January 2024 Aspects + Yearly Overview

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

January 1, 2024 Overview for the Year

Just as a birth chart provides clues for the energies of an individual, so does the New Year chart provide possibilities for the coming year. We begin by looking at the planets on the angles of the chart.  First of all, the angles are pretty balanced, at 9-10° of Power (formerly cardinal) signs. This indicates a very dynamic, powerful year. MakeMake in Libra is rising, squaring the Sun in Capricorn and resourcing (sextiling) Varuna in Leo. It’s a new year, a time to renew our connection to Source. We will be called on to access new ways of thinking, for our own Self-care and for the greater good of all, in accordance with the universal laws of karma, Oneness and harmony. We will need to step up and remember those divine laws when energies and emotions get intense. A wider perspective is available to us if we choose to use it, and it will really help; it will expand our consciousness. The Sun-Moon trine manifests awareness of our emotions, another positive aspect that will prove extremely useful; if we’re aware of our emotional triggers, our responses can be so much more beneficial.


Saturn in Pisces resources Jupiter in Taurus, suggesting an expansion of social consciousness coupled with a desire to grow past limitations. The Venus-Jupiter great eliminator (inconjunct), with each planet in the other’s sign, along with a Venus-Saturn stepping stone, indicates a shift in values towards protecting the environment, and getting past the fear that has prevented real action to occur. Jupiter is a big player this year, and his conjunction with Uranus on April 20 will push us all into a new trajectory. There are many ways this new cycle can manifest. Along with a major total solar eclipse, April will be a HUGE month in a powerful year!


Pluto, representing transformation and rebirth, is taking us on a renewed journey into the energies of Aquarius in January. He goes retrograde in May and reenters Capricorn one more time in September, giving us 7 months to get used to the experience of his transformative energies in Uranus’ sign. How will power shift? What needs to be wrapped up, once and for all? Pluto’s entire retrograde will sit on the 29th degree of mastery, where we get to face that question.  Of course, these energies will be felt collectively as well as personally. When Pluto enters Aquarius in November for good everything will be changed and we will be ready for a new epoch.


Including his retrograde, Pluto spends the entire year at 29 Capricorn–0 Aquarius and in January (see below) he enters Aquarius accompanied by the Sun. These degrees comprise the Portal of Strength (formerly the cusp) between the two signs, effectively merging the energies of the signs at these points. Collectively we take the power of Capricorn, with its diligence and connection to Source, and bring it into Aquarius to be expressed; it becomes a strength there, which we can use consciously for Self-love and mastery of our Light.


It should also be mentioned that periodically, when there are two Full Moons in Cancer, the following year will have no Cancer Full Moon. This year is one of those years. The entire year will be one of mastering our emotions and directing them into positive action. In addition, 2024 will have an extra day, February 29. These events are just some of the factors that make 2024 an extraordinary year.


January 2024 Aspects

We begin with a bang on this first month of the new year. Three planets are stationing direct, two station retrograde, and 5 planets change signs. At the beginning of January the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars are found in Sagittarius; by the end of the month they are all in Capricorn, making both those qualities of consciousness very focal. Sagittarius is where we look for truth and expansion; it’s where we tie up loose ends and prepare for a new cycle. Capricorn is where we strengthen our connection to Source, however we define it, and use it to forge ahead. The planets that dispose (hold the energy of) these signs are Jupiter and Saturn, and these planets work together on aspects of social consciousness. It’s safe to say that individually and collectively we will be preparing for transformation as the personal planets make their way to communions with Pluto in the next few weeks.


Let’s start with Mercury. On 1/1 he stations direct, finishing his retrograde which began in Capricorn in December. We went within to find new ways to clear our thinking. The 3rd conjunction of Mercury on the Galactic Center occurs 1/10 (the others occurred on 11/28 and 12/25), and we’ll have new downloads of the highest degree into the crown chakra. On 1/13 Mercury enters Capricorn again, conjoining Ixion (1/17) for the 3rd time, clearing his shadow on 1/20, and meeting Quaoar on 1/21. All this will bring an upgrade to our mental operating systems, and new ways to communicate and connect with others. Our mind-body connection also gets an upgrade with the Mercury-Mars new cycle on 1/27 at 16 Capricorn.


Speaking of Mars, on 1/1 he is right on the Galactic Center, and downloads can be felt in the body around this time. Now is a good time to make intentions around healing and strengthening the body, and putting them into practice. Mars enters Capricorn 1/4, and makes his own contacts with Ixion (1/10) and Quaoar (1/16), before that 1/27 communion with Mercury. The whole month provides us with opportunities to think about our actions in new ways, especially when Mercury and Mars form an intersection (or T square) with the nodes around 1/28. Will we think and act the same old ways and hope results are different, or will we remember our Source connection and reach for higher ways of responding?


The 1/11 New Moon in Capricorn, first of the year, brings up the themes, and the choices, of what road to take this year. At 20 Capricorn 44, the New Moon forms an intersection with the Earth and Soul Stars (S and N nodes) and the question is whether we will let outside forces affect what we want to achieve, or whether we will go within, determine our own Truth, and take (bold) action. This is also the day Eris goes direct, and she makes a stepping stone with this lunation while Uranus trines it, and Pluto is within orb. This new cycle is just the beginning of the awakening, disruption and transformation that will occur this year. Venus manifests with (trines) Chiron, and you can bet on some kind of healing or mastery at the heart level. Saturn, dispositor of this New Moon, resources (sextiles) Ixion, suggesting a new commitment to being responsible for our own dreams and choices. We are here to follow our inner guidance.


January 20 is a HUGE day. It is when the Sun, our consciousness and life force, conjoins Pluto at 29 Capricorn 59, the absolute last minute in Capricorn, before they both enter the energy field of Aquarius together. This double ingress highlights the energies we experienced on the December 2020 solstice, when Jupiter and Saturn communed at 0 Aquarius. I wrote then:

The Jupiter Saturn new cycle… is a harbinger [for} a new social consciousness for the season, the next year, and next 20 years! This new cycle makes connections to the Sun, Astraea (where we access the Divine Feminine) and Juno (our relationship to everything). A more receptive, intuitive way of being will be part of the fabric of this new social consciousness. And it begins now.

With Sun-Pluto on that degree we come to see how far we have come. Our consciousness is aligning itself with the shift from the old ways of the past to the new energies of the future, and from the power of systems to the power of people. With Mercury clearing his shadow on this day, about to approach Quaoar, we are ready for new ways to think, communicate and connect with others along these lines. Once again, this will include the divine feminine (Astraea) if we choose to let her in and transform us. Astraea herself is in Cancer, retrograding into Gemini (1/26), suggesting that emotions are a gift and a power, that when used correctly can inform and guide us.


The Full Moon in Leo occurs on 1/25, with Pluto conjunct the Sun and Varuna conjunct the Moon. Self-love is a power we can give ourselves. Being able to see the larger perspective helps immeasurably with our emotions, enabling us to find blessings and gratitude wherever we can. Saturn and Ixion’s resource (see above) forms a Finger of God (yod) pointing to the Moon. Our purpose is to allow ourselves to see what triggers negative emotions and safely run them through our bodies without judgement or allowing them to overwhelm us. This is not easy, and we will need to choose to do this repeatedly. The resulting Self-knowledge raises our vibration and Self-esteem. The Ceres-Neptune stepping stone helps us to nurture our dreams and seek clarity through any disruptions that may arise.


Venus begins the month in Sagittarius, wrapping up affairs of the heart. As Venus travels through that sign, we gain a wider perspective of our values and what matters to us. Our hearts find stability and healing. The 1/16 Venus-Ceres new cycle signifies a willingness to open our hearts to nurture our Selves, the better to nurture others.  Venus enters Capricorn 1/23, where she conjoins Ixion (1/27) and Quaoar (1/30) for new ways to express heart energy.


Along with the ends of Mercury’s and Eris’ retrogrades, other planets have shifted direction, notably Uranus, which stations direct on 1/27. There will be more awareness of the effects of global warming on Earth, and how it affects food, weather and migration. MakeMake (1/8), Juno (1/12), and Haumea (1/30) all station retrograde this month, giving us the opportunity to review our understanding of the universal laws, our connection to each other, and our ability to create. These are all so important this year, and these recalibrations will prove helpful as we go forward.


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one specific question. For more details and pricing, please email me at sleal929@gmail.com with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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December 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

December 2023

Now we come to the end of this transitional year as we prepare for the upcoming energies of 2024. Although there are only 3 planets in Sagittarius, Mercury’s retrograde will take him back to that quality of consciousness, and Venus finally catches up to the personal planets in that sign as well. The New Moon takes place there too. And 6 planets change direction, most of them stationing direct, to provide the impetus that moves us forward into the new year.


Let’s begin with Mercury, who ingresses Capricorn on 12/1. Capricorn is Saturn’s sign, and here Mercury tends to work responsibly, being a little more serious and more careful with words. Mercury conjoins with Ixion 12/4 and Quaoar 12/10 for the first time before he stations retrograde 12/13, opposite Astraea. The following day the Great Messenger returns to the ecliptic (being out of bounds since 11/15), and now we can recalibrate and process our thought processes after all the high frequency downloads we’ve received. With this retrograde we get to review everything we’ve been through these past few months, as well as reevaluate whether our purpose has changed, when retrograde Mercury meets Quaoar (12/15) and Ixion (12/20) again. On 12/22 the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction occurs on the first degree of Capricorn, right after the Winter Solstice, and before Mercury backs into Sagittarius 12/23. Again, we need to be mindful of our words; they are magic and can really make a difference.


Sagittarius belongs to Jupiter; and Mercury’s retrograde cycle takes him through the signs disposed by the social planets. There is much rethinking that needs to happen regarding how we treat each other, and how we deal with those whose ideas we oppose. How can we disagree and still keep the connection open? While traveling through the sign of expansion and higher learning, Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center again for some more downloads on 12/25, and Mars on 12/27. Mercury and Mars met in Scorpio in October, and they will meet again in Capricorn next month. There is something to be said about maintaining the mind-body connection through 3 different qualities of consciousness (signs). They work together in so many ways. But Mercury stations direct at 22° Sagittarius on 1/1/24 without reaching the Great Attractor; we have enough to process without its input.


The Sun makes his own new cycle with the Great Attractor 12/6; our consciousness will be buzzing from the downloads. On 12/12 the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs with Mars in tow. The New Moon creates a Grand Manifestation with Eris and the dharmic Soul Star Chakra in Aries, and the Black Moon in Leo. That’s a lot of fiery energy. The lunation suggests an easy interaction of energies that support our bravely going forth, uncovering the truth of the situations we’re in, who we are vs. who we want to become, and facing the habits that keep us in low energy. Sagittarius is where we work to triumph over the ego before beginning a new cycle at the solstice. The period between the 12/19 Sun-Galactic Center conjunction and the 12/21 Winter/Summer solstice actually begins this new cycle, a resurrection and a rebirth of sorts, according to Cosmic Consciousness. This is when we once again begin the work of remembering our connection to Source and creating our intentions for the new year. This year’s solstice features retrograde Mercury getting ready to conjoin the Sun (exact on 12/22), the midpoint of his retrograde cycle;  Mars at the same degree as the Sagittarius New Moon, and the Moon communing with Jupiter and trining (manifesting with) the Sun. This season can produce a new expanded awareness of our emotions, and a willingness to seek truth and act in creative ways for the betterment of all.


Every time the Sun enters Capricorn, he resonates and makes new cycles with Ixion (12/26) and Quaoar (12/30), for as long as they remain in Capricorn, and they will be there for a long time. The net effect is to shine some light (pardon the pun) on our collective purpose, and to bring the higher mind in alignment with it. This year, in between the two new cycles, the Full Moon in Cancer occurs on 12/26, and the Sun’s new cycle with Ixion is a huge part of it. The Moon, in her own sign, is flanked by Vesta and Astraea, signifying the influence of the divine feminine and the importance of acknowledging our emotions, in relation to what we see is our higher purpose in the coming year. How do we feel about that purpose? Saturn, dispositor of Capricorn, is in resource with the Sun-Ixion, adding integrity and authority to that purpose.


Mars represents right action, and in Sagittarius that means action towards getting to the truth of things, and having the energy to work on eliminating habits that prevent us from being our highest self. It also has to do with our physicality and how we treat our bodies. This month Mars has his own new cycle with the Great Attractor (12/14), which we can feel in our bodies as tension, buzzing, energy pulsing and more. It’s good to tune into it and be curious about it, let it be and rest as needed. It might help that Mars takes our physicality to uncharted territory 12/20 when he goes out of bounds. On 12/27 retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars for the 2nd time, recalibrating the mind-body connection. Finally, the Mars-Galactic Center new cycle that occurs 12/31 brings more downloads into our bodies, connecting us with Source, and preparing for Mars’ ingress into Capricorn in a few days.


Venus has been trailing behind, and on 12/4 she enters Scorpio, a sign where she is most uncomfortable. Luckily, she doesn’t spend too much time there. The Venus-Haumea new cycle puts the heart in good stead; when our hearts are involved, we can utilize the creative energy available to us and bring forth some amazing things. On 12/13 Venus catches up to Pallas, who has been preparing the way with her divine feminine wisdom. By 12/17 Venus leaves the via combusta (Pallas leaves 12/25) and we feel a little more balanced emotionally. Venus began the year with a new cycle with Pluto, and her last aspect of 2023 is a resource with the Great Rebirther on 12/29. It is a fitting connection, a reminder of the power of the heart. Transformed after 25 days in the sign of alchemy, Pluto’s sign, Venus then enters Sagittarius 12/29, where she will soon catch up with Ceres and bring in something new at the heart level.  Speaking of Ceres, she too makes a new cycle with the Great Attractor 12/28, raising the frequencies of our capacity to rise up from the ashes of any experience and rebirth ourselves.


Many planets station this month. Neptune turns direct 12/6, and we are ready to pursue our dreams. As mentioned, 12/13 brings the Mercury retrograde that lasts until 1/1/24; time for a mental reset. On 12/15 Orcus, traveling with Juno and the Black Moon, stations retrograde. On 12/3 he had his first conjunction with Juno, and there will be plenty of interaction between those 3 archetypes over the coming year, opening us up to a greater understanding of our connection to each other and to the part of each of us that is eternal. Another 5D planet, Salacia, resumes direct motion 12/21, while master healer Chiron goes direct 12/26, after 5 months of internal integration and alignment of our lower body systems. It is time to express our Self-mastery in the world. And finally, Jupiter completes almost 4 months of retrograde with his direct station 12/30. We are ready to move forward with a more expansive social consciousness, being more attuned to the needs of the planet, expressing our values and following our intuition. Being hopeful is not a bad way to end the year.



The year 2023 was the Year of the Shift, especially because Pluto, Saturn, Haumea and Sedna all changed signs, some for many years.  We will feel the first two on a more visceral level, and the last two subtly until we can attune to their energies. Thus, this is a bridge year, bringing us to 2024 when lasting change starts to creep in. Because this is such a transitory year, it will feel intense. There is a battle going on energetically between the old power structures that encourage divisiveness, separation, hierarchal structures, and polarization, which maintain low energies; and the new world being born, with its inclusiveness, wholeness, unity consciousness and higher frequencies. The old will not give up without a fight, and it is up to us way showers and Light Bringers to keep our energies high through awareness, discernment, connection and remembrance of who we truly are, and of the joy that exists if we commit to finding it. This requires that we get to know ourselves better: our strengths, weaknesses, boundaries, and what lights us up—all without judgement. When we nurture ourselves in some way, every day, our energy stores fill up and we can nurture others; our very Being can show others the way, through example and through energy osmosis.  That was the lesson of 2023 and it’s the promise of 2024. Remember to nurture yourselves.


Sending you all blessings and wishes for a holiday season filled with peace, joy, sweetness and love.


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one specific question. For more details and pricing, please email me at sleal929@gmail.com with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

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November 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

November 2023

November’s energies should lighten up considerably as Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Ceres all enter Sagittarius this month. Two other planets change signs, and 4 change direction, and the Scorpio New Moon closes the wormhole. We find ourselves feeling hopeful and looking towards the future, uncertain as it may be, preparing for the energies of 2024.


As the month opens, Saturn is in a stepping stone with Sedna, manifesting with Haumea, all at 0° of their signs. It takes courage and integrity to release the past and step into the future, but at the same time we are ready to begin the process of facing our wholeness and vastness by claiming our natural ability to create new outcomes. If we can imagine it, we can bring it into being. This configuration won’t last long, as Sedna retrogrades back into Taurus 11/23, and won’t return to Gemini until April 2024. The Saturn-Haumea aspect will last a few more weeks.


Saturn and Haumea are manifesting (trining) in water signs, suggesting that if we become aware of our emotions and what parts of us they activate, we can take responsibility for them and not let them take us over. They are but one part of us, with information to share.


Meanwhile, there are 3 personal planets in Scorpio, the Sun, Mars and Mercury, so we might be feeling the intensity of the energies. Jupiter and Uranus are in the opposite sign of Taurus; issues regarding resources, values, use of intuition and getting grounded are sure to arise. Jupiter expands and magnifies; Uranus surprises, awakens and provides sudden insights. On 11/2 the Sun-Jupiter bridge provides awareness and expanded consciousness.  How can we consciously apply our knowledge? Mars leaves the via combustal on 11/4, and issues involving the body—or the planet—as well as inflamed actions lose their intensity. The Mercury-Ceres new cycle 11/4 connects with Uranus; the news, along with new ideas and connections can be surprising, even shocking, but it is sure to be transformative. By 11/7 the Sun also leaves the via combusta and we start to feel lighter. Then Mercury begins the shift into Sagittarius on 11/10, and we start looking to prepare for the end of the year. The Great Messenger is not at ease here in the sign opposite his own.


Mars makes his bridge to Uranus 11/11. Its effects can be felt in many ways: surprising actions, storms, sudden healings or revelations. On 11/13 the New Moon in Scorpio occurs, closing the wormhole that began in September. It feels so long ago! Mars and Ceres conjoin the Sun and Moon, and the Uranus bridge is part of it as well. What can we envision that will make the world, or even our communities, a better place? We have the power to make it so. Neptune manifests with this lunation; we can dream big and take steps to begin the process of bringing those dreams into reality. Remember, we also have the evolutionary N. Node (Soul Star Chakra) and Eris in a great eliminator with the New Moon, suggesting that we must choose what we envision and put it into place. It will be disruptive to the status quo—and is just what we need. Also keep in mind that all month Pluto, in the final degrees of Capricorn, resources (sextiles) the New Moon, as well as squaring, or making an intersection with, Eris, Arcturus and the nodes. The old way is dying, although putting up quite a fight, and the new way is slowly coming into being. The Neptune-Pluto resource points to the Part of Fortune in Leo: we can bring a positive scenario into manifestation if we choose to envision it and have the faith to let go of what needs to leave, without regret or attachment. We are here to do this.


The Sun catches up to Mars on 11/18 with a new cycle of consciousness regarding our actions and how our bodies feel. Remember, your body will tell you what feels right for you. The Sun goes on to meet Ceres (11/20) in a new cycle that resources Pluto; when we can take this awareness of our physicality further, we can see how right action can create powerful new scenarios that can bring benefit to everyone, including ourselves. Following that, the Sun enters Sagittarius 11/22, and our consciousness lightens and expands. On the same day, 11/22 (both master numbers) the Mars-Ceres new cycle occurs, at the master degree of Scorpio, before both planets enter Sagittarius, Mars on 11/24, and Ceres 11/25. This Sun-Mars-Ceres triple interaction occurs between 11/18-11/25. With awareness and right action we can bring something new into the world.


Let’s backtrack to Venus. Last year she led the personal planets through the energy fields, but due to her retrograde she trails the group, and is currently in Virgo. As she makes her way through that sign, she makes a bridge with Neptune 11/3; we have the capacity to use that bridge to access higher love. It takes Venus till 11/8 to enter Libra, a quality of consciousness she is still associated with. Once there, she conjoins MakeMake 11/17, a new cycle of aligning our values and hearts with the higher laws, especially the Law of Love and Oneness. Venus herself gets her turn in the via combusta, as the heart prepares for the intensity of the Scorpio energy field that she will enter next month. Yet the 11/22 bridge with Chiron will mitigate that somewhat. Thus fortified, Venus merges with the Earth Star Chakra and Arcturus 11/29, completing the new cycles made with the personal planets. We felt these connections in our bodies, experienced and thought about them; now we can ground these archetypes into our hearts and feel them in a new way.


The Great Attractor, at 14° Sagittarius, is a huge, extremely magnetic black hole in the middle of our supercluster Laniakea (whose own black hole is the Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra). It is so large it contains 3 other superclusters as well, and it pulls everything towards it, emitting extremely high frequencies. Whatever falls on the Great Attractor degree is drawn inexorably toward some of the highest consciousness possible for us to achieve. Also, at 27° Sagittarius is the Galactic Center, the black hole and creator (Source) energy at the center of our own local Milky Way galaxy. These infusions of higher consciousness can lead us to the place where we can clear lower frequencies in mind and heart, aligning with our higher Self. And so, over the next few weeks, we will be experiencing high-energy downloads whenever a planet, especially a personal one, passes over these degrees. Mercury leads the way: on 11/15 he goes out of bounds, which is fitting, as the Mercury-Great Attractor new cycle occurs on 11/19, and the Mercury-Galactic Center conjunction #1 happens 11/29. It is helpful that our mental operating systems are in uncharted territory and open to the high frequencies available. We will need time to integrate these downloads.  Mercury enters his shadow period 11/25, and we prepare for a much-needed retrograde next month.


Speaking of retrogrades, 3 planets station retrograde this month: Vesta (11/2), Varuna (11/8), and Astraea on 11/16. The big news is Saturn stationing direct on 11/4, still in Pisces. For the last 4 ½ months we had a chance to reevaluate the structure of our lives, take accountability for our choices, and see what needed tweaking to strengthen our capacity to align with our inner teacher, taking responsibility for what we want to achieve. Now it’s time to bring what we’ve learned forward, bravely facing the possibilities of the year ahead.


Two very important events occur on 11/27: the Full Moon in Gemini, and the Eris-Soul Star new cycle in Aries. The fire signs are active, with Ceres and Mars resonating with the Sun in Sagittarius and the above-mentioned new cycle in Aries. There is also a Grand Manifestation (Trine) between the Sun, Varuna and Salacia in fire signs. Fire is life force energy that burns away and purifies; it’s transformational. Jupiter and Mercury influence this lunation, and Mercury manifests with the Eris-Soul Star (N. Node) new cycle. Jupiter forms an intersection between Varuna and Chariklo, so even with all this fire energy there is some grounding and stability available. We want to get to the truth, and although it can shake us up, it will prove liberating and cathartic.


Please note that this material is licensed under the Creative Commons license 4.0 BY. It can be shared with others as long as the author is  properly credited.


I offer short, written 5D readings based on one question. For more details and pricing, please email me at sleal929@gmail.com, with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!

October 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealCall, Monthly Aspects

by Shelly Leal

October 2023

October proves to be a very deep, alchemical month, with 4 planets shifting into Scorpio, the sign of transmutation, highest vision, and manifestation. There are 2 other sign changes, and 2 eclipses this month as well, whose sideways elevators take us to new places we never could have imagined—talk about transformation!


Haumea, who retrograded back into Libra in April, enters Scorpio again 10/1, this time for good. Scorpio is the creator part of our energy field. It’s here we create life itself, or bring what we envision into physical being. With Haumea here for the next 26 years, our capacity to create will increase exponentially. It remains to be seen how we will use this creative potential.


On the same day, the Sun-Pallas new cycle occurs, making a Lightbridge with Salacia; we have access to the divine feminine wisdom of letting things be as they are, and finding the joy in that.  The following day, 10/2, the Sun meets MakeMake, the 2nd personal planet to do so, making us aware of the higher universal laws. It’s Pallas’ turn next, greeting MakeMake on 10/3.


Between 10/3 and 10/4 Mars makes a triple new cycle with Arcturus and the Earth Star Chakra (karmic South Node). Old wounds stored in the body may come up for clearing, but new discoveries are possible too, especially those dealing with health or our place in the cosmos. Mars enters Scorpio 10/12, and immediately conjoins Haumea in a new cycle of creativity that could involve physical actions such as dance, theater or sports. By 10/29 Mercury has made it over to Mars for a new cycle of mind-body integration.


Mercury is having another busy month. Moving swiftly, the Great Messenger enters Libra 10/4 and becomes one of a 7-part stellium. On 10/9 Mercury has his turn with the waiting MakeMake for a new cycle of turning our thoughts to the unequivocal higher laws that govern us all. The Mercury-Pallas new cycle 10/12 aids us in thinking objectively and collaboratively; it’s the last of 2 prior conjunctions. The following day our mental operating systems become imbued with intensity as Mercury enters the via combusta. He makes his own new cycles with Arcturus and the S. Node 10/18-19. First, we feel these connections in our bodies, then we become conscious of them and can think about what they mean, keeping in mind the Lightbridge with the Soul Star and Eris. This can prove to be a disruptive time, but although it might be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to be negative.


According to Cosmic Consciousness, the Sun and Mercury hold the energies of the divine masculine, and when they come together in a superior conjunction 10/20, there is a balance of those energies. Then Mercury runs ahead. On 10/22, after only 18 days in the sign of the Mirrored Self, Mercury enters Scorpio and conjoins with Haumea. By 10/29 he meets Mars for a strengthening of the mind-body connection. What we think can manifest in the body. The body can also provide validation–or not–for some of our visions; then we’ll know how to proceed. Mercury leaves the via combusta 10/31.


Returning to the Sun’s journey, he enters the Fiery Way 10/8, and we might feel the energies step up a bit. The bridge with Chiron can help soften that somewhat. On 10/14 the Sun and Moon come together for the New Moon annular solar eclipse in Libra, just 3° away from the Earth Star Chakra and Arcturus, opposite the Soul Star Chakra (evolutionary North Node) and Eris. Mercury and Pallas also form a bridge with Chiron, signifying that a different way of thinking and communicating can heal old wounds and bring us forward. New discoveries and understandings can also change our way of thinking.  Astraea now has domain over this eclipse, and she is in a stepping stone with MakeMake, a great eliminator with Chariklo and an intimate (semisextile) aspect with Varuna, all very high energies. The balance we seek is available; if we can get comfortable with the highest perspective we can muster, we can find stability, in accordance with divine law. This is a good environment in which to have our consciousness rebooted.


From there, the Sun makes new cycles with Arcturus and the Earth Star on 10/18, right before Mercury does the same. As stated, the two archetypes come together 10/20, and the Sun enters Scorpio 10/23, becoming part of the 5-planet stellium in the sign of alchemy and transformation. The Sun-Haumea new cycle 10/24 increases our awareness of our own creative potential. This is fortuitous since the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in the via combusta and things might feel intense. On 10/28 The Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus occurs; the nodes are close enough to create a partial eclipse. This reboot of emotional response feels markedly different from the previous eclipse; the Sun is surrounded by Haumea, Mercury and Mars, and the Moon is near Jupiter. We can feel our emotions with our bodies, which are always truthful. Intuition is strong as well. What we envision can come to fruition when we put love into it.


Speaking of love, because of her retrograde, Venus is still in Leo at the beginning of the month. While there, she communes with the Black Moon again 10/5 before she enters Virgo 10/8. Here the heart aligns and purifies, gaining wisdom in the process. It’s not an easy sign for Venus to navigate, but it yields mastery of the heart. It’s here that Black Moon finds Venus for another meeting 10/16, uncovering blocks emotional clarity. The 10/25 Venus-Orcus new cycle reminds us that love is everlasting. This lesson is brought home by the Black Moon’s new cycle with Venus 10/29.


Gradually we should find the intensity of the month letting up, as Ceres (10/21) and Mercury (10/31) move out of the via combusta. With 4-5 planets in Scorpio, we are faced with making sure that what we envision is truly what we want, or else we will end up with unwanted manifestations. That is how powerful we are. Pluto, the dispositor of Scorpio, stations direct 10/10, retracing his steps as he prepares to enter Aquarius again in January 2024. Chariklo, 10° away in Aquarius, stations direct 10/19. It’s an opportunity to speak up for the underserved and abused.


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