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Stephanie offers 5D planet readings

5D Planet Readings with Stephanie Azaria

Stephanie offers an entirely new kind of session, the 5D Planet Reading.

A 45 minute birth chart reading that incorporates and focuses on all the new 5D planets. You chose your birth chart when you incarnated, and you included and carefully placed all the new archetypal energies that we are only now beginning to realize. The way the new planets are situated in your energy field (your birth chart) reveals so much about who you really are and what your higher Self intends for this lifetime.

Everyone who is awake or awakening should have this reading!

Established clients: $250

New clients: $300

Stephanie provides her spiritual guidance using the 5D transits for a personal look at how your life is being affected.
These sessions are designed to help you refocus on your Self by bringing you into the NOW in these deeply transitional times.

  • Half hour guidance sessions, in packages of 4 (renewable as many times as you’d like)
    • $100 per session, payable as a monthly bundle or as you go.

Cosmic Path of Initiations Reading:

Welcome to a new cosmic astrology system, the COSMIC PATH OF INTIATIONS™ (CPI), an ongoing therapeutic and energetic approach to understanding what you’re going through and why, at any given moment.

The process begins with a 60 – 90 minute reading that delineates your higher purpose, the particular issues you’re dealing with in this lifetime and the timing with which you personally are able to access your own growth process. After this first session, there will be monthly 30-minute sessions that fall around the same time each month, based on your birth date, to focus you in depth on the issues you will be facing for the four weeks ahead.

You will feel empowered supported and Loved through this process.

First session: $300 +
1/2 Hour, Monthly Focus Sessions (for a year or more): $125



**Due to the high demand and popularity of the Cosmic Path of Initiations, working directly with Stephanie Azaria involves a 2-3 month wait. Email her at to get started.**

Stephanie’s readings are unlike any other. They will change your perspective, and empower your life. All Readings are conducted on the phone and include an MP3 recording that will be emailed to you as a voice file.

Overview of Pricing:

Established Clients New Clients
30 minute session: $150*45 minute session: $250
45 minute session: $20060 minute session: $300
60 minute session: $250
45 minute 5D Planet Reading: $25045 minute 5D Planet Reading: $300
30 minutes spiritual guidance bundle:
Four sessions or eight sessions $100 each
30 minutes spiritual guidance bundle:
Four sessions or eight sessions $100 each
CPI Reading: 1st hour long session $300 followed by monthly 1/2 hour sessions at $125/sessionCPI Reading: 1st hour long session $300 followed by monthly 1/2 hour sessions at $125/session

*Single half hour sessions are offered for established clients only. (New clients can schedule a half hour for $200, unless it’s a special). (New clients can schedule a half hour for $200, unless it’s a special).

**Relationship readings add $50 for each additional chart.

EMAIL STEPHANIE to set up an appointment.


*My reading with Stephanie changed my life. It was the single most impacting and transformative experience I have had to date. I have listened back on my reading 3 times since and I gain new meaning every time. Her pioneering astrology system showed me that I can’t even relate to the old astrology. Thank you doesn’t say enough! -Kim


*I just want to tell you how great you are at what you do! I was totally blown away by the very first reading you gave me back in September, and the past two have been amazing as well. I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the readings, even though I know you already realize how great you are. -Cari


*As always, its a joy to speak with you. I loved our session. I couldn’t stop smiling afterward. I could have stayed on the phone and chat with you about the meaning of our lives for hours. I remember fondly coming to visit you in NJ and doing the rising star initiation, and then traveling the inner energy waves with you doing remote tune-ups. For me, and I’m sure I’m not alone, no one in the world does what you do the way you do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you I’m so glad that you are feeling well again. I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow as I read the daily weather. -With love, Larry