December 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

December 2023

Now we come to the end of this transitional year as we prepare for the upcoming energies of 2024. Although there are only 3 planets in Sagittarius, Mercury’s retrograde will take him back to that quality of consciousness, and Venus finally catches up to the personal planets in that sign as well. The New Moon takes place there too. And 6 planets change direction, most of them stationing direct, to provide the impetus that moves us forward into the new year.


Let’s begin with Mercury, who ingresses Capricorn on 12/1. Capricorn is Saturn’s sign, and here Mercury tends to work responsibly, being a little more serious and more careful with words. Mercury conjoins with Ixion 12/4 and Quaoar 12/10 for the first time before he stations retrograde 12/13, opposite Astraea. The following day the Great Messenger returns to the ecliptic (being out of bounds since 11/15), and now we can recalibrate and process our thought processes after all the high frequency downloads we’ve received. With this retrograde we get to review everything we’ve been through these past few months, as well as reevaluate whether our purpose has changed, when retrograde Mercury meets Quaoar (12/15) and Ixion (12/20) again. On 12/22 the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction occurs on the first degree of Capricorn, right after the Winter Solstice, and before Mercury backs into Sagittarius 12/23. Again, we need to be mindful of our words; they are magic and can really make a difference.


Sagittarius belongs to Jupiter; and Mercury’s retrograde cycle takes him through the signs disposed by the social planets. There is much rethinking that needs to happen regarding how we treat each other, and how we deal with those whose ideas we oppose. How can we disagree and still keep the connection open? While traveling through the sign of expansion and higher learning, Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center again for some more downloads on 12/25, and Mars on 12/27. Mercury and Mars met in Scorpio in October, and they will meet again in Capricorn next month. There is something to be said about maintaining the mind-body connection through 3 different qualities of consciousness (signs). They work together in so many ways. But Mercury stations direct at 22° Sagittarius on 1/1/24 without reaching the Great Attractor; we have enough to process without its input.


The Sun makes his own new cycle with the Great Attractor 12/6; our consciousness will be buzzing from the downloads. On 12/12 the New Moon in Sagittarius occurs with Mars in tow. The New Moon creates a Grand Manifestation with Eris and the dharmic Soul Star Chakra in Aries, and the Black Moon in Leo. That’s a lot of fiery energy. The lunation suggests an easy interaction of energies that support our bravely going forth, uncovering the truth of the situations we’re in, who we are vs. who we want to become, and facing the habits that keep us in low energy. Sagittarius is where we work to triumph over the ego before beginning a new cycle at the solstice. The period between the 12/19 Sun-Galactic Center conjunction and the 12/21 Winter/Summer solstice actually begins this new cycle, a resurrection and a rebirth of sorts, according to Cosmic Consciousness. This is when we once again begin the work of remembering our connection to Source and creating our intentions for the new year. This year’s solstice features retrograde Mercury getting ready to conjoin the Sun (exact on 12/22), the midpoint of his retrograde cycle;  Mars at the same degree as the Sagittarius New Moon, and the Moon communing with Jupiter and trining (manifesting with) the Sun. This season can produce a new expanded awareness of our emotions, and a willingness to seek truth and act in creative ways for the betterment of all.


Every time the Sun enters Capricorn, he resonates and makes new cycles with Ixion (12/26) and Quaoar (12/30), for as long as they remain in Capricorn, and they will be there for a long time. The net effect is to shine some light (pardon the pun) on our collective purpose, and to bring the higher mind in alignment with it. This year, in between the two new cycles, the Full Moon in Cancer occurs on 12/26, and the Sun’s new cycle with Ixion is a huge part of it. The Moon, in her own sign, is flanked by Vesta and Astraea, signifying the influence of the divine feminine and the importance of acknowledging our emotions, in relation to what we see is our higher purpose in the coming year. How do we feel about that purpose? Saturn, dispositor of Capricorn, is in resource with the Sun-Ixion, adding integrity and authority to that purpose.


Mars represents right action, and in Sagittarius that means action towards getting to the truth of things, and having the energy to work on eliminating habits that prevent us from being our highest self. It also has to do with our physicality and how we treat our bodies. This month Mars has his own new cycle with the Great Attractor (12/14), which we can feel in our bodies as tension, buzzing, energy pulsing and more. It’s good to tune into it and be curious about it, let it be and rest as needed. It might help that Mars takes our physicality to uncharted territory 12/20 when he goes out of bounds. On 12/27 retrograde Mercury conjoins Mars for the 2nd time, recalibrating the mind-body connection. Finally, the Mars-Galactic Center new cycle that occurs 12/31 brings more downloads into our bodies, connecting us with Source, and preparing for Mars’ ingress into Capricorn in a few days.


Venus has been trailing behind, and on 12/4 she enters Scorpio, a sign where she is most uncomfortable. Luckily, she doesn’t spend too much time there. The Venus-Haumea new cycle puts the heart in good stead; when our hearts are involved, we can utilize the creative energy available to us and bring forth some amazing things. On 12/13 Venus catches up to Pallas, who has been preparing the way with her divine feminine wisdom. By 12/17 Venus leaves the via combusta (Pallas leaves 12/25) and we feel a little more balanced emotionally. Venus began the year with a new cycle with Pluto, and her last aspect of 2023 is a resource with the Great Rebirther on 12/29. It is a fitting connection, a reminder of the power of the heart. Transformed after 25 days in the sign of alchemy, Pluto’s sign, Venus then enters Sagittarius 12/29, where she will soon catch up with Ceres and bring in something new at the heart level.  Speaking of Ceres, she too makes a new cycle with the Great Attractor 12/28, raising the frequencies of our capacity to rise up from the ashes of any experience and rebirth ourselves.


Many planets station this month. Neptune turns direct 12/6, and we are ready to pursue our dreams. As mentioned, 12/13 brings the Mercury retrograde that lasts until 1/1/24; time for a mental reset. On 12/15 Orcus, traveling with Juno and the Black Moon, stations retrograde. On 12/3 he had his first conjunction with Juno, and there will be plenty of interaction between those 3 archetypes over the coming year, opening us up to a greater understanding of our connection to each other and to the part of each of us that is eternal. Another 5D planet, Salacia, resumes direct motion 12/21, while master healer Chiron goes direct 12/26, after 5 months of internal integration and alignment of our lower body systems. It is time to express our Self-mastery in the world. And finally, Jupiter completes almost 4 months of retrograde with his direct station 12/30. We are ready to move forward with a more expansive social consciousness, being more attuned to the needs of the planet, expressing our values and following our intuition. Being hopeful is not a bad way to end the year.



The year 2023 was the Year of the Shift, especially because Pluto, Saturn, Haumea and Sedna all changed signs, some for many years.  We will feel the first two on a more visceral level, and the last two subtly until we can attune to their energies. Thus, this is a bridge year, bringing us to 2024 when lasting change starts to creep in. Because this is such a transitory year, it will feel intense. There is a battle going on energetically between the old power structures that encourage divisiveness, separation, hierarchal structures, and polarization, which maintain low energies; and the new world being born, with its inclusiveness, wholeness, unity consciousness and higher frequencies. The old will not give up without a fight, and it is up to us way showers and Light Bringers to keep our energies high through awareness, discernment, connection and remembrance of who we truly are, and of the joy that exists if we commit to finding it. This requires that we get to know ourselves better: our strengths, weaknesses, boundaries, and what lights us up—all without judgement. When we nurture ourselves in some way, every day, our energy stores fill up and we can nurture others; our very Being can show others the way, through example and through energy osmosis.  That was the lesson of 2023 and it’s the promise of 2024. Remember to nurture yourselves.


Sending you all blessings and wishes for a holiday season filled with peace, joy, sweetness and love.


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