For July, 2018:

Welcome to July, the 7th month of this 2/11 year. The wheels of evolution are grinding, moving us forward, ready or not, awake or not. If you’ve been following Stephanie’s blogs, you know that we are now in the Mother of all Wormholes, which began with the June 13 Gemini New Moon. There is so much to cover, as the energies within and (reflected) without continue to swirl at a faster and higher frequency. I will attempt to cover the highlights and provide clues as to how to navigate this magical month.

July is the 7th month, and in Cosmic Consciousness it belongs to the 7 o’clock hour represented by Leo, the middle sign of the Emotional Body, where the mechanism of Love requires the practice of finding the blessing in everything, regardless of how it seems. “Good” and “bad” are judgments of the lower mind, weighing us down and preventing us from seeing the bigger picture.  The wider view from any observer’s perch allows us to see the unity behind every polarity, the Light shining behind the darkness.  When we choose to focus on the similarities that unite us rather than the differences, that are actually more like varieties of cuisine that make life more interesting, we build bridges allowing us to reach each other where we couldn’t before. That is a miracle in itself. We are here to soften hearts, not to change minds. When we come from a place of gratitude for every person who crosses our path, every friend and loved one, every lesson learned, every talent or skill we are gifted with, every experience that brings us to this point, it is the greatest service we can provide. It activates Love in others’ hearts and gives them permission to access their own abundance.  Since we are not privy to the divine plan, trusting that it is all perfect frees us to find the positive in every situation.
According to Rachel Zuses Hartenstein, the number 7 offers the gift of Vision. It shows us that there is more to life than meets the eye. By taking a step back from our immediate situation, we can gain perspective and see new truths. To do this we must stay centered in our core and BE a beacon of Light in stormy seas. This is our gift, our blessing, our service to the world.
July brings the energies of the 7, which are reflective, perceptive, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. According to Mayan numerology, the number 7 represents the void, the dark immeasurable depths at the center of the Universe from which consciousness emanates. It is the pulsation of mystical power that holds the center and everything that manifests around it, reflecting total and perfect order of the cosmos. No matter what it looks like, all is divinely perfect.

Inside the Wormhole

The Mother of all Wormholes is well underway, which began with the Gemini New Moon on 6/13. If you read all the June Cosmic Consciousness written about that lunar event you will remember how powerful it is. And that is just the beginning. The wormhole ends on 9/9, taking us through most of the summer.
A wormhole is a theoretical passage created by folding space and time, that connects two different points in space together, creating a short-cut whereby one can travel great distances astrally over a short, even instantaneous, amount of time. Astrologically it begins and ends with a new moon, and contains eclipses within it. It represents a larger new chapter in our lives, an opportunity to reach heights we thought impossible, to get to places within our Selves we didn’t know were there. A wormhole is the sideways elevator that delivers us to another part of our Selves more quickly than we could get there otherwise.
Wormholes only occur around eclipses, but this wormhole is unprecedented for many reasons: 1) it involves 3 eclipses instead of 2 (one in August); 2) not only did Mercury open the wormhole by disposing the Gemini New Moon, but Mercury goes through an entire retrograde cycle within it (7/26-8/19), including entering (7/7) and leaving (9/2) his shadow; 3) Mars’ retrograde cycle occurs within the wormhole (6/26-8/27), and the Red Planet returns to Aquarius just after it closes. With both planets retrograding together in opposite signs, the mind/body connection is activated and clarified along the Aquarius/Leo axis. Whatever physical issues or changes in our environment arise (home, work, family, even the Earth her Self), they are meant to be a blessing. An attitude of gratitude, coupled with surrender to what presents itself, will help us through the changes.
The triple conjunctions between Mars and the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) in Aquarius form the backdrop of this wormhole. The first union took place on 6/8, setting the stage for the wormhole, which began 5 days later. We felt the first expression of these combined energies, from the surfacing of a health issue to a change in a situation that brought forth the need for a new response. Certainly we can see the collective energies play out as the old ways of doing things no longer works. This month Mars retrogrades back to the Earth Star for the 2nd conjunction at 6° Aquarius on 7/20. Now we are called to find our still point and listen to the messages of our bodies or environments to formulate a different response and break the karmic cycle for good.  We must elevate our state of consciousness to that of unconditional Self-Love, for the way we treat ourselves is the way we will treat each other and the environment. To do this we must monitor our inner dialogue and redirect it towards loving thoughts whenever it veers off course. The final Mars Earth Star conjunction occurs on 9/26, after the wormhole closes. It will begin a new cycle, manifesting the fruits of what was set in motion in June.

 Eclipse Season

It wouldn’t be a wormhole without eclipses, and the lunar events this month are exceptional. Eclipses reboot our consciousness. The Sun Moon new cycle on 7/12 at 20° 41’ Cancer is a Partial Solar Eclipse –and a supermoon to boot. The Moon is at perigee (close to Earth) but because it is a New Moon we can’t see it.
The Moon is dignified in her own sign. Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the One who nurtures, supports and loves unconditionally; we all have the Mother within us. Cancer is symbolized by the River, which moves ceaselessly onward, flooding only when it is blocked. To be in flow is to achieve inner harmony. In Cancer we access the Emotional Power at the core of our being, the root chakra, which in 5D is the heart. When we come from the heart in all that we do, it is easier to process our emotions.
The Sun and Moon, dispositors (rulers) of the spiritual body, form a bridge with Pluto, with Black Moon Lilith nearby. We are ready to empower ourselves through our access to the divine feminine. Pluto reflects the Lights (Sun and Moon) revealing where we disempower ourselves, and what must die so that we can be rebirthed into a higher consciousness. This bridge forms a Power Crossroad with the Eris Haumea Lightbridge. As we awaken we reclaim our emotions and use them to empower us in unity consciousness. When we see the connection in everything, we learn to focus everything through the lens of the heart.
On 7/27 the Leo Sun and Aquarian Moon form a bridge at 4°45’ Aquarius, in the sign of Divine Love. All eclipses involve the Moon’s nodes; this time the dharmic Soul Star Chakra (N. node) is conjunct the Sun, and the Earth Star Chakra (S. node) is conjunct the Moon, creating a Total Lunar Eclipse called a Blood Moon. It will be the longest total lunar eclipse in this century, lasting over 90 minutes. A lunar eclipse affects our conscious awareness and asks us for a new kind of response to whatever happens.
This multidimensional event directly involves the Sun, Moon, nodes, Mars, Varuna and Black Moon Lilith and aspects 4 other planets -- and it occurs right in the middle of the wormhole! Varuna provides the vantage point from which downloads of key Lightcodes will be made accessible, passing through the conduit of our bodies and Lightbodies, all the way into the Earth. Moon Mars and Earth Star reflect the Sun and Soul Star; as we clear massive amounts of karma housed in our bodies, we can respond with more Love to what we are becoming aware of now. Black Moon’s presence means the divine feminine in each of us is involved. There is no telling what will emerge from this Full Moon, but it’s certain that collectively we will be changed.
Uranus disposes the Full Moon, intersecting with the Sun Moon bridge, providing a path to the awakening of our spiritual body. The Sun resources Makemake and the Moon resources Chiron; this connects the lunation to the Lightbridge of alignment with the higher cosmic laws (see below). Saturn forms a great eliminator with the Sun Soul Star new cycle; as we release our attachment to the past, we eliminate the barriers to wielding our inner authority in service to the evolutionary consciousness being downloaded.
And the Venus Pluto manifestation lends itself to issues of Self-esteem and Self-empowerment; we align ourselves with Source and are transformed.

Mars’ Unusual Story

In July Mars remains in Aquarius all month and goes out of bounds on 7/7. With Mars beyond the ecliptic, we have the opportunity to connect in unconventional and creative ways with the new consciousness that is available to us, bringing about actions that manifest the new consciousness on the physical plane. Our physical experience is in uncharted territory as our bodies (and Lightbodies) are being recalibrated to hold the higher frequencies that are making themselves known.  And this occurs while the Red Planet moves towards Source (retrograde). In fact, Mars spends the whole summer beyond the ecliptic, returning on 9/24, well after his retrograde cycle ends and the wormhole closes. More on that next month.
Mars is approaching his closest distance to Earth (perigee), which occurs on July 30, and also approaching his perihelion (closest distance to the Sun during its orbit) making him appear much brighter in the night sky. The
Sun, Earth and Mars align on 7/27, the same day as the Aquarius Full Moon. All this makes Mars’ archetype more accessible to us. We must be mindful of our bodies and environment and attend to what they well us.

Roads to the New World

An intersection makes it possible to travel down all the roads involved, and to allow the heart to determine where we most need to be in any given moment. With Quaoar intersecting in the middle, the Chiron Makemake Lightbridge is taken to another level.  This 5D intersection gives us access to new perspectives that comes from our calibration of the lower four-body system with the divine laws of the cosmos. In the process of aligning heart, mind, body and spirit with the higher universal laws we aspire to wholeness and harmony, and with Quaoar making the stepping stone of new mind/heart balanced intuitive perception available to us, we can now make use of it. This intersection will remain in effect for at least 2 years. Whatever road we take will fine-tune our frequencies to higher levels.
Any planet that enters Cancer will form a Crossroad in Power (cardinal) signs with the Chiron Makemake Quaoar intersection, and any planet at 0-3° of a sign will connect with it in some fashion. Varuna forms a resource with Makemake and a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Quaoar, both of which will last for years. We have available to us the capacity for an entirely new perspective from which to create if we choose to acknowledge the higher universal laws. They will not be denied or ignored.
Any planet changing signs will activate this intersection and add its energies to it. This month Ceres (bringing in the new), Mercury (mental body), Juno (unity in relationship), Black Moon Lilith (divine feminine), Venus (emotional body), Pallas (feminine wisdom) and the Sun (consciousness) all connect with the 5D energies of this intersection. Mind, heart and spirit (Mercury, Venus and the Sun) calibrate and realign with the natural laws and gain new, deeper perception whenever they enter a new field of consciousness (change signs). In July their archetypes occupy the emotional body (Cancer, Leo and Virgo). We have the opportunity to reflect on what triggers our emotions, and what is arising from the depths of past karmic actions and relationships waiting to be expressed and healed. To free up the energies needed to align with the higher frequencies we must face these emotions and their messages, and bless them for what they reveal to us. With this act of Self-love we reclaim a piece of our Selves. We can then let them go, and use the wisdom gleaned in service to others.

Grand Water Manifestation

As mentioned last month, there is a grand manifestation in water signs between Jupiter (wisdom, expansiveness), Neptune (enlightenment) and Sirius, the 7D fixed star (where we access higher dimensional consciousness). Mercury became part of this energy when he met Sirius in a new cycle on 6/19. This month the Sun/Sirius new cycle begins on 7/6, making very high multidimensional energies available to each of us.
From 7/5-7/9 the Sun manifests with this planetary picture. Mercury connects with Jupiter, Sirius and Neptune from 7/9-7/12.  Black Moon Lilith does the same from 7/16-7/18, then goes direct and connects with the planets in reverse order from 7/21-7/23, and Venus makes aspects from 7/22 to 7/25. The divine masculine (Sun, Mercury) and divine feminine (Venus, Black Moon) access this planetary picture, providing mind/heart balance to the resources, stepping stones, bridges, manifestations and choices available to us as we navigate these pervasive, expansive vibrations. By the end of the month we are ready to midwife a new unity consciousness as Ceres and Juno prepare to make their own aspects with Jupiter, Neptune and Sirius.

Grand Earth Manifestation – When Ceres entered Virgo 6/28, a Grand Manifestation was formed in Earth signs, with Uranus at 2° Taurus and Quaoar in Capricorn. This manifestation is intricately involved with the intersection formed by Chiron, Quaoar and Makemake (see above), since they are all at 0-3° degrees of their signs. On 7/2 Juno enters Taurus, joining this planetary picture, forming a new cycle with Uranus on 7/5. Venus enters Virgo on 7/9 and becomes part of the grand manifestation, along with Saturn. We have until mid-July to make use of these flowing energies combining Venus/Ceres, Saturn/Quaoar and Uranus/Juno. We have the opportunity to bring Love and a new mind/heart balance to the realization of our interconnectedness with everything, resulting in new paradigms of thought. We are truly creating a new world, right now.

Changes in Direction

Chiron: On 7/5, at 2°+, Chiron, the master Healer-Teacher begins his first retrograde cycle since entering Aries on 4/17. He will enter the 0° Aries World Axis point right before the wormhole closes and reenter Pisces crossing over the Portal of Truth that encompasses the Divine Masculine connection between spirit and mind. According to Cosmic Consciousness this is the birth canal, where the spark of new life begins. It is here where the sorrows of the repression and misalignment of divine masculine energies will be expressed and healed.  The Moon conjuncts Chiron’s retrograde station, infusing this 5 month backward cycle with the capacity to master our unconscious responses by bringing them into awareness and aligning them with spiritual wisdom.
Haumea: Since 1/23 Haumea has been traveling back towards Source, reflecting our inward pull to bring all parts of our Selves together in oneness. Although it doesn’t appear so in 3D, in the higher dimensions we are all parts of the whole. On 7/8 Haumea goes direct; we are now poised to express our unity consciousness out in the world. As above, so below; as within, so without.
Jupiter: At the beginning of the year, when all the planets (except the 5D ones) were in direct motion, Jupiter was the first to go retrograde. Now, with 6 planets in backwards motion (including Black Moon), Jupiter stations direct at 13° Scorpio on 7/10. All month Jupiter is barely moving, anchored at 13 Scorpio. We have been going within to find the wisdom we need to navigate our social interactions; now it’s time to fully express that wisdom and transform the way we interact with others to align with the world we envision.
Eris: The other part of the Lightbridge of Awakening Unity Consciousness goes retrograde on 7/20, continuing her dance with Haumea that has lasted for the last 6 years. Eris is the female Great Awakener, who awakens us from the inside out after long discontentment and bottled tension, much like a volcano or earthquake. Right now, Gaia herself is in discord. So many are upset with the way things are. This retrograde will collectively give us the chance to sit with our discontent and see the real reasons why it arises. By taking response ability for what is happening within us, we can lessen its expression in the world.
Mercury: The Great Messenger begins July in Leo, his master path, where we must work to master our higher mind with Love and appreciation of its gifts. It starts with a Mercury Varuna new cycle and connections to Chiron, Black Moon, Uranus, Ceres, Makemake and Quaoar. In the days that follow Mercury forms a great eliminator with Saturn and the Moon and a new cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), giving us the capacity for wise and intuitive responses to what presents itself, but we must choose to put our consciousness there.
On 7/7 Mercury enters his shadow period and begins to slow down; all transits from this point on will be revisited during the retrograde cycle.  Mercury forms a stepping stone with Jupiter (7/9), great eliminators with Neptune (7/12), Black Moon (7/15) and Pluto (7/16), manifests with Vesta (7/21), and stations retrograde on 7/26 at at 23° 27’ Leo, just shy of an exact resource with Haumea. Mercury’s last aspect in July is another manifestation with Vesta as she stations direct on 7/31.
When Mercury is retrograde, our mental operating systems review and recalibrate all the connections and communications we have experienced over the last few months and integrate them with the Higher Self.  We have a few weeks to go within and connect with Source, quieting the mind to gain clarity, definition and much more of a realization about what's happening in our lives.

Black Moon

Black Moon Lilith spent all of June in Capricorn, transiting back and forth between Saturn and Pluto, conjoining each twice, bringing an end to the old order. July 1 finds Black Moon in Aquarius, resonating the divine feminine with the quality of consciousness of unconditional Love. For the rest of the year she will travel back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius, the old and new, making 13 conjunctions with the Earth Star Chakra, 6 with Pluto, and 8 with Mars. We are undergoing the process of massive karma clearing of old disempowering habits, behaviors, beliefs and attitudes, integrating the divine feminine into new forms of expression. When an old pattern comes up we are given the opportunity to see it for what it is and transmute it, create another response and break the karmic cycle.
In July Black Moon conjoins the Earth Star 7/3 and makes a bridge to Mercury. She goes retrograde 7/5, making an almost exact conjunction to Mars, off by just minutes. Now moving backwards towards Source, Black Moon joins Earth Star again (7/7), reenters Capricorn and conjuncts Pluto (7/15), goes direct 7/19 and hits Pluto again (7/24) and ingresses into Aquarius again 7/27. On 7/29 Black Moon conjoins Mars and then Earth Star for the 3rd time, with a bridge to the Sun. The Divine Masculine (Sun and Mercury) is deeply involved in the clearing process, which is a blessing, as the Divine Feminine births the New World.
In July the energies are intense and spinning like a whirlwind; our frequencies are elevating, vibrating faster than ever. As soon as something changes, it will change again. The energy grid is being rewired; we are shifting into a new consciousness that will manifest on the physical plane. The wormhole and sideways elevators will shift our direction and we don’t know where we are going. We might feel disoriented, even dizzy. When we feel afraid, that is the moment to put Love into action by looking for the blessing in whatever comes. There is no way to prepare, nothing to do but be Love, and practice adaptability, non-attachment and connection to others. Look for support: from your guides, loved ones, spiritual practices. We are not alone; whatever we experience, we can be sure others are experiencing it too, in their own way. And whatever experience comes to us, it is a reflection of what is within us. There is nothing to know or figure out. We must let our Selves have the experience, without judgment or expectation.
The practice for the month is to Be Present in the moment, without attachment to any outcome. Attachments take us out of the present, into disappointment, expectation, excitement and fear. Tackle one thing at a time, with heart, mind and soul. Greet each moment as a blessing; this is the mechanism of Love. This is our time, what we have waited lifetimes for; this is our moment to shine.


Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Ev'ryone you meet
Why in the world are we here
Surely not to live in pain and fear
Why on earth are you there
When you're ev'rywhere
Come and get your share
Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Yeah we all shine on, on and on~~John Lennon


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