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If you are in possession of any class recordings or materials, webinars, or books over the years, please note that all these materials are licensed under the Creative Commons license 4.0 ( ( These materials can be shared with others as long as they are credited properly. Please note that these materials cannot be changed in any way or used commercially.
All my work reflects the Cosmic Consciousness system which was originally introduced to the world as the “cosmic clock” system in 2004 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I was greatly inspired by her ideas (system) and felt it was not yet complete. I took on the mission to greatly expand and infuse new life into the concepts she introduced, and have been working on the Cosmic Consciousness Astrology system for more than 15 years. In 2008 my Teacher Derek O’Neill blessed the Cosmic Consciousness system and promised to support my efforts. Further, it is important to note that I work closely with the Ascended Master Kuthumi and he serves as a major guide in the development of the Cosmic Consciousness system.  If you wish to reproduce any of my work, please be sure to fol low the Attribution policy on .