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By: Christine Clemmer

We’re entering the Virgo Wormhole Passage on 9/14, embarking on an epic journey of holistic integration – aligning and purifying the 4 body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) while attuning to the highest frequency of Love at the Soul level of awareness. This entire eclipse passage offers incredible potential for cellular reconstruction, DNA repair, and ultimately the activation and full bodied integration of our crystalline DNA and fully integrated Soul (solar) Blueprint. Soul to Cell, our journey begins.

With 5 significant activations occurring through this Virgo wormhole passage, each lunar event holds the key to a specific attunement and calibration. The Virgo New Moon on 9/14 initiates the sequence, followed by the Aries Full Moon on 9/29, then the Libra New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on 10/14, Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 10/28, and completing with the Scorpio New Moon on 11/13 that closes the wormhole passage, the deliverance through alchemy that shapeshifts and transforms our fabric of physicality as we begin the next step of the journey through Divine Manifestation of the highest vision.

In the Cosmic Consciousness system, Virgo represents the Master Healer/Teacher, and the holistic integration that occurs when we fine tune the 4 body system in resonance with the heart, calibrating the frequency of Divine Love through the wholeness of our personal system. Soul to Cell. When the 4 body system is aligned and attuned to the heart, the clearest expression of our inner alignment becomes the discerning lens of wisdom in action. Like a rudder, that alignment allows us to navigate the infinite ocean with precision, integrity, and grace. When we consciously walk our talk, integrating divine wisdom as our daily practice and application, we become the conscious embodiment – Soul to Cell – in Service.

Virgo also represents the Virgin Mother, the Divine Mother, the purest heart that births Christ Consciousness. Through our Christ Consciousness/ Cosmic Consciousness we access the infinite realm of limitless timeless possibilities. Anything is possible through the ocean of Divine Love. Virgo births that ocean. Virgo is the progenitor of the Cosmic Consciousness system. Virgo offers the attunement, the crystalline filtration, and the birthing canal that delivers us. Through this attunement, we access the zoom in/zoom out lens that allows us to fully integrate our most expansive and awakened consciousness (I AM Presence) through the molecular, cellular, and atomic levels. No matter where we tune in and focus through that greater alignment, from galactic to cellular. Nothing separate, nothing missing, nothing lacking. Our most refined expression, in resonance with our purest offering of Light, serving the frequency of Love on behalf of All as One.

In 5D, the word “healing” takes on new meaning. In 5D, the word is “Wholing”….consciously reclaiming all of our pieces and parts, and calibrating wholeness through the frequency of Divine Love. There’s nothing to fix, nothing wrong…simply finding resolution through our divine intonation. This kind of healing restores alignment and integrity, just like a musician tuning their instrument in order to play with a larger orchestration. The entire orchestra usually tunes to the oboe, because the oboe can’t be tuned, it offers the most authentic expression and intonation. Similarly, our 4 body system tunes to the heart, as the heart is the gateway to the Soul, the calibrator of Divine Love. The heart doesn’t waiver. When we meet ourselves (and each other) fully with an open heart, every expression is met with Love. The alchemical transformation that occurs when all is met with Divine Love is remarkable. The experience is Holy, and that resonance becomes the active state of embodiment.

“Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a part of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.” ~ Carl Jung

From an open heart, the resonance is always Love. All parts of the greater system are met with Love, returned to Love, filtered, purified, and integrated as Love. Nothing separate, nothing missing, nothing bypassed or ignored. The awakened heart is an instrument, channel, and calibrator of Divine Love on behalf of All. All parts of the greater system are calibrated and restored as Divine Love. From an awakened heart, we access the gateway of Unity with the Universal Heart, the center of the Universe, and the Source of Love. That Universal Source of Love IS the Pisces infinite ocean, where anything is possible. No borders, no boundaries, no separation. All is contained within the whole, in the oneness of Unity.

The heart is a portal of universal creation and manifestation, an alchemical mixing bowl, a sacred womb. When the mind/heart union (ascension point) calibrates the diamond mind, the heart becomes a multidimensional diamond lens. Through the Universal Heart, our God Vision is restored, crystal clear. From the Universal Heart, we are One. All timelines are accessible, and all that we reflect upon is met with Divine Love….the potential for alchemy takes on new dimensions of potency.

This Virgo Wormhole Passage offers an unprecedented opportunity to recalibrate our inner alignment and restore access through the highest crystalline lens of vision, the diamond lens of the heart, our greater lens of God Vision. From there, anything is possible as the highest vision manifests in physical form and structure, manifesting a whole new world through that crystalline frequency. The new fabric of creation and the foundation of the New Earth is being birthed from our holistic experiences in the current moment.

Through wholeness, we experience a fundamental state of wellbeing, sustainable health and wellness. When all of our pieces and parts are resonating in alignment with the crystalline integrity of our heart and soul, we are home. All is Well. We are Whole. We are the full bodied expression of Divine Love, in action….manifesting through the infinite ocean of limitless possibilities. When we ignore, bypass, or suppress the calling of the heart, or the inner guidance mechanism of the Soul, we fragment from ourselves, creating dis-ease, limitation, and resistance within our greater holistic expression. When we realize that greater wholeness of all events, all situation, and all expressions – within and without – we find resonance with the greater unfolding of Life and the spiral sequence of creation.

When we honor the wholeness of Self – from every dimension of awareness through the mirrored lens of Unity and Oneness – we become the calibrators of Universal Love through our environment. Everywhere we go, even when we’re sitting still, we find ourselves in service to a greater calibration, restoring the frequency of Love in the air, in the water, in the earth, through the crystalline grid system of the planet and beyond. When we collapse our alignment and disconnect from ourselves, we experience fragmentation, separation, and dis-ease, and that expression is experienced through the outer environment. The cure is Love. The answer is Love. The calibrated frequency of Divine Love through the holistic system restores integrity to the entire system, and elevates the whole through excellence.

Remember, healing is wholing in 5D. Healing the planet requires Divine Love that opens the heart beyond previous conditions or limits, in order to meet ourselves and each other through an awakened lens of Love. Healing requires a return to Love, holistically integrated through every piece and part, unconditionally embodied through every conscious choice, in action. Walking the planet as Divine Love, in Action.

Chiron is the 5D ruler of Virgo, referred to as the Master Healer/Teacher, and also the Rainbow Bridge that unifies the 4 body system with the Christed/Cosmic Self, which is our pure formless consciousness, our essence of Divine Solar Light. Oftentimes we think of holistic integration as an inner process that unifies the 4 body system, while still orienting and identifying as the 4 body system, separate from the larger universal presence of Oneness, oriented and identified as this incarnation through our local story. It’s important to recognize that the 4 body system is a vehicle for Soul to incarnate. When we fine tune our instrument, then access the Rainbow Bridge to higher Soul Integration, we begin to fully embody as Divine Light, from Soul to Cell. Our seat of orientation returns to Soul, resonating through the heart, and fully integrating through the cells, embodying as Divine Light, participating as Love in Action through this current moment in time on the planet. This is the greater invitation of the Virgo Wormhole Passage.

“Although you appear in earthly form

Your essence is pure Consciousness.

You are the fearless guardian of Divine Light.

So come, return to the root of the root of your own soul.”
― Rumi

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