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Cosmic Consciousness Blog for February 18, 2024







Written by Stephanie Azaria


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There are currently five planets in Aquarius, including Chariklo, who travels with Chiron in the middle of our inner solar system, keeping all things wholing stabilized. An Aquarius stellium brings unusual and unlimited outside the box events. The evidence is overwhelming from these past few days alone.

The Sun spends its last day in Aquarius today, entering Pisces at 11:14pm EST tonight. The Aquarius stellium remains intact for a while, keeping those wild and crazy situations coming, but we will notice the effects of the Sun moving into gentler, more flowing Pisces by the time we wake in the morning.

Once the Sun moves into Pisces, Mercury joins in to form a new stellium with Saturn that reflects (bridges) the Virgo full Moon on February 24. Then over the course of the 4 days following the full Moon, the Sun will come together with Saturn and Mercury at 10 Pisces.

That’s important because each of these planets will find resource (sextile) with Jupiter one by one, immediately following that powerful new cycle (conjunction). That bodes really well for the beginning of March, though it’s important to note that on March 10 the New Moon in Pisces kicks off a wormhole that promises to be unlike any other in recent history.

That’s a big part of the information I intend to offer during my webinar.

Oh, there’s another thing I want to bring to your attention. There is a 5D planet called Gonggong that is transiting right now at 5 Pisces. That means Gonggong is a major part of this Pisces stellium, as well as the Full Moon in Virgo, and the upcoming wormhole.

Gonggong is the Chinese God of the water. He is known to bring chaos, but he is a 5D planet, and so it must be remembered that whatever he does is designed to bring balance and harmony back to the world. He is the archetype that currently reflects all the flooding and chaos that is taking place all over the planet. He was recently visited by Saturn, at the end of January, kicking off a new cycle of chaotic and highly unusual events that are bound to teach us something vital about the way we a living on this planet. Gonggong takes 552 years to orbit the zodiac once, and it will be moving through Pisces for our entire lifetime.

Chiron and the Souls Star (North Node) come together at this time too, bringing evolutionary experiences that ALSO ultimately lead to healing, or wholing, depending on where your consciousness is.

Please stay tuned for more about the very powerful aspects coming up in the weeks ahead.


“There are places you haven’t been where you already belong.”

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5D Degrees 3D
new cycle/communion 0 conjunction
intimacy 30 semisextile
attitude adjustment 45 semisquare
resource 60 sextile
stepping stone 90 square
manifestation 120 trine
great eliminator 150 quincunx
bridge 180 opposition


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