May 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects





May 2023

It’s another busy month, with 5 planets changing direction and 6 planets changing signs. There’s a lunar eclipse at the World Axis point, felt around the planet, and the wormhole closes with the New Moon. Even with all this activity, it’s a less intense month than the last two, with 7 or 8 planets in Taurus all month. In 5D, Taurus is the sign of Conscious Obedience, where we tune into our inner guidance, which comes from the heart. When we trust that guidance implicitly and feel it in our body, we become magnetic, and we raise the frequency around us.


The first thing that happens this month is the Juno-Sedna new cycle on 5/1, signifying our relationship to everything on a grand scale. The second event is Pluto’s retrograde station, also 5/1, just barely in Aquarius. It will take a full month for Pluto to backtrack through the sign of unconditional Love, giving us time to recalibrate the truth that Self-love isn’t selfish, it’s powerful, and necessary. And Astraea conjuncts the dharmic Soul Star (N.Node); it’s another indication of how we are evolving with the help of divine feminine energies that are more in play now.


May 2 features two asteroids changing signs: Juno entering Gemini, and Pallas entering Leo. Both of them aspect Pluto—Pallas in a bridge (opposition) and Juno in a trine, or manifesting.And they are resourcing (sextiling) each other. This is a day filled with wisdom and connection.


Pluto continues to have influence as the dispositor of the Scorpio Full Moon lunar eclipse that occurs on 5/5. Venus influences all the planets in Taurus that flank the Sun, notably Uranus, the dispositor of Aquarius, which is the sign Pluto is newly transiting. It’s all connected. Full Moons bring up emotions that need to be dealt with from the corresponding New Moon; because this one is an eclipse it calls forth new emotional responses. Eclipses create sideways elevators that can energetically take us places we’ve never been. Now is the time to be open to whatever comes. The Venus-Jupiter resource indicates expansion and open-heartedness, especially in the social arena; Saturn’s resource with Astraea and the Soul Star bodes well for balance, structure and integrity in the way we deal with each other. There is the potential for grounding and transformation with this lunation.


Speaking of Venus and Jupiter, both archetypes shift into new signs this month; Venus enters Cancer 5/7, and Jupiter enters Taurus 5/16.  Jupiter is a planet we like to watch because of his benevolent effect on us all, especially socially. On 5/17 he forms a stepping stone (square) with Pluto, a connection between these two very expansive energies that must be worked with by stepping over emotional blocks that can arise. Jupiter stretches our consciousness and brings wisdom and abundance. Pluto transforms and resurrects. Any interaction between these two recalls the major effect of their 3 meetings in 2020. But they are both in different signs now, and they are building something new together.


The Sun-Uranus new cycle begins 5/9, providing sudden revelations, awakenings or insights concerning our individual or collective values, resources, finances, perhaps even the planet herself. We are being called to pay attention. On 5/19 the New Moon in Taurus occurs, closing the wormhole we’ve been in since March. With the Moon there are 9 planets in the sign of Mental Love, where we learn to come from a heart-centered place with no attachments to pull us off-center. We realize our beliefs and values by connecting to our inner guidance system. Sedna conjoins this lunation; the Sun-Sedna new cycle occurs 5/20. Uranus also has an influence. We must identify and let go of limiting beliefs and ideas in order to move forward.

Venus, the sign dispositor, is about to meet with the fixed star Sirius (also 5/20) for some multidimensional tweaking. When the Sun enters Gemini 5/21, he resources Mars and manifests with (trines) Pluto. In Gemini we become aware that balancing mind and heart is essential for right action to occur.


Speaking of right action, Mars (who reentered the ecliptic 5/4 after being out of bounds since October) enters Leo 5/20, and forms a bridge (opposition) with Pluto.  There is plenty of life force here, and now is the time to be thankful to be here, in our bodies, at this time. And on 5/30 Mars and Varuna make a new cycle of seeing a higher perspective that we can feel in our bodies if we pay attention, resulting in action that fits whatever situation we are in.


On 5/6 Ceres, the nurturer, stations direct in Virgo, directing our energies towards the alignment of body, mind, emotion and spirit. This is very helpful, especially after the lunar eclipse the day before. Mercury stations direct 5/14, slowly making his way through Taurus, leaving his shadow 5/31. Other planets changing direction include Chariklo, stationing retrograde 5/17, and Orcus, returning to direct motion 5/28. Once again, there is only one retrograde planet in our solar system, Pluto. But that might be enough to anchor us.

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April 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects

April 2023

April begins the shift of planets into Taurus; we will begin to feel more grounded. There is also a rare hybrid solar eclipse, and another Mercury retrograde cycle beginning. Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception in each other’s signs, creating a mind-heart balance. But because Eris sits at the end of the Aries stellium, any planet moving through that sign will have to make a new cycle with Eris before moving into Taurus–and 5 planets do so. Prepare for a month of awakening!


To start, Mercury ingresses into Taurus on 4/3, making him the 6th planet or point in that sign. There are still plenty of planets in Aries, and on the same day, Vesta conjoins with Eris, reflecting our dedication to facing uncomfortable truths. Venus, Juno and Mercury have already met with the Great Disrupter, and we are still resonating with what we’ve learned then. Mercury is slowing down, but still making vital connections, like the new cycle with the dharmic Soul Star Chakra on 4/6. He enters his shadow 4/7, but does not conjoin with any other planets; as Mercury approaches Uranus he stations retrograde 4/21, right on the World Axis point of 15° Taurus. We are not yet ready for the news he will bring. But we’ll be listening.


April 6 brings the Full Moon in Libra, with the Moon flanked by fixed star Arcturus and 5D MakeMake, and the Sun surrounded most closely by Jupiter and Chiron, as well as the other planets in Aries. There is so much energy here. Our consciousness is in the process of wholing and expanding, while our emotions are dealing with the illusion that our physical separateness is just that—an illusion. MakeMake makes a Lightbridge with Salacia; all is well, even if it doesn’t appear to be, so we can lighten up. The Ceres-Neptune Lightbridge can reinforce or impede this Truth, depending on whether we can see the larger picture. Mars and Astraea dispose this lunation; Mars connects with Mercury and Saturn, while Astraea is about to conjoin Eris, who makes a Lightbridge with Arcturus. Some scientific breakthroughs are possible, causing disruption. It will be good to keep our emotions in check with grounding thoughts and some physical practice or body work, listening to our body as it tells us what it needs. And then there is the Pluto-Haumea stepping stone. There is much creative power to be utilized if we keep our heads above water, so to speak. Deep breathing and quiet time, even for few minutes, is needed.


Venus, making her way through her home sign, has already connected with Uranus, and she is on her way to conjoin Sedna, which she meets on 4/10. This new cycle suggests that when we keep our hearts open the Divine Feminine is available to us, and it is a grounding force. Intuition comes from the heart. Venus shifts into Gemini 4/11; now both Mercury and Venus are in each other’s signs, called a mutual reception. Their energies can be interchanged when needed, and they function as one. Perfect mind/heart balance. On 4/17 Venus goes out of bounds, taking our hearts into uncharted territory. In Gemini, Love motivates everything we do, as long as we are centered and coming from our hearts.


As the Sun winds through Aries, he reaches Chiron on 4/5, and Jupiter on 4/ 11. This healing and expansion of consciousness is necessary to prepare us for the Sun-Eris new cycle that occurs on 4/14. We are aware that whatever disruption arises, it is always for the higher good. The Sun-Astraea new cycle on 4/18 signifies the balance needed within our consciousness between our individual and collective energies. These lessons are getting us ready for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on 4/20.


This New Moon is intense, and very special. It is the second New Moon in Aries; the first opened the wormhole at the equinox in March. It is also a very rare hybrid eclipse, which occur only a few times in the 21st century. A hybrid eclipse begins as an annular eclipse, where the Moon blocks out the center of the Sun, leaving a ‘ring of fire’ in the sky. Then the Moon totally blocks out the Sun for a few minutes, before reverting back to annular. This lunation takes place at the master degree of Aries, surrounded by Astraea, Eris and Jupiter on one side, and Vesta and the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) on the other. We are repeating and reviewing the lessons learned in the first Aries New Moon, while having a (this time) brief total reboot of consciousness. Ixion, Pluto, Saturn and the Black Moon Lilith all connect with this lunation. Whatever disruptions occur, especially socially, will prove evolutionary. It may not be comfortable, but change rarely is, and we are ready for such change. We are the Light. It’s no coincidence that the New Moon occurs at 12:12, the number of Universal Consciousness. It also carries the vibration of 3:3, which allows for manifestation. Time to keep those thoughts positive, no matter what!


A few hours later (4/20) the Sun enters Taurus, making his way towards Vesta, who entered the sign of Mental Love on 4/15. On 4/24 a triple conjunction occurs between the Sun, Vesta and the Soul Star, creating a new cycle of conscious attention to what we want to create and grow into.  In the period between the solar eclipse and this new cycle, Mercury stations retrograde (4/21), Haumea backs into Libra (4/21), and Jupiter merges with Eris (4/23). That’s plenty of action in just a few days.


Other notable planetary movements include Astraea’s new cycle with Eris (4/9) and the Sun (4/18), before entering Taurus 4/22. Now there are 8 planets in Taurus, a major shift, and only 4 in Aries. In addition, 5D planets Ixion (4/4) and Quaoar (4/8) station retrograde, while Varuna stations direct 4/18. It is time to actively pursue a wider view of things, through observation, centering, and letting our intuition guide us.

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March 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects


March 2023

Get ready for an extremely energetic month! This is where the shift begins in earnest. In addition to the 5 personal planets changing signs, Pluto, Vesta, Saturn and Ceres also shift into new qualities of consciousness, and Mercury switches twice. A new wormhole opens, a new season begins, and there are at least 12 new cycles occurring, mostly in Aries. These shifts will continue into July.


Juno and Eris are still conjoined as the month opens, and Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Aries on 3/2. She goes on to meet Chiron 3/3 and Eris 3/11. These are large energies. The heart expands and enters a healing phase, before opening to realizations that may be disruptive. But Self-realization is key here, and necessary before Venus enters her home sign of Taurus on 3/16, where she is most comfortable. Once there, she joins another stellium, and makes new cycles with the Soul Star chakra (the N. node) (3/20) and Juno (3/21). This upgrade at the heart level involves and reflects our relationship to everything, including our values. Out of this, new realizations are possible around the Venus-Uranus conjunction on 3/30.


Now let’s discuss Mercury. The Great Messenger is also very busy this month, conjoining Saturn at the master degree of Aquarius on 3/2, bringing the news that it’s time to restructure our thinking and prepare for the limitless possibilities that await when we come into our own authority. On the same day Mercury enters Pisces, a precursor to Saturn’s own entry on 3/7. More on that later. While in the sign of Spiritual Wisdom, the Mercury-Neptune new cycle occurs on 3/16 and Mercury catches up with the Sun on 3/17 for a superior conjunction, the midpoint between retrograde cycles. This triple conjunction is a good time to focus on and communicate our dreams, intentions, and thoughts for the future. We can have more confusion in our thinking, but also more clarity. This is a good time for meditation.


Our minds are moving fast this month. After only 17 days in Pisces, Mercury shifts into Aries on 3/19, and spends the rest of the month interacting with all the other planets inhabiting that sign. All month we must remember to keep our thoughts positive. Mercury makes a new cycle with Salacia 3/23, which brings a lightness to our thinking and space for communicating the right words at the right moment. It’s a good beginning as Mercury goes on to meet Chiron 3/26, and Jupiter and Astraea 3/28. Mental healing and balance are possible, especially in the social arena, as our thoughts expand. Finally, on 3/30 Mercury meets Vesta, and on 3/31 the Mercury-Eris new cycle occurs. Passion and slow-growing realizations can potentially disrupt our thinking; now is not a good time to put thoughts into action.


The Piscean Sun reminds us to face the fears that unlimited possibilities can bring. Halfway through that sign the Full Moon in Virgo occurs, on 3/7. Neptune and Chiron are the dispositors, signifying a healing and softer, dreamy quality to this lunation. Orcus conjoins the Moon, allowing us the potential to get in touch emotionally with the part of us that is eternal. Mars forms an intersection with this Sun-Moon bridge; it might be hard to take decisive action, but it’s good for all forms of dance, qi gong, yoga and the like to soothe and move the body. Uranus can increase intuition and insights that can be grounding.


But most importantly, within the hour of the Virgo Full Moon  Saturn enters Pisces, and our focus shifts from finding ways to share our uniqueness to finding the integrity to access our inner compassion, humanity, and perspective of oneness. Pisces is the sign of unlimited possibilities. Here we take responsibility for our experiences, and for facing the fears that limit us; and it is here our Inner Guru helps us discover the vastness of who we are. We learn to have faith in ourselves and not any outside influence. Saturn will remain in Pisces until 2026. The last time Saturn played in Pisces was 1994-96. What have we learned since then? What is coming up again for healing?


The 3/15 Sun-Neptune new cycle carries hints of the Full Moon, lifting the fog and clearing distortions and illusions, providing clarity and enlightenment. And the Sun and Mercury meet 3/17 before both shift into a different quality of consciousness.


The extremely dynamic Vernal/Autumnal equinox begins on 3/20 with the Sun’s ingress into Aries. The Sun is flanked by Neptune and Mercury, and is in a Lightbridge with Ceres, who has just entered Libra. Pluto sextiles (resources) the Sun, and is just about to change signs. As if that wasn’t enough, Haumea forms a great eliminator (inconjunct) with the Sun. With 8 planets in Aries, the focus this season is on Self-awareness and letting love activate the higher mind. Here we become aware that we are here to master the art of manifestation out of consciously disciplined thoughts, words and deeds. Aries is the sign of awakening and the right action that comes of it. The capacity to create something new is available if we choose to use it. In addition, the Venus-Soul Star new cycle suggests an evolving of values. These energies will continue all season.


The 3/21 New Moon in Aries intensifies and focuses these equinox energies for the next few weeks, and it opens a new wormhole that will last until May. Talk about potency! In effect, the equinox is a 2-day event. With the wormhole open, energies can become wonky, so presence of mind and an openness to allow whatever comes is definitely called for. This New Moon and wormhole belong to Mars, sitting at the end of Gemini, making out-of-sign stepping stones (squares) with the Sun, Moon, and Ceres (or, an intersection with the New Moon-Ceres Lightbridge if you prefer). New beginnings are in the air, but calm, judicious action is necessary. Jupiter merges with Astraea, indicating the influence of the divine feminine in social discourse. And the aforementioned Venus-Juno conjunction opens our hearts to connectedness of it all. Our consciousness lightens up with the Sun-Salacia new cycle on 3/28.


With all that’s been said, there are still major planet sign-changes to contend with. Ceres, the planet representing our capacity to nurture new beginnings into being, retrogrades back into Virgo 3/22. But the big news is Pluto’s shift into Aquarius for the first time ever in our lives. Pluto’s influence is powerful, deep and long-lasting, and this is no exception. Aquarius deals with humanitarian issues, sharing resources and gifts, freedom to be unique; and in 5D consciousness, bringing the future into the present moment, and learning to love ourselves enough to take down the defenses that prevent us from sharing our authentic selves. With Pluto in Aquarius, power and wealth in the hands of a few will shift to power shared by many. Transformation through networks and groups, striving to be more equanimous, is possible. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are also possible. Pluto spends 3 months in Aquarius before retrograding back into Capricorn in June to tie up loose ends. Next year we will be ready when he spends more time in the sign of Spiritual Love.


The triple conjunction between Vesta, Jupiter and Chiron on 3/12 begins a new cycle of healing and expansion in the social realm that provides some stability to all the changes of the month. On 3/25, after spending 7 months in Gemini due to his retrograde, Mars enters Cancer, a sign he finds difficult to work with, but one that yields mastery. Mars is action-oriented and Cancer is emotional. For the next 2 months we may feel the urge to act out emotionally, or be the recipient of such actions. Emotions are felt in the body; that is a clue as to whether an old issue is coming up for healing, or a boundary is being crossed. It would be wise to find appropriate outlets for any deep emotions that need to be cleared, such as anger or grief. Self-awareness and self-care are essential to process our emotions in a positive way; we really have to get to know ourselves better now. And not be fearful or dismissive of our emotions.

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February Monthly Aspects

Shelly Leal Monthly Aspects

February 2023

Salacia, Chiron and Eris are anchored in Aries, and will be for years to come. Benevolent Jupiter entered that sign in December 2022, and Juno, expressing our connectedness, entered in January. By the time February ends, there will be 8 planets in the sign of pioneering creative spark.


Astraea, 5D asteroid of justice and balance, joins the stellium on 2/6, followed by Vesta, adding devotion to the mix on 2/7. These two planets conjoin in a new cycle on 2/13. And Venus joins them all 2/20. According to Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Mental Power, where what we think can yield tangible results. Therefore, we must use conscious discipline to keep our thoughts positive, the better to act on. It is here we begin to bring the higher Self into human existence. This concentrated dose of Aries energy brings the element of Self-realization to the planet, and will remain a big factor for at least a few months.


With so many planets in the same sign, there will naturally be plenty of new cycles created over the next 3 months. Juno has already conjoined with Jupiter and Salacia in January; this month she meets up with Chiron (2/8) and Eris (2/28), suggesting healing and new realizations regarding our connections to each other. Jupiter (2/5) and Vesta (2/24) make new cycles with Salacia, which should serve to lighten our hearts and enable us to share our joy with others. And on 2/26, a triple conjunction occurs between Venus, Salacia and Astraea, injecting love into the mix.


Meanwhile, Mars, to whom Aries belongs, remains in Gemini, retracing his steps. On 2/22 he aspects Mercury with a manifestation (trine), another indication of the strong mind-body connection that calls our attention.


Ceres, traveling in Libra, stations retrograde 2/3, while Sedna (2/10) and Pallas (2/16) go direct. At this point, only some 5D planets are retrograde, meaning that all the planets in our solar system are in direct motion, and we find ourselves focused on the physical realm. As fast as thing are going, it will feel like there are no brakes and things will move even faster until Mercury’s retrograde in mid-April. Finding ways to center quickly will be so important now.


The Full Moon in Leo occurs on 2/5, disposed (ruled) by the Sun and Uranus. The Great Awakener forms a t-square, or intersection, between the Sun and Moon, creating an alternate path where we can apply our intuition and gain insight as to what our true values are. This is something we can be grateful for, as it will help us know ourselves better.


From there it will take the Sun 9 days to connect with Saturn on 2/16. This new cycle brings our awareness to our own sense of authority and integrity and how we structure our lives. We are due for an upgrade. We can gain a new awareness of our social interactions and how to tend to them, making them work for us. The Sun enters Pisces on 2/18, shifting our consciousness to the unlimited possibilities that can be ours if we have faith in ourselves. Pisces is the sign of Divine Mastery, where we learn to face our fears and realize ourselves as truly unlimited beings. Here we explore how we hold ourselves back when we put our attention on our fears.


This message is also part of the Pisces New Moon that takes place on 2/20. This lunation forms a bridge with (opposes) the Fixed Royal Star Regulus, at 0°Virgo, in the sign of emotional wisdom. The star is considered a directional star, Watcher of the North, represented by Archangel Raphael. We need emotional intelligence to keep us in balance, so we can make use of the expansive energies of Pisces. Neptune disposes this New Moon, and it is not a coincidence that Venus conjoins with Neptune on 2/15, setting us up for a new cycle of higher universal Love before this lunation.


Mercury, the Great Messenger, clears his shadow 2/7, creating a new beginning of thought, connection, and communication. Still in Capricorn, the Mercury-Pluto new cycle occurs on 2/10; new ideas about how to use the power we’ve always had can’t be far behind. The following day Mercury shifts into Aquarius, another precursor to Pluto’s shift next month. While there, the Mercury-Chariklo new cycle occurs, on 2/18, bringing much needed stability and calmness to our mental processes, and hopefully, our communication with each other.


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one question. For more details and pricing, please email me at, with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!