Stephanie Azaria

There ‘s no duality except the duality required to experience Love.
~Derek O’Neill~

Stephanie Azaria is a highly respected astrologer whose pioneering spirit has led her to work with the symbols and power of astrology in unprecedented ways. Stephanie’s lifetime of astrological study (beginning at the age of 9) and her devoted journey along the spiritual Path (beginning in her teens), has produced a whole new approach to the astrological chart, which she has dubbed Cosmic Consciousness. Her readings are designed to bring each of her clients into a greater alignment with the new consciousness that humanity has accessed during the course of the last 25 years.

Stephanie’s mastery at interpreting a chart is very consciously combined with her considerable intuitive abilities. She developed her natural talent for channeling the higher perspective over the past forty plus years and she has studied the science of Astrology with some of the greatest minds in the field, including Martin Schulman and Michael Lutin.

Stephanie has painstakingly forged this entirely new astrological system in her effort to help clients awaken to their higher Selves and ultimately attain full Self-Realization. She is a devoted Light worker and Spiritual Teacher and has committed to spending her life in service to Source. For more information on Cosmic Consciousness and The Cosmic Path of Initiations, please go to

Ms. Azaria is a devoted Spiritual Teacher, a Facilitator and Practitioner of the Rising Star Healing System, a certified NLP practitioner, and creator of Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmic Path of Initiations, a therapeutic modality designed to assist the client in attaining the observer’s perspective. She was initiated into all of these modalities by her spiritual Teacher, Derek O’Neill. For more information on Derek and his Teachings, or any of these modalities, please go to

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