Please note that TheCosmicPath.com has become TheCosmicPath.Love.

I am returning to my blog!!! Although the site will be more abbreviated than before, most of the original offerings will be available… Moon reports, a monthly list of aspects, a weekly channel and solstice and equinox articles. The Cosmic Consciousness Corner will be reworked and presented in its entirety, and all this will be up and running within the next few weeks.

I need a weekly writer… someone who knows enough about cosmic consciousness to feel comfortable writing a weekly report (or even every other week)… I know you’re out there somewhere!

I also need someone to assist me in uploading the site and making announcements..

Please email me at stephanieazaria23@gmail.com if you are interested in being a part of this new CosmicPath incarnation.

Also, please note that when I was determining the date for my next Webinar I inadvertently set it up for Easter Sunday. That doesn’t work too well for so many people, I decided to move it back a week to April 24 at 2pm EDT. I hope that doesn’t inconvenience those of you who already registered….

See you there!

Big Love

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