Meladie Star

Meladie Star is a true Gemini Rising, her spirit attuned to the celestial rhythms since her early years. Fascinated by the holistic ancient arts, she embarked on a journey of exploration, delving into the depths of astrology. However, conventional astrological descriptions failed to resonate with her soul. Undeterred, she continued to heed the whispers of the cosmic language, feeling the stars channeling information directly to her.

In 2016, a cosmic alignment propelled Meladie towards her destined path. Guided by the stars, she found her mentor, Stephanie Azaria, and embraced Cosmic Consciousness—a language of love expressed through celestial alignments.

Meladie’s journey transcends the realms of astrology. As a licensed acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine Practitioner in both New York and Hawai’i, she has dedicated nearly two decades to the practice of holistic healing. Her expertise extends beyond acupuncture, serving as a professor of human anatomy and physiology for over a decade.

Driven by a passion for holistic well-being, Meladie possesses a profound understanding of skincare, fragrance, and aromatherapy science, accumulated over more than ten years of study. Her quest for knowledge knows no bounds, as she continuously deepens her understanding of the body, movement, nutrition, and the sacredness of water.

Recently, Meladie has embraced yoga as a spiritual practice, transitioning from over thirty years of strength training. She is deeply committed to health and natural healing, with over three decades of research and experimentation in nutrition and organic foods. A devoted student of Gaia and water, Meladie is embarking on a journey to deepen her connection with the Earth and purify its waters, embodying the role of a steward of the land and a guardian of the seas.

With a philanthropic heart, Meladie is on a mission to create a platform centered around living waters, fostering abundant wellness and unconditional love. Through her business endeavors, she seeks to spread healing energies and uplift humanity towards a harmonious existence.

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