2024 Gemini New Moon Report 6/6/24

Meladie StarMoon Report, New Moon Report

06 June 2024 Gemini 16 17’43” New Moon @ 2:37:44 HST (8:37:44 EST) 

Diamond Consciousness is emerging within the depths of the Mind and with it, a Voice, a Knowing, a Wisdom of Higher Divine Intelligence. 

Gemini is an aspect of Consciousness where the Mind becomes still & centered. In the stillness the Heart enters & the Mind becomes an Instrument for the Heart to play the Song of Life. It is where the Individual remembers that the Whole is not separate from the Self & the Self is not separate from the Whole. It is where Duality & Polarity become Unity.  

Symbolized by the Diamond, Gemini is the Multi-Faceted, Multi-Prismatic quality of consciousness. And at the center, all Reflections are One. There is no Separation. 

New Moons mark the start of a New Cycle, a Rebalancing, a Reset of the energies of the Moon & Sun, Feminine & Masculine, Shadow & Light.

This Gemini New Moon comes with a Cosmic Gift of Love, a Venus Cazimi. At the center of Sun is Venus. Venus is the Heart. And currently, “from the Heart of the Sun”, the Heart is transmitting Love Codes of Diamond Light. 

And with Jupiter, having recently entered Gemini, the Rippling effect of these codes Expanded. 

This is a new cycle of the Mind & Heart merging into the One Mind & One Heart. 

Much like the transformation of carbon into Diamonds, we can utilized the challenges & pressures of Life to Be the catalyst of transformation to transcend duality & separation. 

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Image Credit:  https://www.deviantart.com/huxianshi/art/Hyper-Cosmic-Diamond-1021947402

2024 Taurus New Moon Report- May 7, 2024

Meladie StarMoon Report, New Moon Report

Written by Meladie Star

2024 Taurus  New Moon

May 7, 2024

11:22pm EDT

18 Taurus 02


Wormhole Passage Fully Deactivates…
“We have been traveling at warp speed through the Limitless Realm of the Divine
Carried in Crystalline Reflective Drops of Self.
Cast into the Sacred Chambers of the Heart-Mind.
Called into the Depths of Creation.
And Delivered to Solid Earth.
We have been on a journey of becoming more Aware of who we really are,
Rewiring Neural Pathways, exploring new hidden pockets of Soul Power,
Awakening to the Inner-standing that we Are the Creators of this Reality.
When the individual Self Consciously chooses to create Heaven in the Mind, the
Vibrational Seeds of Love are deeply rooted into the Earth, creating a Tree of Life,
the symbol of Taurus. An Archetype of Consciousness that is based on Self Expansion
while being deeply rooted in the HERE & NOW. A presence that requires Dedication,
Discipline, Devotion, & Intention to allow the Inner Guidance of the Heart to Reveal the
This wormhole passage has delivered us to New Paths of Self-REALization. It’s a New
Beginning…New Seeds of Life, of Love, of Harmony, of Health, of Strength have been
planted in the Heart. Now, we Birth those seeds through Heart-Mind.”


Image credit: Space Wind-stock.adobe.com

Copyright: Space Wind -stock.adobe.com

2024 Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

Meladie StarMoon Report, New Moon Report

Written by: Meladie Star

Super New Moon/Total SoUlar Eclipse 19°24′1” @8:20:47HST (14:20:47EST)
Eclipse begins @5:42:10—Max @8:17:16—ends @10:52:14 HST

“We are in a Massive & Epic Portal of Unification…Self-Identity is going through Major shifts Personally & Collectively around the Ego (Sub & Unconscious Minds). There is a strength that is Rising within the One Mind, SuperConsciousness. Many EGOs are experiencing a New Phase of Strength & Courage as the choices to STOP  various Loops & Patterns that are Fear-Biased are being Halted! The Ego is experiencing a Level of Power that it has been Hungry for even though the choices are New & Radikal versus what it has known!
This is an Aries Solar Eclipse…Aries is the Archetype of Consciousness that is based on Self REAL-ization. The EGO is Bored! with the Conditioned Perceptions, Judgements, Limitations.
As the SELF realizes & awakens to its Soul Energy..SELF begins to attune to the UNIFIED FIELD of ONENESS. Each Soul is a Drop of Divine Essence that is a part of the Limitless Eternal Realm of Existence.”

As the UNIVERSE, So the SOUL.

image:VW Pics / Contributor / Getty Images


2024 Aquarius New Moon

Stephanie AzariaMoon Report, New Moon Report






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Happy Year of the Dragon!

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