Spring Equinox 2024

Bernice KadatzSolstices and Equinoxes

Spring Equinox 2024

March 19, 2024

Sun 00 Aries 00

11:07 EDT NY, NY

Written by Bernice Kadatz


This year the day in which the Sun sits directly over the celestial equator also known as the Spring Equinox we find ourselves in somewhat a unique astrological situation. First thing we notice on the astrological chart is that we have not only one but two significant stelliums of planets travelling with the Sun. One stellium is in the sign of Pisces (Neptune, Part of Fortune, Saturn, Venus & Gonggong) and the other is in Aries (Salacia, North Node, Mercury, Chiron and Eris). The next observation is that all of the planets are moving in a forward direction. Planets that are in a retrograde motion will tend to slow things down but that is not the case this year. To top it off we are currently in a wormhole. A plethora of new information and situations are continually dropping upon us. More than ever we will need to tap into or connect with our higher selves to navigate our journey through the wormhole. I am going to attempt to unpack what I see represented in the two stelliums surrounding the Sun on this Equinox chart.


To begin, at times it can feel like we are in a free fall situation and the ground is closing in fast and then at other times it can feel like we are on a highspeed freeway travelling at an amazing speed with things coming at us or moving around us. The situation we find ourselves in as we launch into spring this year requires us to be very aware of what is both coming and going. The only way to do this with ease and grace is to make wise and conscious choices.


Photo source:  https://pixabay.com/photos/skydiving-freefall-clouds-4319229/



Photo source: https://pixabay.com/photos/road-motorway-freedom-evening-932871/



In the sign of Pisces, we work on expanding more and more fully into our self until universal consciousness is reached. The planets in the Pisces stellium prove clues on how to achieve this very goal. First, we must have the thought (Neptune) that there is a pathway to self-fulfillment (Part of Fortune). The pathway is an internal journey (Saturn) where we discover self-love (Venus). This can be very intense and emotional (Gonggong).


In the sign of Aries, we allow the powerful energic of the love frequency in to activate and fuel the higher mind. More clues lie in the Aries stellium to assist us. First, we must look at both sides, light and shadow aspects (Salacia) to determine our path or destiny (North Node). Next we will be required to communicate (Mercury) this feeling throughout our body so we may whole or repair (Chiron) broken fragments or discard what no longer serves us. The process will continue to be activated by an inner disruption mechanism (Eris) until it is complete. It is from this position we will be able to navigate the remainder of the wormhole and launch into a whole new version of ourselves.


As we continuing to unpack the Sun’s aspects on the Equinox astrological chart, we find the Sun in Resource with Pluto. Pluto symbolizes rebirth and transformation from one state to another which is precisely what spring represents – new growth and transformation from winter. In addition, globally we find ourselves moving into a new age leaving old energy and ways behind while at the same time discovering and creating new systems for all aspects in our lives. Sedna also in resource with the Sun, brings to our conscious awareness the energy of the divine feminine must be balanced or in harmony to create the ease and grace we seek in times of transformation.


The Moon’s relationship to the Sun at the equinox is about manifestation. A tremendous amount of energy is being pumped in to bring about the require change to ourselves and our world. To ensure the energy is used to its highest potential Varuna’s influence of seeing things from a higher perspective is also facilitating the transformation process.


Looking just a bit deeper into the Equinox chart we can see three Great Eliminators, YOD’s or sometimes called Fingers of God: (1) Sun, Sedna & Haumea (2) Varuna, Quaoar & Gonggong, (3) Gonggong, Varuna & MakeMake. Basically, the Great Eliminators are choice points and this is my interpretation of the choices before us: To achieve wholeness and unity we need to include the energy of the divine feminine (Haumea) We do not need to find it rather remember that it has always been with us (Sedna). The second Great Eliminator shows in order to see things from a higher vantage point (Varuna) we must first open ourselves up to perceive entirely new thoughts and beliefs to manifest a new world (Quaoar). If at first, we don’t succeed we will need to try again (Gonggong). The last Great Eliminator points to the Kuiper belt object, Gonggong. Gonggong is associated with water and I feel that the greater message (Varuna) here is that it is universal knowledge (MakeMake) water is a key element that binds the physical to the other aspects of our being.


The equinox chart is jam packed with information signaling for some very exciting events starting this spring. Our journey is about to get very real….. Happy Equinox!


Winter Solstice -December 21,2023

Bernice KadatzSolstices and Equinoxes

Winter Solstice
December 21, 2023
Sun ° Capricorn 00°
22:27 EST
Written by Bernice Kadatz

The winter solstice marks the start of winter and is the shortest day of the calendar year. This is all thanks to Earth’s tilted axis, which makes it so that one-half of Earth is pointed away from the Sun, and the other half is pointed towards it at the exact time of the solstice. The tilt also causes the Sun’s path across the sky to be at its lowest. If you stand outside at noon on a bright day and look at your shadow, it will be the longest shadow that you’ll cast all year!

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/trees-winter-snow-white-cold-4830285/


We often think of the winter solstice as an event that spans an entire calendar day, but the solstice actually lasts only a moment. When we look at this solstice moment through the lens of consciousness, we have the opportunity to see what continues to linger in the shadows plus choose our path for the next year. Immediately after the solstice moment the amount of light coming to us increases and we enter into a period of growth.

Not only do the astrological aspects on the solstice provide us guidance or waypoints for our journey they also serve as gentle reminders for the adjustments we require to incorporate the all the new energies from the past year. The first reminder that stands out for me in the solstice chart is the Sun Mercury new cycle in the sign of Capricorn. This dynamic aspect highlights the need for us to work from our unified mind and heart to be in the higher frequencies. In addition, Mercury is retrograde which serves as a reminder to review all the connections and communications we have experienced over the last few months and integrate them into our daily lives as we strive to perfect the quality of our connection to source.

The energy around the solstice gains strength from the Sun Haumea resource aspect. Haumea reminds us that it is normal for us to be in unity consciousness. The sign of Scorpio further augments the energy by lifting our focus to its highest perspective and striving to live from there. The Sun-Moon manifestation aspect amplifies with easy the expansive energy of Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus an earth sign, is where we learn, to be in the higher frequencies requires us to tune into our inner guidance and learn to trust it.

The top of the solstice chart emanates a combined powerful Divine Feminine energy. On one side of the Midheaven the Sun forms a Great Eliminator aspect with Sedna and the fixed star Alcyone. Sedna is known as the cosmic Librarian, the record keeper for the Divine Feminine story on this planet. Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades is the focal point of our solar system often called the Great Central Sun and is also an indication of the level of consciousness we can attain. In order for us to remain fully in the higher vibrations, the Divine Feminine must be restored to its fullest extent and not diminished in any way. On the other side of the Midheaven the Sun forms a bridge with Vesta in the sign of Gemini and also with Astraea in the sign of Cancer. Vesta reminds us to remain devoted to the restoration of the Divine Feminine. The multifaceted Gemini energy activates and allows us to see how chaos liberates us from repetitive assumptions and projections of our lower fear-based thoughts. Astraea stimulates our desire to look for and experience the purity of the Divine Feminine energy. The free-flowing energy of Cancer is key to deliver us to our quest. If you ever have an experience connecting to the divine feminine energy know that it will leave you longing and searching for a permanent connection. It is just that powerful and what better way to launch into a New Year.

Happy Winter Solstice!


2023 Fall Equinox- Solstices and Equinoxes

Bernice KadatzSolstices and Equinoxes

Fall Equinox

September 23, 2023

Sun 00° Libra 00°

2:50 EDT

By Bernice Kadatz


Everything in our universe works in cycles including the seasons creating a rhythm when we pass from one season to the next. Equinoxes happen twice a year, marking the initiation of fall and spring. The shift commences the exact moment the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator and it is the time in which the North and South regions of Earth experience equal daylight and nighttime hours. When the Fall Equinox commences in the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox takes place in the Southern Hemisphere (and vice versa).

Rudolf Steiner in his book titled Agriculture predicts a time when humanity will “live consciously with the rhythm of the seasons namely, to experience the nature in spring through the physical body, in summer through the etheric body or spiritual body, in autumn through the astral body or mental body and in winter through the ego or emotional body. Practically speaking, Autumn is about taking stock of what you’ve grown, harvesting it, and choosing how to best utilize it, magically and physically. When viewed from the 5D consciousness window autumn is the time we shift into the mental body contemplating our journey, where we have come from and where we are headed. The Equinox is the brief point where we are in perfect balance, at a still point and provides us an opportunity to view what lies ahead. In the astrological chart, the sun and the moon shine light on what lies ahead and offers guidance as we navigate back to source.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/hiker-standing-woman-top-journey-918473/

The Fall Equinox is slightly later than normal this year and in addition we find ourselves inside a wormhole. The sun enters the sign of Libra in the early hours of the 266th day of the year. In previous reports I used the analogy of a gateway where we are collecting all of the required energy to embark on our return journey to source. Using the same analogy, we are well beyond the midpoint of our journey. Being inside the wormhole provides us with opportunities to take a faster or more direct routes through the experiences we have. Wormholes or sideway elevators as Stephanie Azaria refers to them, can be unpredictable and regardless of the experiences we have while inside, we will always find ourselves closer to our desired goal upon exit.

The aspects the Sun makes which captures my immediate attention on the Autumn Equinox chart are the manifestations with Alcyone, Sedna (both in Gemini) and Pluto (Capricorn). Alcyone is the brightest and most luminous star in the Pleiades cluster, referred to as the Great Central Sun and is intimately connected to source. Alcyone represents a level of consciousness we attain and forms an exact conjunction with Sedna who is the record keeper for the divine feminine energy on our planet. The multifaceted Gemini qualities acts as a conduit for this combined energy. We are reminded in order to reveal the truth from the chaos that we may be experiencing, is to consciously connect or direct our thoughts (mind) through the heart and never forget our connection to the divine feminine. The transformation through the process of death and rebirth is facilitated by the Sun’s connection to Pluto who is currently in the sign of Capricorn where we learn to perfect the quality of our connection to source.

This theme is further refined by the steppingstone connection the Sun makes with Astraea, Vesta (both in Cancer) and Ixion (Capricorn). On our journey to source Vesta reminds that the divine feminine connection (Astraea) is a necessary element that we access through feelings (Cancer). Ixion serves as a gentle reminder that this is who are and have always been.

Although the Sesqui-quadrate or Self Control aspect the Sun makes with Jupiter is generally classified as subtle, it is anything but and has a great significance in this Autumn Equinox chart. As we get closer to source the chaos increases requiring us to make more frequent adjustments to keep us from losing our way. Jupiter is in a new cycle with the 5D Trans Neptunian Object Albion. Jupiter provides the energy to expand our consciousness and seeks the Truth from the inside out. Albion reminds us that we need to listen to our inner voice and trust it (Taurus) in order for it to grow stronger to assist us on our journey.

Other aspects that capture my interest on the Equinox chart are the Moon’s new cycle with Quaoar (Capricorn) and the Venus (Leo) – Chiron (Aries) manifestation. Albert Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” which also applies to our journey back to source. The reflective light of the Moon on Quaoar highlights this message eloquently. Quaoar’s energy provides us the capacity to perceive entirely new thoughts and beliefs. The manifestation aspect Venus makes with Chiron has an easy free flowing feel. Once identified as almost immoveable, hurdles or blocks are removed by healing our wounds with the energy of love, the most powerful force in the universe. The fire energies of Leo and Aries encompassing this aspect, brings an even greater light and energy for our journey.

As we get closer to source, that is, recognizing the highest part of ourselves, our experiences will increase in both frequency and intensity. If we use the analogy of a marathon the most difficult portion of the event is the last few hundred meters. We need to draw on all of our resources to ensure we reach our destination, and this includes the unique information contained within the Autumn Equinox chart.

Happy Fall Equinox!

2022 Fall Equinox

Bernice KadatzSolstices and Equinoxes








Source 1: https://pixabay.com/photos/road-forest-trees-tree-trip-21205/

September 22, 2022

Sun 00° Libra 00°

21:04 EDT/9:04 PM


Fall Equinox is an annual occurrence. This liminal event is the astrological start of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere and of the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere; it is where the night and day are equal in length.

In my summer solstice report I used the analogy of a gateway where we are collecting all of the required energy to embark on our return journey to source. Using the same analogy, we now find ourselves at the midpoint of the journey. Looking just a bit further down the road of our journey we can see alternate paths, or a potential shortcut in the form of a wormhole, often referenced by Stephanie Azaria as a sideways elevator. Sideway elevators are unpredictable, and regardless of the experiences we have while inside, we will always find ourselves closer to our desired goal upon exit. Again, the aspects the Sun makes not only refine the energy we take back with us on our return journey, but it also offers a source of light should we take a path exploring shadows of our past as we transcend old wounds.


The balance point of the Fall Equinox creates a brief still-point allowing us to recalibrate and prepare for the next leg of the journey, which is sure to have many twists and turns that we are likely not expecting.

When we look directly at the Sun there is an exact conjunction with a retrograding Mercury in the sign of Libra. Mercury relates to our capacity to think, to use our intelligence, to communicate and to connect with the outer world. The retrograde action of Mercury reinforces this remembrance. As the world around us spirals into a state of chaos it is critical for us to activate our brains, to think for ourselves, allowing us to sidestep situations that seemingly come out of nowhere to throw us off our path.

When we look just a bit further, the Sun makes a conjunction to MakeMake, which is balanced by a connection to Venus in the opposite direction. These conjunctions on either side of the Sun remind us that we must adhere to universal law as well as connect to our heart as we journey. If we fail to abide by these tenants our journey will take us on a much longer arduous path.

The Sun forms a solid steppingstone (square) with Ixion in the sign of Capricorn. Ixion provides the 5D blueprint of our crystalline expression while within the highest connection to source (Capricorn), creating the perfect energy cocktail to take us to the new 5D earth.

The energies of this potent time are tempered by a manifestation (or trine) with Chariklo, which brings stability in the sign of Aquarius reminding us to love ourselves as unconditionally as Source does. Another manifestation with Sedna provides with us with the remembrance of the Divine Feminine. All we have to do is learn to trust ourselves and we have all that we need to complete a very challenging and rewarding journey.

The Sun forms a powerful bridge with Jupiter, reminding us to leave wiggle room in our thoughts, allowing us to explore new ideas or concepts from the opposite vantage point, revealing things we would have never realized without a different perspective.

Another powerful aspect of the Fall Equinox is a great eliminator aspect (or inconjunct) between the Moon (Leo-Fire) and Pluto (Capricorn-Earth). Our divine power (Capricorn) can only be activated by Love (Leo). Regardless of the circumstances we may encounter on our journey, the only thing we need to remember is that our divine power can only be activated by Love. The Moon will facilitate our connection to our emotional body while Pluto has the power to lift us from what may appear to be certain demise and deliver us to a higher state of consciousness.

Happy Fall Equinox!