Shelly Leal


Shelly Leal is a writer, teacher, singer/songwriter, lifelong spiritual seeker and learner. She has a strong, heart-centered desire to help others reach their full potential and creativity. She believes that knowing and understanding ourselves leads to greater healing and acceptance of ourselves and others, leading to a more peaceful and loving world for all. She believes that astrology is an empowering tool for such knowledge.

Shelly has a Masters in Education, Special Education and Reading, and taught in NYC public schools for 20 years as a special education teacher.  She has observed, and taught, that having self-awareness empowers us with freedom of choice, which enables us to respond appropriately and lovingly in any situation. This response, in turn, adds more Light and positivity to the world.

A spiritual seeker since she was 5, Shelly is a follower of Meher Baba, and has extensively studied his teachings, as well as those of  Baba Ram Dass, Caroline Myss, Lee Harris, Sonia Choquette, Anodea Judith, and others. Her thirst for knowledge, understanding and well-being has led her to study psychology, energy systems, archetypes, homeopathy, chakras, flower essences, and, of course, astrology.  Shelly has been a student of astrology for over 30 years, 18 of which she studied with Stephanie Azaria. Shelly has been a part of Stephanie’s master classes and retreats, and has worked with (and continues to investigate) the newest planetary archetypes. She was certified by Stephanie Azaria as a facilitator of the groundbreaking Cosmic Consciousness system in 2018.  Shelly is grateful to be a part of this system, and for Stephanie’s encouragement and tutelage.

As someone who loves to read and communicate through writing, Shelly has been writing the monthly aspect reports on The Cosmic Path website for many years. She has also written the daily blogs when needed. Currently Shelly is writing a book with Stephanie introducing the Cosmic Consciousness system of astrology to the world. She has a blog called The Other Side of 60 (, about her experiences in the 6th decade of life, which she hopes to continue as she has now entered her 7th decade. She believes that we can all benefit from each others’ shared experiences, realizations, and insights. Combining her love of writing and astrology, Shelly seeks to make the astrology of Cosmic Consciousness available to all as a tool for understanding and navigating the higher frequencies we are all experiencing, so that we may realize the Truth of our divinity, multidimensionality, and eternal connection to Source and to each other.

Shelly offers a short written reading based on one specific question. She can be reached at for details.