Full Moon in Aries 10 9 22

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October 9, 2022

4:54pm EDT

16 Aries 32


Welcome to the October Full Moon in Aries!  This is an energetic Moon (it is in Aries, after all!) but much healing is available.

The Moon is conjunct Chiron (creating a new cycle), while the Sun is conjunct Venus.  So you have the polarity between where our heart wants us to go, and where we need to attend to our wounds.  The power lies in the Aries consciousness- in Cosmic Consciousness, Aries is the sign of Conscious Discipline.  That is where we choose to think thoughts that line up with our higher truth.  In other words, that means thinking loving thoughts.  It’s important to be good to ourselves and recognize when our inner voices need to be more loving.

Venus and the Sun are calling us somewhere, and Aries represents the divine spark of creation.    We can go where we are being called.  All this Aries energy can give us the fire we need to move forward, and Chiron and the Moon in Aries can help us see where we are standing in our own way.  Let your emotions take you to those wounded places that need to be loved.  When we listen to our wounded parts and love them, then we can move forward with more purposeful, loving thoughts.  When we love ourselves and believe in ourselves, the sky is the limit when it comes to what we can create.


Dharmic Node and Uranus

The Dharmic (North) Node (aka Soul Star Chakra) and Uranus are in intimacy with the Moon and Chiron.  We have flashes of enlightenment that show us the way forward.  These same planets are in a great eliminator (or inconjunct) with the Sun and Venus, so these insights will likely show us where we need to make choices to move us towards our higher path.  In other words, it’s time to let something go that is no longer serving our highest path.


Karmic Node

The Karmic (South) Node (Earth Star Chakra) is in intimacy (or semisextile) aspect with Sun/Venus, and forms a great eliminator with the Moon/Chiron.  Similar to the above remarks about the Dharmic Node, the Karmic Node is creating a little friction with the Sun and Venus.  It’s reminding us of our past (including subconscious karma from past lives) and again, we get to deliberately choose to move forward.  Love our past selves and set it all free.



Saturn is in a resource (sextile) with the Moon and manifesting (trining) with the Sun.  Saturn is where we reclaim our power.  With a resource to the Moon, we need to deliberately make a choice to reclaim our power around our inner thoughts, beliefs and wounds and have the capacity to do so.  The manifestation with the Sun allows for an easy flow where we can step into our authority and do what needs to be done to move forward.  Saturn is a powerful ally during this lunar event.


Pluto stationing direct

Pluto is stationing direct at 26 Capricorn.  While Pluto isn’t aspecting the Moon, it certainly adds potency to this lunar event simply by the fact that he is stationing.  All that inner transformation that has been happening under the surface can begin to manifest in the physical world as Pluto begins to move forward.  This may be very personal depending on what you have around 26 degrees in your chart, but no doubt the entire world, especially the United States, will feel the impact of this forward motion.

This station is manifesting with Mercury in Virgo, which can lead to some really deep thinking.  Remember that our best practice right now is to elevate our thoughts!  Mercury in Virgo may show you exactly where you have been thinking stingy thoughts about yourself, so use this transit to see where you aren’t being kind to yourself and then make that needed shift towards self-love.


Mars and Neptune

Mars and Neptune are coming into the first of 3 stepping stones, or squares.  Neptune is the fog of confusion along with the clarity of enlightenment.  Mars in the first stepping stone with Neptune will likely bring some confusion in regards to our next right actions.  This is a great time to journal about everything coming up for you.  The second stepping stone occurs around mid-November, and the third is in mid-March 2023.  By the time the third stepping stone is complete, we should be really clear about where we are going and what actions to take.

Mars is manifesting with Vesta right now, and Vesta is the home and hearth.  Vesta is about what we are devoted to, so just because there is some confusion does not mean we should disregard all that is coming up for us right now.  It just means we need some time to sort it all out.  As we are in a wormhole, and heading into an eclipse soon, we aren’t going to have it figured out right now anyway!  The second of the three stepping stone occurs right around the November New Moon, which will close the eclipse wormhole, so it’s clear that these transits are working together to take us somewhere we can’t foresee right now.


Saturn and Uranus

Saturn and Uranus are also in a stepping stone, which will remain in orb until early December.   This isn’t a new transit, so we are still perhaps feeling the tension between freedom and our responsibilities.  Reframing our internal conversations around what we are resisting, or what we feel is restricting us, can be a powerful practice right now.  Routines, structures and even some limitations can be huge blessings and can be grounding.  On the other side, what are we ready to release to allow for more freedom?


As we move towards the eclipses, remember that our thoughts matter.  Love those parts of yourself that don’t always get to be heard.  See where you are in resistance, and elevate your thoughts.  Practice being present, and let your heart be your ultimate guide.


Happy Full Moon!


Libra New Moon September 25, 2022

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Libra New Moon


5:54pm EDT/ 2:54pm PDT

2 Libra 48


Birthing ourselves again

Hey! Happy Equinox. Happy New Moon. Here we go into eclipse season. You can take leaps in time – now until November 23. The wormhole is open!

This is the New Moon in Libra. It’s the lens of the objective observer. In 5D astrology, Libra is the sign of the mirrored self. What are you watching out there? Is there something that’s got your blood pumping and passion stirring?

The New Moon is in a bridge with (opposite) Jupiter in Aries. Just five degrees away from the Sun Moon new cycle (conjunction), Mercury is about to meet Venus at the end of Virgo. Hot Jupiter adds heat to whatever’s in the pot. This pot is all about mind and heart. A new cycle is coming online around thinking and feeling.

Mercury and Venus make a bridge to Neptune. There’s also magic on tap. From the stance of objective observer, what luminal spaces can you use to align mind and heart? The center of a rainbow perhaps? Neptune extends an invitation to oneness.

MakeMake is at 8º Libra. The 5D archetype of divine law and natural order leads the New Moon/Mercury/Venus train. Traveling beyond Neptune, MakeMake moves too slow to stay ahead of the pack. But for the moment, the higher dimensions of consciousness are very present and echoing the New Moon themes around justice, personal power and tuning into the high heart.

Whatever’s happening out there…Are you feeling offended? Is your Spidey sense tingling about what’s unjust? Before unleashing the dragon force within, let’s take a breath.

What are you feeling? Is this about winning? It’s an old question, but if there isn’t something to win, does that mean there’s nothing to lose?

Collectively, we’re straddling the Portal of Truth between our emotional and physical bodies. It’s a birth canal. Like any birthing, we’re in a sensitive spot; tensions can get high. Mercury and Venus (mind and heart) are in the emotional body, in the sign of emotional wisdom. The Sun and Moon (the lights of our soul) are in the physical body, in the sign of physical power. We are birthing our own physical existence, again – mind, heart and soul!

Remember who you are. Choose to feel empowered. It’s a new cycle in self-care.

Enjoy the ride. YEAH Wormhole! WHEEEEEE!

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Full Moon in Pisces 9 10 22

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September 10, 2022 5:59am ET

17 Pisces

Welcome to the Full Moon in Pisces, also known as the Harvest Moon.  Compared to some of the previous Full Moon events, this one is relatively light and hopefully will give us all a much-needed breather from the intensity.

The Moon is conjunct Juno, Astraea, and Neptune (Neptune by 7 degrees).  As this is a Pisces Moon, the Moon is also ruled (or disposed) by Neptune, so we have a lot of dreamy, intuitive energy during this lunar event.  A conjunction, or new cycle, to Juno connects that intuitive energy to our committed partnerships (which can be romantic partnerships or otherwise).  Astraea represents our sense of justice and balance, and also connects us to Divine Feminine energy.  Astraea’s energy is very Libran, if that helps you to get a sense of it.

The Moon is manifesting (trining) with the Earth Star Chakra, aka the Karmic (South) Node in Scorpio, so old beliefs, thought patterns, and habits may flow freely into your dreamy reverie.  The way forward, indicated by the Dharmic (North) Node (Soul Star Chakra), is nearby in a resource (sextile) to the Moon, another positive aspect.  This means that you will need to make a conscious choice to utilize this energy that is available. Consciously choose new thoughts and belief and habits.  Consciously choose to clear the fog (Neptune) around your old ways.

The Dharmic Node is 4 degrees from Uranus, close enough that we can glean some insights from this communion but again, we need to choose to stay awake.  The conjunction between the North Node and Uranus is very useful if we pay attention, and these two will dance between 3-4 degrees of each of other until mid-January, so take advantage of the insights while you can!

The Moon is also in intimacy, or semisextile, with Chiron and Eris (15 and 24 Aries) and Saturn (20 Aquarius).   These energies are close enough that we can feel them and they can impact our experience of this Full Moon if we allow it.  Eris is the inner disruptor, and Chiron is where we become whole.  Saturn is the inner guru- the place where we take charge of our experiences.  It’s easy to see how useful this energy can be!  Going back to how we can best use this lunar energy, which is to dream and feel new ways of being, we can use Saturn to reclaim our authority over our inner self.  Let Eris disrupt you a bit and shake you free those old energies, while allowing Chiron to help mend any pain from the past.


Mercury is currently stationing retrograde at 9 Libra, conjunct MakeMake.  Mercury is also in a Light Bridge with Salacia, and a bridge (opposition) with Jupiter, both in Aries.   Libra is the sign of the Mirrored Self, which means that we see ourselves reflected in others.  It’s important to recognize this, so that you can use this reflection wisely.  It’s easy to deflect and blame, but when we honor that we are seeing ourselves in others, then we can adjust our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors accordingly.  This is a great time to turn inward and meditate on what we are seeing reflected back to us.  The bridge with Jupiter can make some of this seem big- so remember to breathe, meditate, and slow down.   If we see reflections of our past selves show up during this retrograde, send love to what you see.  You don’t have to engage or fight.  Be willing to release that which no longer serves you with love.

Retrograde Motion

Besides Mercury stationing retrograde, we also have Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all retrograde.  We also have the Nodes and many other 5D planets and asteroids retrograde as well. This is a time to turn inwards.  Let your inner guidance inform you deeply.  Reflect on where you are and where you want to go. What needs to be adjusted?  What needs to be released?  What do you want to create?


Overall, the feeling of this Full Moon is a bit lighter, and with more of an internal focus.  Don’t be surprised if confusion reigns at first- the Mercury station can do that to a person and with Neptune conjunct the Moon, I am almost expecting it! Remember that Neptune can be the fog, be it can also be enlightenment.  Stay patient with the process and feel your way through the fog- that’s the way forward.

Happy September!



Virgo New Moon August 27, 2022

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Virgo New Moon


4:16am EDT

4 Virgo 04

Time to course correct.

Virgo on the Cosmic Clock is the hour of Emotional Wisdom. And isn’t true that all the emotions, all the stuff is coming up for review? Are you feeling it?

Your emotions tell you what you need.

Right here, right now. We’re giving birth. The emotions feed the body. What we feel takes form. Feeling is the language of the body and becomes our physical reality.

Are you feeling the past hurts, rejections and loss?

Do you feel in Love with the future you’re creating?

Here’s the big secret… the body only speaks the language of feelings. It doesn’t know the difference between feelings from the future or feelings from the past.

Virgo is all about alignment. The Virgo superpower is to see the big picture as clearly as the smallest detail. It’s the Earth Wisdom sign. Think about shifting sands on a massive dune. Every part makes the whole. There’s change and action. It’s a space of transition; preparation for the next quadrant in the energetic field, into the physical body.

This is a moment to create order and clean house. Throw out what needs to go. Then lean in and open up to the partner sign of Pisces. Receive your inspiration from the infinite realm.

The 5D archetype Orcus sits nine degrees away from the New Moon. Orcus represents the vow we made about what we’re becoming in this incarnation. Orcus is picking up the same thread throughout lifetimes. This New Moon is an invitation to enter into the world between worlds and make adjustments. Call your soul parts back. Clean up the old limiting beliefs about who you are and what you came to be.

What’s the vision you’re falling in Love with? What do you need? If you don’t know, here’s the chance to get clear. Why wait?!?

The next quantum leap is coming next month when the wormhole opens. Ready to enter eclipse season?

It begins September 25 with the New Moon in Libra. Eclipses occur on October 25 and November 8. The wormhole ends with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 23.

Back to the Virgo New Moon. Remember…Emotional Wisdom leads to Physical Power. Maybe it’s time to invite your wisest self in for some conversation.

So much Love to you!

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