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Cosmic Consciousness for November 15, 2023


November 15: End of the Wormhole

Written by Stephanie Azaria

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I’m working so hard to get the site going smoothly, but for me the blog is the most difficult to settle into. I apologize. It has always been my favorite thing. I want to write it every day. I am working on this inner block and I hope to get back to it regularly, eventually. For now, it will be my effort to be more and more frequent about it.

We have just come out of that wild and crazy wormhole. I don’t know anyone who didn’t go through a major upheaval of some kind, somewhere in there, leaving each of us unbalanced, unsure, or unhinged in some way. But in the end, during this past Monday’s powerful Scorpio new Moon in a new cycle with both Mars and Ceres, we are beginning to realize it was all for a major healing, or a remembering. Scorpio is a positively alchemical sign, and the greatest Truth I can offer up right now is that anything, absolutely anything, is possible from here.

The fact that this New Moon stellium is forming a perfect (exact) bridge with Uranus is a major factor in all of this. Uranus can assist greatly in bringing about any outcome, no matter how unexpected. Taurus is a profoundly physical and present sign, making those magical Scorpionic energies manifest in undeniable ways here in the 3D realm.

Since the New Moon reverberates and makes grow all its seeds over the course of the next two weeks, it will certainly take that long to be able to perceive just how much the wormhole has transformed you and certain aspects of your life. Don’t jump to conclusions or try too hard to grasp what’s going on. Instead, let the new reality you’ve allowed your Self to access unfold before your eyes. I promise, you’ll be amazed IF you can be present for whatever shows up and wait until it all crystallizes into undeniable clarity.

One more piece of good news: In April 2024 Jupiter will join up with Uranus for a new cycle, right about where Uranus is now. That means that whatever Uranus helps to bring into being now will amplify and expand immensely, little by little, over the next 5 months. Something very positive to look toward. Bear it in mind as much as you possibly can, it will help to stay focused on that higher ground that Jupiter reflects, so that the craziness of this 3D world doesn’t hold too much of your attention.

What you focus on becomes your world. And since you are an architect of the new world, it won’t do to be conscious of anything but what Love and Unity can bring about.

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Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on the the Scorpio New Moon degree, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny

The world is splitting open. Not the way fruit splits open. The way a secret splits open.  Jaiya John

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