Leo New Moon July 28, 2022

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Leo New Moon


1:55pm EDT

5 Leo 38

It’s time to let your brilliance come through and stand fully in your power. Have you reached the point yet where it just hurts too much not to???


Pain pushes until the vision pulls.


There’s a two minute clip of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith talking to Oprah, and he’s unpacking the statement, which is one of his favorites. What he says about pain pushes until the vision pulls is that our challenges push us into the larger evolutions of ourselves. The potential is always bigger than the problem. Once you name your vision, you start to be pulled by it. And when you can embrace your vision, then everyday you are walking in the direction of your potential.


Being pulled by joy and something larger…that sounds amazing. Who’s in?


Welcome to the New Moon in Leo!


The Sun and Moon together in Leo shine light on our joy, creativity, play and enthusiasm. Leo is a fire sign and it’s the home sign of the Sun. Talk about lighting up our potentials and purpose. Whatever vision is pulling you – it’s time to invite in the fun.


Joining the Sun and Moon in this New Moon/new cycle is Ceres at 2º Leo. That’s the cosmic midwife, and Varuna at 5º Leo, our access to God-level vision. There’s a birth happening in our 5D consciousness. We have all-seeing access, and the view is divine!


Leo is the Emotional Love hour in Cosmic Consciousness. On the Cosmic Clock it holds the center of the emotional body. Love hours represent a stabilizing force at work. The 5D lesson of Leo is gratitude. Ground into an emotional state that is generative. Have an open heart.


The challenges in life activate our latent potential – that’s another truth Dr. Beckwith shares. In the face of breakdowns, we can choose to be curious. What’s the potential being activated? Use that God’s eye view to see what’s happening in moments when limitations take over? What do you need to elevate to a higher perspective?


There’s a grand Love cross in the sky. Ninety degree aspects create a big square with bridges connecting the opposite points. Through the lens of 5D astrology, the Love cross is a round of stepping stones. This is the tension that’s activating our potentials.


The Love cross involves Mercury in Leo; Mars, Uranus and Soul star chakra all in Taurus; Saturn in Aquarius; and the Earth star chakra in Scorpio. The archetypes represent our communications and how we process connecting to our actions and motivation, awakening consciousness and new stories. Our structures and forms are being challenged along with all the old stories we came packing into this lifetime. At this Leo New Moon, it’s all on the table.


You’re a powerful creator. You radiate brilliant light. I can see it from here! 🙂 Thank you.

♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎ ♥︎

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Full Moon in Capricorn Super Moon July 13, 2022

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July 13, 2022

2:38pm EDT

21 Capricorn


Full moons are times of completion so take time to honor what you have and practice offering gratitude, while releasing that which no longer serves you.  This full moon is conjunct Pluto so this intensifies the theme of release and transformation.  In addition, this is a Super Moon and the aspects are plentiful!  The aspects generally are between 17-25 degrees, with 21 degrees being the most potent.  Look to your chart to see where this is impacting you the most.

The Capricorn full moon is ruled by Saturn, which is in intimacy with this moon, sitting nearby at 24 Aquarius moving retrograde.  Capricorn is the sign of Divine Power, and the archetype is the Executive Director.  This is the area of your chart where you can tap into your personal power, provided you are connected with the Divine.  Saturn is the Inner Guru- this is where we overcome our self-placed restrictions and step into our authority.  So these are the themes we are looking at with this lunar event.


Moon in Resource with Karmic Node (Scorpio) and Juno/Astraea/Neptune (Pisces). Resources are aspects that don’t have much tension, so it requires a conscious choice to use this energy. In this case, our emotions, instincts, and personal care are reverberating with our past (Karma in Scorpio) as it relates to transformation, and our committed relationships, our sense of justice (especially relating to the Divine Feminine), and our dreams and illusions (Neptune).


Moon in light bridge with Mercury and Ceres (conjunct the Sun).  At this time, our thoughts and communications, along with what we are birthing/nurturing (Ceres),may be in alignment with our outer world, but is it in alignment with our inner most needs?  We may be moving back and forth between our outer and inner world until we reach the balance point of this light bridge.  Again, Pluto is with the Moon- and most directly in a light bridge with Ceres.  This reminds me of the Roman myth where Pluto abducts Ceres’ daughter and takes her to the Underworld against her will and Ceres inflicts famine upon the land until a compromise is reached where Proserpina (also known as Persephone) is allowed to spend half the year with her mother, and the other half with Pluto.

So in regards to Pluto and Ceres, where does a compromise need to be reached in order to move on and end some of your suffering?  How can we better balance the needs of our inner self with the needs of our outer world?


Moon/Sun intersection with Chiron.   Chiron currently sits at 16 Aries so Mercury (17 Cancer) and the Black Moon/Sirius (14 Cancer) are involved with this intersection.  This brings a theme of healing and wholing to this lunar event. With the Black Moon able to get in the mix, she can help shed light on something we don’t typically allow ourselves to see.  Aries is the sign of conscious discipline, so this tells me that a practice of keeping our thoughts elevated and useful will be an important part of any healing that needs to occur.  Mercury is in Cancer, which is the sign of the Mother and also emotional power.  The elevation of our thoughts can help us access our emotional power, and our emotions can help us to see where our thoughts can use elevating.  The Moon is on the other side of this stepping stone, also showing us where our consciousness can work with our emotions for release and transformation.


Grand Cross between Moon/Pluto, Sun, Eris and Haumea.  Eris is the inner disruptor and is in Aries, and Haumea is a 5D planet in Libra representing birthing the new from within.  There may be tension between our inner dialogue and our emotions and personality, and again, conscious discipline is a component here.  On the other side is Haumea, offering us some sort of renewal or rebirth if we trust the process and step in the direction we are being guided.


Moon Trine Uranus.  The Great Awakener is currently transiting Taurus, where we learn to stay true to our hearts and tap into our innate wisdom.  This aspect should allow for an easy flow of insight from our higher self as it relates the themes the Moon is bringing up.


Grand Trine between Sun/Ceres, Karmic Node, and Juno/Astraea/Neptune.  This is another easy flow between the Karmic Node and Juno/Astraea/Neptune (remember, the Moon is in resource to these planets).  This is more powerful than a resource, however, and can be accessed more easily.  How is your past, including old beliefs and patterns, feeding into your relationships and dreams (Juno/Neptune), and how does it impact what you are putting out into the world?


Venus is busy during this lunar event, with a stepping stone to Neptune, manifesting with Saturn, and part of a Finger of God between the Moon/Pluto and the Karmic Node.

Venus is the fulcrum of the Finger of God, meaning Venus is the trigger.  The Moon/Pluto and Karma are pointing to your heart!  What is your heart telling you?

The stepping stone with Neptune could show us the tension between our heart’s desires and our dreams.  Do our dreams accurately reflect what our heart wants?  Or are we feeding our illusions, or engaging in escapism?

The manifestation with Saturn is a gift that allows our inner authority to strengthen our heart- we can commit to what we truly desire.


Saturn in T-square with the Nodes.  Finally, Saturn is in stepping stones with the Nodes.  This is where we can claim our power, let the past inform us (but not restrict or own us), and move forward towards our next evolutionary step.


Hopefully after this wave has finished crashing over you, you can see clearly what is being released and transformed, and what your heart is calling for. Remember to feel it all fully while keeping your thoughts elevated- don’t get sucked into a “story”, or let the limiting beliefs of the past keep you from moving forward at this time.



Cancer New Moon June 28, 2022

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Cancer New Moon


10:51pm EDT

7 Cancer 22

The New Moon in Cancer is a profound reminder: the moment always exists to come home to you.

The Sun and Moon join at 7 Cancer, with the Black Moon Lilith and Ceres the midwife standing by. Where the Black Moon goes, information is uncovered. It’s the point on the Moon’s orbit farthest from Earth. This New Moon in Cancer gives birth to that realization at a whole new level – we are always home. This is a collective homecoming happening on a personal level.

Feel into that space. Inside your soft body. At your core. Go into your womb. Bring all your attention there. And rest. Try letting go of needing to know. Just be receptive and open, even curious.

If this feels like visiting somewhere you’ve never been – welcome! This New Moon is an open invitation to keep visiting until it feels familiar. If your inner space needs a renovation, clearing or blessing, this is the energy to get it done.

It’s never too late to make your inner sanctum into the space you want to return to every minute you are alive.

When you come into this space, connect to the person you are when you’re giving your best and it’s being received. Feel the sensation at your hips and let it drop into the Earth.

We’re being called to expand – Jupiter and Mars in Aries. Jupiter makes a stepping stone to the New Moon. Ninety degrees is the energy of tension. Use this as a chance to grow, to orient to a higher consciousness, which starts with a sense of safety and having enough. Feel yourself at home and surrounded in Love.

It’s safe to expand. Lift your thoughts and take action from there.

Cancer is the Emotional Power hour on the Cosmic Clock. Moving through the portal between mental and emotional bodies, thoughts get connected to feelings. It’s below the surface. It’s where we get the juice to bring things into reality. Here we nourish the thoughts that loop in the background. What’s in your playlist? Do you need to change the record? Now’s a good time.

We have Venus (Heart) and Mercury (Mind) both in Gemini. Venus at 7 Gemini is thirty degrees away from the New Moon. There’s a connection and a chance to go deeper. With Venus and Mercury resonating in harmony, you may be inspired to rewrite your story. Or at least get curious – what’s the old story about being too much or not enough costing you?

The New Moon makes ightbridge with Quaoar in Capricorn. Quaoar is a higher octave of Mercury. New paradigms of thinking are so close. Can you hear that? The voice of your inner guru is calling you forward.

Yes. The potential you feel is real.

Welcome home!


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Gemini New Moon May 30, 2022

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Gemini New Moon


7:30am EDT

9 Gemini


“Out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi



This Gemini new Moon is a beginning like all New Moons, and it’s the end. The end of eclipse season, which means the wormhole closes. (Insert sigh of relief.)


Mercury moves forward just after, ending its retrograde. Things are ready to roll, but wait! The next day Saturn says, hold up a sec, and starts its retrograde.


So there’s a let’s go! and hold on energetic happening at the same time. Feels like a walking meditation. Taking in each step, being deliberate and being with all the sensations of moving one foot forward with each step.


In traditional astrology, the symbol for Gemini is the twins. It’s polarity and the space beyond. Like the line from the Rumi poem, there’s always an invitation to move between and through, past the land of opposites and into a place more true. Moving into a space where we can hold paradox. There’s great freedom there. We don’t have to be so fixed in our thinking. In Cosmic Consciousness, the symbol for Gemini is a diamond. The Gemini area of our consciousness is Mental Wisdom. It’s multifaceted, multidimensional, and projecting rainbows of light in all directions. There are many ways to see, and the stuff that really matters we can’t see. Not with our eyes.


Sometimes it takes two opposing forces to bring another dimension into view. In our physical dimension it takes both the sun and rain at the same time and place to get a glimpse of the rainbow.


Saturn still holds the stepping stone (90º) between the Moon’s nodes, Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras. Saturn is in Aquarius – what’s the revolution taking hold in you? Who is taking form? Amid the tension, what are the new possibilities? If you tune in, what does your inner guru have to say?


Gemini is a wisdom sign, aka mutable. It’s air and wind. Nothing is still. The breeze picks us up and moves us along. We get to change. We get to transition into the next season. It’s a chance to take the essence forward and release the rest.


Probably easier said than done.


And we’re gonna make it.


See y’all in the field. Sending out much Love!


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