2024 Taurus New Moon Report- May 7, 2024

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Written by Meladie Star

2024 Taurus  New Moon

May 7, 2024

11:22pm EDT

18 Taurus 02


Wormhole Passage Fully Deactivates…
“We have been traveling at warp speed through the Limitless Realm of the Divine
Carried in Crystalline Reflective Drops of Self.
Cast into the Sacred Chambers of the Heart-Mind.
Called into the Depths of Creation.
And Delivered to Solid Earth.
We have been on a journey of becoming more Aware of who we really are,
Rewiring Neural Pathways, exploring new hidden pockets of Soul Power,
Awakening to the Inner-standing that we Are the Creators of this Reality.
When the individual Self Consciously chooses to create Heaven in the Mind, the
Vibrational Seeds of Love are deeply rooted into the Earth, creating a Tree of Life,
the symbol of Taurus. An Archetype of Consciousness that is based on Self Expansion
while being deeply rooted in the HERE & NOW. A presence that requires Dedication,
Discipline, Devotion, & Intention to allow the Inner Guidance of the Heart to Reveal the
This wormhole passage has delivered us to New Paths of Self-REALization. It’s a New
Beginning…New Seeds of Life, of Love, of Harmony, of Health, of Strength have been
planted in the Heart. Now, we Birth those seeds through Heart-Mind.”


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