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Stephanie Azaria Cosmic Consciousness Daily

  • Waxing Moon
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • Moon enters Capricorn: 1:45pm
  • Moon Void of Course: 10:12am – 1:45pm
  • 7:7 Star Gate

Star Of David (Image by Lauren Fox)

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We have arrived at this year’s 7:7 Star Gate. All day long the vibrations of ‘7’ will permeate our consciousness. ‘7’ is the number of the esoteric, the spiritual, the Higher Self. A star Gate is very much like a combination lock that comes together to unlock our consciousness. It is always arrived at with numbers, as numbers are the fabric of the universe. The more we awaken, the more these Star Gates can mean to us. They rain down their codes and keys directly into our crown chakras and transform us with light energies. This is the first of three 7:7 Star Gates for this year. This one is the ‘pure’ one, the 7:7 that comes from the numbers directly. 7/16 and 7/25 will also deliver 7:7 Star Gate energies, but they will be more like taking what comes today to more expanded awareness. If ‘7’ is your life path number (of all the numbers of your birth date add up to ‘7’, this is a very important day for you.









It’s also the day that Haumea turns direct… This is important for a couple of obvious reasons (and probably several less immediately relevant ones too). First, Haumea is the last of the three planets currently transiting Libra (MakeMake and Jupiter are the other two) to go direct. Jupiter went direct a couple of weeks ago and began to make his way back to that new cycle with Haumea that ALMOST happened last February when Jupiter went retrograde.
Jupiter and Haumea (the expansion into unity consciousness), are a major part of the ongoing Light Bridge that also includes Uranus and Eris. Jupiter and Haumea will come together on September 8 to mark the actual new cycle of these two important archetypes, and Uranus is preparing to go retrograde and will make his way ALMOST back to Eris by then, bringing this High Way to Awakened Unity consciousness back into full blown swing.
Venus and Mercury form a perfect resource (formerly sextile) today, and this is extremely important because it marks a creative alignment for the new Mind/Heart connection, AND it forms yet another resource to add to the SIX resources currently activating the Star of David. This abundance of resources speaks to a greatly accelerating time for spirit.
With the Moon’s ingress into Capricorn today, we also begin our crescendo into the Full Moon, which is exact at 12:07am EDT on Sunday morning. The Moon is approaching Pluto, who has had a very big presence all week since a Mars Pluto bridge kicked it all off. The Full Moon brings the Sun into this same bridge with Pluto, taking the disruptions and physical transformations that started the week fully into conscious awareness at the end of it.
The ongoing Wisdom intersection that is filled with Shiva (destructive) energy is definitely holding its own this week. It’s a blessing that the intersection is made up of four 5D planets, as the destruction takes place at the highest levels first and will eventually make its way into our more physical experience. And MakeMake, while holding the space for the intersection, also holds the Creator space as well, because that archetype of cosmic Law is already well into the power sign of Libra, already CREATING the consciousness of the new world.
Choose your Light Bridge and stand upon it. Observe the world you have created from that Light filled space and Know that you are now being transmuted into a whole new kind of experience which will ultimately translate into a new world.


“Humanity is going to require a substantially new way if thinking if it is going to survive.” 
Albert Einstein