Channel of the Week for October 19, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week








I have unexpectedly begun a deep process of clearing out some very old core issues, ones I expected would be with me throughout the rest of my days.  I only thought that because they seemed insurmountable and were so painful that I believed they truly could not heal.  Imagine my surprise….


I have grieved, railed, screaming, journaled, changed how I look at historical circumstances, grieved more and allowed my heart to rip open. And it has been a ripping.  There is nothing kind and gentle about this kind of heart opening. It hurts, plain and simple.


But….as I keep going, I am finding a kind of inner peace I did not really believe existed and a huge place is opening up inside me that is warm and comfortable and somehow familiar. A place that feels a whole lot like home.


And so I am told:

We rejoice for you and for all who, in these changing times, have found their way to inner healing. You are needed, your light, your love, your Be-ing. Those who hold the Light are more important than ever. 

The core issues of each individual are, more often than not, historical in nature, and when one individual begins to heal them, to imbue them with light and compassion, the healing is done for all. 

Simply put, what you heal for yourself, you heal for the world. 

Your inner light is needed now more than ever, both for you and for the world you serve.  Trust your higher self to reveal to you new ways of perceiving yourself, your history and your place in the now.  You are needed in the days to come.



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Channel of the Week for October 10, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week









Some mornings I awaken to what I can only describe as a pause, as if the
world has taken a deep breath and we are present in the moment between
I breath and exhale. My garden is quiet, secure in its beauty. The dogs
have given up monitoring the neighbors as they walk by, choosing instead
to nap following their long night’s sleep. My tea is soothing, comforting and
I find my breath has slowed bringing me completely into this one precious

A tiny voice inside me reminds me that this moment does not last. In the
past, that insistent voice would have tampered with my perfect pause,
rendering it useless but I find that these tumultuous years that we have
travelled have made me less inclined to listen and more inclined to greet
that moment, fleeting as it may be, with grace and appreciation. Today I
welcome that moment allowing it to unfold within my heart.

These moments serve as resets, if humankind may allow them to be so.
There will always a rhythm, a wave that travels through your dimension as
humans strive for and resist unity. Some ride the wave, embracing all of
life’s experiences. Other attempt to cling to the wave in an attempt to freeze
the experience and resist movement. And others are completely unaware
the wave even exists.

Your heart’s beat echoes this wave, and for those who pay attention, is
both teacher and guide. If one listens closely enough, one can hear the
music that accompanies the wave. Sit within this sacred moment, hear the
music and allow their embrace to enfold you in loving arms. 



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Channel of the Week for October 2, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week










A year has passed, and the world has changed even more dramatically than we imagined it might. We are now well into the singularly most transformative passage in remembered time.  All that was familiar is changing, has changed or will change, and what I find is that, hard as it may be, we are more prepared, more ready than we might have thought we were.  The last years have felt like standing on the precipice of a vortex, knowing we would have to leap into it, but hesitant and slow to embrace forward motion.  This year, in 2022, we are well within the vortex and have discovered that perhaps our inner gifts and training prepared us more than we anticipated.  I have changed and shifted in hoped for ways, and also in ways I could not have imagined.


Even so, right now, we are all bone weary, slogging our way through an ever more trying way forward, often feeling as if there is no hope in sight.


I cling to simple things – home, family, friends, pets and so on.  A simple act of kindness touches me heart so deeply that I am brought to tears. I appreciate the blessings in my life in a completely different way than I did before. My gratitude is deeper, more profound and ultimately more healing.


When I take the time to nurture myself, I drop deeply, deeply into my heart, and into a place of peace where I can rest my weary self. It is a quiet restful place where I can put down the heavy burdens we carry these days and be comforted.  A place where I am reminded that I chose to be here at this most critical time. A place where I can release and recharge, and prepare to return to this world with renewed certainty and hope, and once more take up the mantle of Light Bearer.


And so I am told:


This period of incubation is now over, and while we see you are beginning to recognize the depth of change and transformation which has occurred within you, there is much work still to be done.  Embrace the wisdom you have gained, know deep dives and hard work brought you to this moment in time. 


A reminder today. All you see before you is illusion. Do not get lost in what you are told and know that lies and misdirection abound. The Light  within works its magic and mystery there, inside your heart and soul.  Many are awakening and it cannot be stopped.  Even so, it must play out, and it is in the playing out that many find themselves lost. They are, in actual fact, not lost at all, of course, but this world of illusion creates much that distracts from the soul’s awakening. Illusion has provided “structure” to your world, and as illusion is exposed and eliminated, the need for internal “structure” becomes more necessary. One must begin to look within for answers and guidance rather than outward in the world of illusion.  This then is how a conscious and deliberate relationship with your Higher Self is created. Without this relationship you are as a child lost in the woods.  The only path forward is through union with one’s Higher Self.


Humankind stubbornly clings to its ignorance and blindness, denying the  connection of Oneness.  Humans must awaken. There is more at stake than you can imagine, demanding that the Breaking continue until enough have awakened to precipitate needed changes toward unity.


You may rest in our arms within your deepest heart for as long as you need.  The Light Bearers on earth must do so with regularity for their Light is of ever increasing importance at this critical juncture. We are with you every step of the way, loving you and supporting you.  The choices moving through this passage must be made by all of you. Those of you holding the Light, even in your deepest grief, create the foundation that makes healing and wholeness possible. You are all more important than you can possibly imagine.


Repeat these words to yourself – I am not alone.  There are more of you on this earth than you think, and there are multitudes who support and love you from other dimensions, as you would call it. We are with you and surround your world in waves of love and light.




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Channel of the Week for September 11, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week











Lately I have felt ideas and memories awakening in me that I thought were dead and gone.  I want to write brilliant words, I want to act in an unforgettable role, I want draw and paint, I want to create. All that I might have been, might have done rises up within me and says now. Now. At long last now. 

Oh god, I whisper to myself. What does that even look like? I am a woman of a certain age now, my prime is past, my future uncertain.  But the urge to create hums in my hear, wakes up my heart and never stops whispering now. Now is the moment.

Is it possible that I, through all the ups and downs of these many years, have finally anchored something that looks like courage? Or trust? Or faith?  After all, fear has been, if nothing else, a loyal friend, never once leaving my side.

At least until these last few years, that is.  Fear’s voice has much less power over me, age offering some wisdom and humor to the seriousness of younger days. I am much more inclined these days to tell fear to take a seat somewhere else and leave living up to me.

And so I am told:


Fear serves its purpose in keeping humankind safe from imminent danger but its willingness to weigh in on every aspect of life can become overwhelming, so overwhelming that many lives have become directed and controlled by fear.  Fear that controls to that extreme degree can lead to resentment, jealousy, envy and even hate, all of which create separation. 

The emphasis placed on deep Shadow work these last several years has lead many Lightworkers to begin the important work of reunification of Self. All unity must begin within.  There can be no unity in the external world if it does not exists within the Heart.

 For those who have embraced the often difficult and even painful work with the Shadow, the rewards are infinite, for all creation stems from a place of unity.  The Wholing of Self opens an infinite horizon of possibility that cries out for discovery and union.



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