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Christine‚Äôs unique visionary gifts and offerings are a holistic expression of the wisdom gained from unexpected experiences along her path. A musician at heart, she is highly trained to hear subtle frequency shifts and attune the holistic collective vibration with refined mastery. ¬†An intuitive healer and bodyworker, holistic health coach, 5D astrologer, and spiritual guide for over 20 years, she is committed to the awakening and conscious evolution of humanity. ¬†Every path is valuable, every unexpected twist and turn delivers opportunities to elevate, evolve, and BE the generator of Love. Through Love, we heal. Through Love, we transcend…the old limitations, conditions, and challenges. ¬†Through Love, we Lead, pioneering a new future and new possibilities, awakening a higher vision through personal mastery.

Christine is a revolutionary pioneer in developing a system of 5D Calibrations to support and assist the lower 4 body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies) in aligning and attuning to 5D consciousness, embodying the crystalline frequency of Love…and transforming the holistic Self into a fine tuned instrument and a channel of higher consciousness.  The shift from carbon to crystalline is a quantum leap Рa game changer in overall health and wellness, communications, creativity, and leadership. Consciousness IS the new medicine…and the consciousness of Divine Love awakens infinite potential for a whole new world of possibilities.

Change evokes awareness and wisdom, providing the opportunity for a quantum leap in consciousness through every doorway and threshold.

Through conscious navigation of the transitions, we awaken, elevate, and transform.

Christine currently lives in Dallas, TX, travels regularly to NYC and LA for in-person sessions and workshops, and serves the global community through her writings, courses, and calibrations. In addition, Christine is a dynamic public speaker and facilitator of corporate wellness programs, transformational leadership trainings, relationship and communication courses, and keynote events…and serves as a divine guide through any transition.

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