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  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • Moon enters Sagittarius: 1:09am
  • Moon Void of Course: Midnight – 1:09am

Star Of David (Image by Lauren Fox)

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“I am noticing changes happening in our species quite rapidly. Different
aspects simultaneously shifting now gaining momentum, accumulating—like
raindrops subtly, collectively bringing moisture to the parched Earth. There is
a moment when the dirt is no longer dry and parched but is moist, holding
water once again, its structure is changed, life multiplies, expands, and the
hidden potentials of abundance become manifest.”  Laura Rath
Amazing, isn’t it? These are the realizations that are showing up for many of us right now. I am always blown away at a person who believes he or she is simply waxing eloquent while delivering some of the most poignant new consciousness available to any of us.
Today there are SEVEN important planetary events taking place in the cosmos. I have never seen that many dynamic events take place in one day, nor have I ever attempted to put them all up on the site… But here goes….






It’s pretty obvious, I think, that a day with this many events is bound to be a majorly eventful day. The reason there are SO MANY connections is due in great part to the 5D planets, which are all lined up toward the end of the signs they are inhabiting, producing important calibrations with the four body rulers, and in great numbers, because so many outer planets are so completely aligned in the Kuiper Belt.
On top of that, the lower four body rulers are moving swiftly right now though the signs and are triggering the outer planet calibrations one after the other. There is SO much going on there doesn’t seem to be any point any more to trying to keep track of what’s happening.
And perhaps that’s the whole point. To let go of the need for mental order and clarity is to learn to rely on the heart. And that is exactly the same thing as saying the feminine Self is always there when we let go of the masculine. In Truth these two parts of Self are and always have been perfectly in balance, but we have yet to fully realize that, which is a really good explanation for why all this wild and crazy bumpy ride is happening right now.
I have discussed a few of this week’s very important planetary pictures, but today stands out for Mercury’s activities… A new cycle with Varuna and an ingress (entry) into Leo. Both of these events speak to the new mental operating system. The new cycle with Varuna at 30 Cancer delivers us all to a new capacity for very heightened objective awareness. After today, the mind will prove itself capable of many a new and altared perspective.
Also, with Mercury moving into Leo, the worm hole activates, as it opens on July 23 with the new Moon at 0 Leo. Mercury is headed for a retrograde cycle, and he will station to go direct at the end of that cycle at the same degree as the SECOND Leo new Moon, which also happens to be the TOTAL SOULAR ECLIPSE of August 21… the Particle Convergence. The new mental operating system is majorly transmuting into a new alignment with the new consciousness (the SUN), which has yet to complete its transmutational process.
In short, there’s no way to know what’s coming, only THAT something huge is on tap. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Varuna new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. It’s important to note that the Sun will come to its own new cycle with Varuna at this same degree, as will Venus, a little later on.

Cancer 30:  Wild grapes growing everywhere.

                “The yield is manifold. The crop is all the selves and worlds we have put out there. We reap the harvest of what we have brought forth into being.
                It is quite a spectacle to meet ourselves everywhere, to find so full a reflection through our lives that we are the center of the maze, the heart of the mystery. Everything comes back to us. No matter how far we reach, it all turns out to be just us here, flowing together toward the common future.
                We come at it each time as if it could not be so full of synchronicities, so uncanny. Yet the destiny twirls us to the same exact point, where the whole of existence is conspiring to bring us right back to ourselves so that we can complete what we have begun.
                The world’s most thematic and archetypal consciousness and life force. The representative of everybody, appearing in a thousand disguises. And there is a point to all this curving back around.
                We are called in this degree to be alive within the Mysteries, to stumble upon what we’ve always known in ways which jog our memory and restore us to what “vanished” and never was gone. We are summoned to restore every ounce of the forgotten treasure. And we are empowered to do this in whatever way will strip us of every self-concept and self-image that stands between us and the real thing.
                When you have been this way countless times and you know every path in and out and through, you can fall asleep and dream and miss your moment. Or you can go deeper and drink from the well of the Divine Feminine with the thirst of a child and the hunger of one who knows that nothing in the world can satisfy. Under the inside, we are returned to the beginning and this time we pay attention.”
The only way to know what’s coming is to realize completely that you already do know, and to realize this SO thoroughly that you allow your Self to forget what you know and afford your Self the opportunity to have that delicious experience of waking up to it all over again!


“The trouble is, you think you have time.”



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