May 2024 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

May 2024 Monthly Aspects

After an incredibly intense month of many aspects, including a major eclipse (well, they are all major, really, but this one was total, and millions saw it) we come to May. Fortunately, this month won’t be quite as intense, but it will be busy, featuring six planets changing signs; personal planets making new cycles with Jupiter and Uranus and squares to Pluto; and the end of the wormhole we’ve been in since March. Doesn’t March seem like so long ago? With 4 planets in Taurus, and a Taurus New Moon, we should be able to get some grounding going.


The first aspect of the month is a stepping stone (square) between Venus and Pluto. Venus is in her home sign of Taurus, so her energies are stronger. It’s a chance to see if our values are in line with who we are becoming; are they empowering us? This is the 2nd of the personal planets squaring with Pluto, the Sun made this aspect on 4/21. Stepping stones create friction that helps us rise up over emotional blocks if we’re paying attention. They provide for major growth. And because they occur with Pluto, we are called to evaluate our inner power.


This is fortuitous, because on 5/2 Pluto, barely moving for weeks, stations retrograde until October. He remains in Aquarius until 9/1, when he backs into Capricorn for a final clean-up. Now we have an opportunity to review how we’ve changed since 1/20, when Pluto entered the sign of Self-love. Can we accept our own power? Can we use our power wisely for the betterment of others, and stand up for ourselves, and others, when necessary? The times call for us to learn who we are.


Mars is also in his own sign, which makes his energies more powerful. On 5/3 Mars resources (sextiles) Pluto, which can result in positive action regarding something you believe in. The world is in need of undertakings that can relieve the negativity many are swimming in.


While we are on the subject of Mars, he makes a new cycle with Salacia on 5/14 and a new cycle with the evolutionary Soul Star on 5/20. In the midst of what we see in the outside world, we can still find joy in the movement of our bodies, and in doing things that stoke our passions. That is why we’re here, to keep joy and Light alive. Well-considered actions will result in effects that can alter the future. On 5/29 the Mars-Chiron new cycle occurs. There may be bodily health issues, our own or someone we know. We are called to remember to practice Self-care, as this prepares us for the Mars-Eris new cycle that happens in early June.


The Sun, our life force and consciousness, makes its way through Taurus this month and into Gemini. As such, we will feel the shift in the quality of consciousness as this archetype changes signs on 5/20. We tend to be more grounded and aware of the blooming of nature while the Sun is in Taurus.


The 5/7 Taurus New Moon closes the wormhole that opened in March. Although the wonky energies have abated, there is still much going on, with this New Moon smack in the middle of a 3-sign stellium; four if you include Neptune at the final degree of Pisces. The Sun and Moon are surrounded by Venus, Uranus and Jupiter, activating these energies for the remainder of the month. Jupiter-Uranus cycles activate and expand social consciousness and awakening in relationships. The Sun will be the first personal planet (except the Moon) to meet each of these planets. Much growth can take place if we don’t allow fear to enter the picture. Saturn resources (sextiles) the New Moon, bringing integrity and structure that aids in grounding. The Mercury-Chiron new cycle can provide healing words and connections if we take the time to access the compassion within.


The Sun-Uranus new cycle begins 5/14, providing sudden revelations, awakenings or insights concerning our individual or collective values, resources, finances, perhaps even the planet herself. We are being called to pay attention. Just 4 days later the Sun conjoins Jupiter in a new cycle (5/18) to expand the insights we’ve received, activating the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. On 5/20 consciousness shifts as the Sun enters Gemini and makes new cycles with Sedna and Alcyone. We must balance mind and heart to absorb the downloads of galactic energies from these two archetypes. The Sun makes a trine to Pluto in Aquarius. When we know where our power lies, we can use it wisely.


This forms the backdrop of the Sagittarius Full Moon on 5/23. The Sun is conjunct Sedna, Alcyone and the Venus-Jupiter new cycle, as well as connecting with Uranus’ waning energies. Haumea and Neptune weigh in too. With so many planets at early or final degrees of their signs, there is a real sense of endings and new beginnings that continue from the Taurus New Moon.


This Full Moon is a powerhouse of aspects and shifts in consciousness. For one thing, there is that Venus-Jupiter new cycle at the final degree of Taurus resourcing Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter sextiling Neptune is a big deal, and Venus’ presence helps to mitigate confusion. They all form a Finger of God (yod) with Haumea at 0 Scorpio. We have the capacity to create what we desire with the faith that it will manifest if we put our heart into it. This can be anything, from easing another’s pain to creating a program of Self-care that allows one to clear negative energies. Following her communion with Jupiter, Venus enters Gemini, and makes new cycles with Sedna and Alcyone. All on the same day, 5/23!  The Sun and Moon both make positive aspects to Pluto (which is bridged by Astraea), signifying the inner power available with consciousness and receptivity.


Shortly after this lunation Jupiter enters Gemini on 5/25, for a year of expanding social consciousness. There will be much information to process, and the first aspect Jupiter makes is a conjunction with Alcyone, principal star of the Pleiades, followed by a new cycle with Sedna (5/27). This signifies that the galactic planets are becoming more accessible to our consciousness, and that will affect us all for years to come.


At this point I must talk about Sedna. She is one of the sednoids, a scattered disk object outside Kuiper Belt with an orbit of at least 11,400 years. She has only recently been discovered (2003) because her extremely elliptical orbit is taking her closer to the Sun. Sedna entered Gemini 4/27 and will remain in that sign for the next 41 years. She’s been thought of as a cosmic librarian, holding the akashic records for the galaxy and beyond. She feels like the higher octave of Pluto: where Pluto is the gatekeeper to the higher dimensional planets of the Kuiper Belt, Sedna delivers us to the Oort Cloud of galactic planets yet to be discovered. Both planets signify transmutation and transformation; we are changed by their energies. Sedna in Gemini promises to bring us more galactic information from the cosmos.


This month begins the first of 3 conjunctions of Sedna with Alcyone (5/21). It is also when the personal planets conjoin with Sedna in Gemini for the first time. It’s reasonable to say that much new knowledge and information will be forthcoming, and each time a personal planet conjuncts Sedna, we will get to experience these frequencies in our own way. It is fortuitous that the Sun-Sedna new cycle occurs on 5/20, Venus conjoins her 5/23 and Jupiter follows 5/27. Those are the first conjunctions with Sedna in the Gemini quality of consciousness. Mercury and Mars will make their own new cycles in June and July. With each personal planet’s interactions with Sedna over the years, we will learn a little more about her, and our Selves.


As mentioned, Venus begins the month with a stepping stone with Pluto 5/1, just before Pluto goes retrograde. Once again, we are called to see if our hearts are aligned with our empowerment, and to make changes if they are not. Venus spends the month following the Sun, and on 5/18 the Venus-Uranus new cycle picks up where the Sun’s new cycle with Uranus left off. The revelations we receive have to do with what we value and care for. It’s good to see how that changes as we process the enormous energies pouring in, although it might be a bit surprising. As mentioned, the Venus-Jupiter new cycle occurs on the Sagittarius Full Moon, sextiling Neptune, with Venus ingressing Gemini and conjoining Sedna. Now Venus and Mercury are in each other’s signs in a mutual reception, trading and unifying mind and heart energies. Venus and Pluto reengage in a more positive trine aspect 5/24, increasing our capacity to manifest what we desire, now that our values are becoming more clear.


Now we come to Mercury, who begins May in Aries, having completed his retrograde in April. In this retrograde cycle Mercury made repeated aspects to Chiron and Eris, and now he finishes those communions with a new cycle to Chiron 5/6 and Eris 5/11, before clearing the retrograde zone on 5/13. We can clearly see now how communication can be used to heal or to disrupt, depending on the agenda of the speaker. We must be conscious of how we connect with others, and how to use our words for the greatest positive effect.


On 5/15 Mercury enters Taurus, turning our thoughts to our values, nature, resources, and the environment while making our intuition more accessible. Here we learn to think with the heart. Mercury makes a stepping stone with Pluto 5/17, giving us an opportunity to change those thoughts that keep us from our own inner power. This is a good month for growth in the area of Self-empowerment. The Mercury-Uranus new cycle finishes out the month. What revelations or surprises are in store?


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one specific question. For more details and pricing, please email me at with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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April 2024 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

Written by Shelly Leal

April 2024 Aspects


As April begins, Pisces, Aries and Taurus are very active. All month the personal planets move through these signs, and at one point there are 12 planets, as well as the Moon’s nodes, located in this area of everyone’s transit chart. In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces is the last sign in the spiritual quadrant, signifying unlimited possibilities available to us.  Out of that we can create what we truly want through considered right action based upon consciously directing our thoughts to positivity (through the higher mind), and allowing our intuition to come through, trusting its wisdom. Our thoughts, which can be viewed objectively and redirected, have an energy of their own that can affect what we feel and how we want to act—or not. With so many planets in Aries, it behooves us to pay close attention to what our thoughts are telling us, and discern whether they are our own, something we have learned, or something we are picking up through others. Here we become aware that we are here to master the art of manifestation out of consciously disciplined thoughts, words and deeds. Aries is the sign of awakening and the right action that comes of it. The capacity to create something new is available if we choose to use it. We have the choice—the power—to redirect the thoughts that don’t serve us or that contract our energy, into something more useful or uplifting, through mantras or affirmations. This requires awareness, diligence and intention; it’s part of our mission now as Lightworkers and Love warriors.


April holds the energetic cornerstone of the year. There is so much energy flying around, and so much to tell this month. Let’s begin with Mercury, who starts his retrograde on 4/1, at 27° Aries. He spends the entire month moving backwards through Aries, until he stations direct on 4/25 at 16°. In the meantime, he conjoins Eris (4/8) and Chiron (4/15), both for the 2nd time. It’s no mistake that this Mercury-Eris conjunction takes place on the New Moon eclipse! Mercury’s energies take us within to reexamine our thoughts and the things that trigger us, so we can explore where such thoughts began and heal them. Are we responding with old programming? Are we ready to change that programming? On 4/19 the Mercury-Venus conjunction occurs; now we can review our values and see if they are serving us.


With Mercury retrograding, Venus is now the fastest moving planet, and she begins the month in Pisces, a sign she is comfortable in. The Venus-Neptune new cycle occurs on 4/3, injecting higher Love and hope into the chaotic energies. From there Venus enters Aries (4/5) and for the next 24 days communes with 4 planets and the north node (Soul Star Chakra). That’s a lot of heart energy flowing through the sign of Mental Power. When we take time to listen to our hearts we can truly discipline and focus our thoughts to create positive outcomes. Venus makes new cycles with Salacia on 4/12, the Soul Star (4/17), Mercury (4/19), Chiron (4/21) and Eris (4/25) before heading into her home sign of Taurus on 4/29. This is an upgrade of heart energy, a lightening, clearing and focusing of what’s important to us, now and for the future.


With all this energy in Aries you might wonder what its dispositor, Mars, is doing this month. He is, in fact, just finishing a new cycle with dwarf planet Gonggong and in a bridge with Juno, signifying how connected we all are even in what feels to be chaos. On 4/10 the Mars-Saturn new cycle occurs. While on one hand our actions may feel restricted, on another they may also feel focused and directed; it depends on your orientation. Sirius manifests with this new cycle, and Orcus makes a Lightbridge towards it. These frequencies can only be felt by those capable of raising their vibrations to meet it; they are soul frequencies. It’s our invitation to realize that our actions reverberate far beyond the physical plane. By 4/19 Mars resources (sextiles) the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, adding unlimited possibilities to what can manifest out of this dynamic combination of archetypes. Our actions matter so much now; they require careful thought. We should also pay attention to what our bodies tell us now, in terms of readiness to act, and needing to rest. On 4/28 Mars conjoins Neptune in a new cycle of putting faith into action. If we can ‘act in good faith’ despite any momentary confusion, we can apply much needed spiritual wisdom into the world. This cycle allows us to act on our dreams, or to Self-reflect on what we want to create going forward, in preparation for when Mars enters his own sign of Aries on 4/30, where he will complete the interactions of the personal planets with the higher dimensional planets stationed in that quality of consciousness. This is where it will manifest on the physical level; stay tuned.


The Sun is the archetype of consciousness and life-force. It provides energy, light, warmth and illumination. It reflects where our consciousness goes. On 4/4 the Sun-Soul Star new cycle begins, reminding us of our evolutionary path. That leads us to the very prominent, transcendent and life-altering New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Aries that occurs on 4/8. It is exceptional in so many ways. Total eclipses provide a total reboot of consciousness, and this eclipse falls in densely populated areas in North America, with around 45 million people residing directly within the path of totality! That’s a lot of rebooting, and it doesn’t cover the millions of people who will be able to witness 80% or more of a partial eclipse. This is the 3rd supermoon in a row, the final one with the Moon’s closest approach to Earth. It is also exactly conjoined with Chiron, signifying a new cycle of major healing and upgrade of consciousness everywhere. Jupiter makes a subtle aspect to this lunation, and the Part of Fortune (destiny) manifests (trines) it. And the Mercury-Eris (2nd) conjunction happens at the same time! There can be disruption in our thinking, or new levels of realization. Since this is a reflection of our consciousness, it’s safe to say that this eclipse marks a turning point in human evolution, which will play out for years to come. We must remember that eclipses create sideways elevators that can energetically take us places we’ve never been and could not have imagined. And while some might react out of fear, we would do well to ride the energies and let them take us where we are meant to go. We are here to hold the frequencies of Love, healing, grounding and safety, for our Selves, each other, and ultimately, the world.


On 4/11 the Sun and Mercury make their inferior conjunction, marking the midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde. How fortunate we are to have this time to go within and rethink what we need, how to achieve it, and how to be more inclusive. This is a necessary step, as the 4/14 Sun-Eris new cycle sheds Light (pardon the pun) on the disruption caused by those who feel disaffected and ignored.


The Sun enters Taurus 4/19, shifting our consciousness to a more grounded place, and resonates with Jupiter and Uranus, the two slow-moving powerhouses that are already conjoining together. You can see how the energetic shifts just keep on coming! Mars resources the Jupiter-Uranus new cycle (which becomes exact on 4/20), signifying the capacity for positive action out of this transit; with Ceres manifesting (trining) it from Capricorn, the potential to bring in something new is enormous. At the same time, Mercury and Venus commune in Aries, balancing mind and heart together as we bring the Higher Mind into our human experience, unleashing our creative potential. This is such a fertile time!


On 4/23 the Scorpio Full Moon arrives. Disposed by Venus and Pluto, it is alchemical in nature.  Pluto intersects the Full Moon, and Venus is about to merge with Eris (4/25). The Moon is flanked by Haumea with Arcturus’ energies nearby; the Sun is conjoined by Part of Fortune and Eris’ energies. Will we let our emotions run away with themselves, and give away our power, or will we stay grounded and follow our intentions and intuition? There is plenty of potential for disruption; how can we stay empowered? If we see the bigger picture (Varuna intersecting Sun and Moon) and remember our connection to each other, we will know how to proceed. And speaking of Varuna, he stations direct 4/18, making his energies more palpable at this Full Moon.


It should be noted that Black Moon Lilith, interacting repeatedly in Virgo with Orcus, now begins a dance with MakeMake in Libra (3/30, 4/4, 4/27) that lasts the rest of the year. As she does so, we learn more about the qualities of authentic leadership in our Selves, and how to apply it in the world.


As if all this wasn’t enough, there’s another event that occurs this month, having long-term repercussions: Sedna enters Gemini. Sedna has been in Taurus since 1966; in 2023, she stepped into Gemini briefly for a 5-month try-out in the sign of Conscious Wisdom. During her 57-year sojourn through Taurus, we have grown in identifying and using our intuition; and we’ve become aware of the beauty of our environment, how we use or abuse it, and how to preserve it. Gemini is the part of our energy field that is constantly on the move, mentally, seeking information, making connections between ideas, experiences, people. It is easy to get overwhelmed or overthink a situation, unless we learn to think with our hearts, which provides a center of stillness around which our thoughts can turn. Sedna is the Cosmic Librarian and holder of Divine Feminine energies. In a sense, Sedna represents the transcendence we achieve when we let go of the old. As our awareness increases, we elevate our frequencies, becoming the multidimensional beings we truly are. Sedna points the way to our evolving spiritual evolution. In Gemini, Sedna can provide impetus to bring Love into our minds, letting go of thoughts and connections that impede our ability to integrate mind and heart. This allows us to Love with the higher mind, speak our Truth and fully share our Selves and our wisdom.  We will have 41 years in which to integrate these energies in this new quality of consciousness.


As you can see, April is a month of enormous and changing energies. This is what we signed up for; why we are here. We are the Light; we are Wayshowers, and just by remembering that, being our Selves, allowing what is, and riding the waves without judgment, we will be delivered to where Life wants to take us. We can do this!


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one specific question. For more details and pricing, please email me at with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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March 2024 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

March 2024

March is always an energetic month, as we change seasons around the world, and this month five planets change signs. All major solar system planets are direct, and we may feel ourselves flying forward. The Pisces New Moon on 3/10 opens a new wormhole that catapults us into new vistas, preparing us for a powerful lunar eclipse occurring later this month, and leading up to a total solar eclipse in April. Hang on to your hats and allow the energies to take you where they will; all is perfect.


The Sun, Mercury and Saturn have just completed their triple conjunctions, and Mercury, as he frequently does, leads the shift into a new quality of consciousness when he enters Aries on 3/9. But before that, the Mercury-Neptune new cycle (3/8) occurs, increasing our capacity for empathy and compassionate thought and speech. It might also cloud our thinking, but that should clear up in a few days. It will be useful to ground ourselves with our spiritual practices. Once in Aries, Mercury conjoins with Salacia (3/14), Neptune’s consort, signifying a lightening up of our mental processes, allowing us to be more playful. On 3/18 the Mercury-North Node (Soul Star Chakra) conjunction occurs, just minutes before the Great Messenger enters his retrograde zone. This is highly significant, because any transit occurring after this will be repeated 3 times, but it only takes one meeting with the Soul Star Chakra to realign our mental operating systems to the future that awaits us. Keep in mind, though, that this transit is so close as to bring a new cycle when Mercury finishes his retrograde next month.


For the rest of the month Mercury surges forward, making his 1st conjunction with Chiron on 3/20 and his 1st conjunction with Eris 3/26. These are strong energies that require us to mentally process our capacity for healing and wholeness, and awaken us to what we need going forward. These processes won’t be completed until May, after the wormhole closes. This is a good time to strengthen our healing practices and share them with others.


Neptune disposes the 3/10 Pisces New Moon, and also conjoins it, making his energies a major factor of this wormhole. The Sun-Neptune new cycle occurs on 3/17, but we can feel the energies now. Neptune can be dreamy, compassionate and etheric; it can also be confusing, escapist and even deceptive. But the Sun shines on the Neptunian fog, providing clarity and Light. It allows us to see what was unclear before, and attune to higher vibration. Neptune is preparing to shift into Aries next year, so these end of sign transits are valuable for mastering our limitless spiritual Selves. This New Moon also features a bridge between Saturn and Juno, signifying authenticity and integrity in our relationships to ourselves, each other and everything we are connected to—which is everything! This bodes well as we evolve towards unity consciousness.


It is significant that the Pisces New Moon is the last one of the winter/summer seasons. On 3/19 the Sun moves into 0 Aries, a world axis point, and we enter the vernal/autumn equinox around the world. We are at a balance point, experiencing unity for a few moments as day and night become equalized. The Pluto-Haumea stepping stone (square) is exact and both connect with the Sun. The transformations we experience this season can lead to new creative enterprises if we choose to allow it. The Grand Crossroad in Power signs (formerly the Cardinal Grand Cross) formed by the nodes, Sirius, and Ceres, which began to be felt as far back as the Pisces New Moon, is now in effect, and will remain so for a month. Ceres in Capricorn squares the nodes, and makes a Lightbridge to the multidimensional star Sirius in Cancer. We can use these energies for our individual and collective evolution, or we can use them to clear out ancient traumas and karma. Either way, all  roads are open, and we have the unique opportunity to upgrade our frequencies and expand our consciousness. Ceres is also part of a Grand Manifestation (Trine) with Orcus, Juno and Black Moon Lilith (Virgo), and Jupiter (Taurus), all in Earth signs. This provides grounding and also uncovers hidden beliefs, desires, and aspects of ourselves for healing and balance. All this, and more, indicate a dynamic, unprecedented and life-changing season.


These last two planetary pictures are a big part of the first eclipse of the year, a Full Moon penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra occurring on 3/25. Although the Moon will only be slightly fainter during this eclipse, its effect will be huge. The Sun is surrounded by Neptune, Salacia and the evolutionary Soul Star Chakra (N. Node). Opposite the Sun, the Moon connects with MakeMake and the karmic Earth Star Chakra (S. Node). All these planets and points in Aries-Libra cross the Lightbridge formed by Ceres, Quaoar and Ixion in Capricorn, and Sirius, Part of Fortune and Astraea in Cancer—so the Sun and Moon become part of the Grand Crossroad. Full Moons bring up emotions that need to be dealt with from the corresponding New Moon, but because this one is an eclipse it calls forth new emotional responses, a shift in emotional awareness. Eclipses create sideways elevators that can energetically take us places we’ve never been. Now is the time to be open to whatever comes, and allow it to happen. Be curious about your emotional responses and use them to transform any fears into Love. The 3/29 Sun-Salacia new cycle will lift our spirits and lighten our hearts.


Speaking of the heart, Venus enters Pisces, a sign she loves, on 3/11, inside the wormhole. Our hearts open to the possibility of unlimited Love, trusting that it’s ok to be so vulnerable. The 3/22 Venus-Saturn new cycle bridges the Black Moon in Virgo and resources Ceres, increasing our self-esteem as hidden obstacles to opening our hearts are revealed for healing. As long as we hold the space for Love we will be in good stead.


At the start of the month, Mars, representing action, and also the physical, is in Aquarius, where he conjoins with Chariklo in a new cycle on 3/3. Chariklo provides a wise, stabilizing and nurturing influence, and can help to counterbalance any impulsive actions arising from the intense energies we are experiencing. On 3/22 Mars enters Pisces, where we can act on faith. Flowing practices such as qi gong or tai chi would be beneficial at this time to acclimate our bodies to Piscean energies.


In February both the Sun and Mercury conjoined with Gonggong, a 5D dwarf planet located in Pisces, representing chaos and the shift required to see the clarity beyond it. The trick is not to let the chaos bowl you over, or lose yourself in fear-based emotion. On 3/16 Venus conjoins with Gonggong; this is a call for remembering our spiritual values and holding the space for Love.  We are all here for this. The 3/29 Mars-Gonggong new cycle requires the awareness to keep our own actions positive, supportive and heart-based.


Other notable aspects include Ceres making her first conjunction with Quaoar on 3/7, bringing in new ideas and trains of thought that will need to be reviewed when both Quaoar (April) and Ceres (May) go retrograde. This cycle will take 6 months to complete. Pallas goes retrograde 3/29, and Vesta enters Cancer 3/31. Finally, Black Moon Lilith continues her dance with Orcus and Juno, reminding us of our connection to our immortal Spirit, and she begins a new dance with MakeMake, bringing up leadership issues for us to contemplate over the next few months.

All in all, it’s a busy month in a busy season.  As we keep our hearts focused on Love and a higher perspective, we will find our center—where we all dwell, together.


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one specific question. For more details and pricing, please email me at with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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February 2024 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

February 2024 Monthly Aspects

This is another busy month, with 7 planets changing signs, all the personal planets together in Aquarius, at least briefly, and two 5D planets and one asteroid stationing direct. With Uranus’ direct station at the end of January, all the solar system planets are now direct; the effect of that is to pulse the energies forward with no brakes (or breaks), quickening an already fast pace of experience. In addition, Black Moon Lilith dances back and forth with Orcus and Juno in Virgo, as she began at the end of January, uncovering revelations, beliefs and connections to, and with, immortality. We are slowly awakening to our connection to the cosmos and how vast we all really are.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius is the part of our energy field where we learn to take down our defenses to letting others see us as we truly are. We learn to love our Selves just as we are, and not project some persona for protection. It’s where we grow into our future to be all we are capable of. When we accept and love our Selves, totally and without reservation, we can shine our Light and direct that love for the benefit of others. Aquarius, Uranus’ sign, is the embodiment of change; we feel it coming, and that’s why we’re here.

Last month the Sun and Pluto conjoined in Capricorn and entered Aquarius together, which has never happened before and has far-reaching reverberations. This month, Mercury (2/5), Mars (2/13) and Venus (2/16) enter Aquarius, and each planet communes with Pluto at 0°–Mercury on 2/5, Mars on 2/14, and Venus on 2/17. At that point, all the personal planets, except the Moon, are in the sign of Self Love. This is the process of upgrading and transmuting our thinking and communication systems, actions, and values. Having the Sun begin this process brings consciousness to it all. We become aware of what needs to change within us and how we might effect that change; if something needs to go and we ignore it, Pluto’s energies will take it from us. For example, perhaps we ignore the body’s call for rest and become ill. Or we might need to reconsider how our actions affect others and make a concerted effort to change that behavior or risk breaking the relationship.  These new cycles with Pluto form the foundations of our personal transformations of mind, heart and physical power over the next two decades. We are becoming a new version of our Selves!

Chariklo is also in Aquarius, at 13°, where she will remain until 2027. Chariklo provides a wise, stabilizing and nurturing influence, keeping things steady and grounded. The Sun-Chariklo new cycle on the 2:2 stargate signifies a desire to bring balance, cooperation and harmony within duality to our consciousness. As each planet enters Aquarius and is greeted by Pluto, Chariklo’s warm embrace is welcomed. The Mercury-Chariklo new cycle occurs on 2/13, bringing much needed stability and calmness to our mental processes, and hopefully, our communication with each other. Venus and Chariklo conjoin 2/28 and Mars follows on 3/3 (another stargate).

The New Moon in Aquarius occurs 2/9, with Chariklo nearby. It makes a stepping stone with Uranus, the dispositor of this lunation, and a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Juno, suggesting that it’s possible to awaken to our connectedness with each other if we put forth the effort. Even those of low vibration and violent acts have Spirit within, something we need to remember. Uranus and Juno are part of a Grand Manifestation (Trine) with Venus. By keeping our hearts open we can feel the inner connections among us, and gain surprising insights. As more folks awaken, everyone’s consciousness changes.

The Sun enters Pisces, the sign of spiritual mastery, on 2/18, just hours before the Chiron-North Node (Soul Star Chakra) new cycle (2/19). For the next few weeks our consciousness becomes more focused on the unlimited possibilities available, which can be ours if we have faith, and on the vastness of our Spirit, which can be hard for many to grasp. Chiron signifies healing and wholing the Self to attain mastery, and this is just what we need to move forward in our evolution. The energies continue with the Full Moon in Virgo, occurring 2/24. Chiron, still conjoined with the Soul Star, is Virgo’s dispositor, making him a big player in this lunation. The Sun is surrounded by Mercury and Saturn, while the Black Moon Lilith is near the Moon. Also in Virgo is the Orcus -Juno conjunction, their 2nd, strengthening our understanding of our connection to each other and to the part of each of us that is eternal.  In fact, these conjunctions are elements of the dance between the Black Moon, Orcus and Juno that continues for a good chunk of the year. More and more, people are beginning to discover the energetic connections between themselves and the cosmos.

The Sun makes a resourceful aspect to the Ceres-Ixion new cycle (2/23), lighting up and nurturing our soul purpose. The energies of the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are perfected with their triple new cycle 2/28, resourcing Quaoar. It’s time to focus on dreaming big, putting some intention into it, and taking small steps towards that dream.  What do we want to create? What do we want to become? This year it can begin.

Mercury enters Pisces 2/23, and quickly catches up to the Sun and Saturn for that triple conjunction. Meanwhile, Mars runs ahead of Venus for most of the month, but on 2/22 they conjoin in a new cycle of heartfelt action, and caring for the body. In addition, both Pallas and Ceres change signs; Pallas enters Sagittarius 2/6 and Ceres enters Capricorn 2/7. With wisdom, something new can be brought into the systems that are part of our experience.

All the solar system planets are in full forward motion, and three more planets join them. Astraea stations direct 2/7 in Gemini, reentering Cancer 2/20. On 2/8 Vesta stations direct, and our passion picks up. Sedna also goes direct 2/11, at the end of Taurus; she is such a slow mover that it will take until the end of April to reenter Gemini, giving us two more months to wrap up what we’ve learned about intuition and our connection to nature. In a sense, Sedna represents the transcendence we achieve when we let go of the old. As our awareness increases, we elevate our frequencies, becoming the multidimensional beings we truly are. Now we are preparing to enter a new epoch of connecting the Divine Feminine with the Higher Mind. Stay tuned.


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