toward the end of next week, Venus will manifest with Varuna and form the second of three stepping stones to Saturn and Ixion. These retrograde reconnections give us a major opportunity to rework our consciousness (our higher vision) as well as to redefine our heartfelt purpose. All of this is a work in progress and will come to its fruition after Venus goes direct (in a very near conjunction with Chiron) and then connects with these planets again while she recovers her shadow.

Venus will make a final stepping stone with Saturn on April 21, a final manifestation with Varuna on April 24, a final stepping stone with Quaoar on April 29, and a final bridge with MakeMake on May 2. It’s important to remember that these Venus connections are the circuitry of the latest upgrade to the emotional operating system. It’s fascinating, isn’t it, that nearly EVERY connection Venus makes during this retrograde journey is to a 5D planet?

It brings up an important point: For those who are engaged in the 3D polarization process this will be a tough Venus retrograde, and for those who are awake it will be amazing. But it’s also true that all these Venus/5D planet connections are going to persistently knock on the heart consciousness of every soul on this planet. There’s bound to be a great amount of awakening during the next 6 or 8 weeks. .

And keep your peripheral vision on Mercury’s storm, which will take the form of media crisis, wild and crazy news, and physical storms, personal, social and global. Best way to go is SELF -FOCUSED. Nothing else is trustworthy. Put all your faith in your Self and your higher journey.


“The sun never says to the earth,
‘You owe me.’

Look what happens with a love like that.
It lights up the whole sky.”

– Hafiz