2024 Aquarius New Moon

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We are currently without a writer for the New Moon article… For information about the Aquarius New Moon, which occurred on Friday February 9, 2024, please see Shelly Leal’s Monthly column and Lisa Zimmerman’s Weekly column.

We hope to find a writer very soon. Anyone interested must have knowledge of the Cosmic Consciousness system, as taught by Stephanie. That is, any student or former student is what we’re looking for. Please contact Stephanie to let her know you’re interested..


Happy Year of the Dragon!

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Full Moon Report- January 25,2024 Leo Full Moon

Cari CampbellFull Moon Report, Moon Report

Written by Cari Campbell

Leo Full Moon at 5 Degrees, Jan 25th, 12:54pm EST

A creative fire beckons us further onto our Soul’s path, with the first of three full moons occurring at 5 degrees (Leo, Virgo and a lunar eclipse in Libra)! This is our opportunity to create (Leo), care for our creation with diligence (Virgo), and then come into balance (Libra). Let’s dream it and get to it!

The Moon is forming a Finger of God between Saturn (5 Pisces) and Venus (2 Cap)- the Sun (and Pluto at 0 Aquarius) forms a boomerang yod and is the outlet of this formation- meaning, the Sun’s expression is the release valve of pent up energy and/or tension. Venus is who/what we love outwardly, material resources, and also our self-worth. Saturn is in a harmonious sextile to Venus, offering the chance to create supportive structures and routines around these themes. The Moon, and the emotional state this lunation brings, may be making us feel like we can’t have what we want due to irreconcilable issues or other complexities, and our job is to come into balance between how we are feeling (the Moon) and how we are expressing ourselves (Sun). The light of the Sun is fully illuminating the Moon, so this is the time where we can more clearly see how our emotions are influencing us- what can we see now that we couldn’t around the time of the New Moon? What clarity is coming our way, and how can we use this in regards to any feelings (Moon) that are coming up saying that we can’t have what we want?
But wait- Pluto is involved, loosely conjunct the Sun and forming a bridge with the Moon, so this is deep. Something is ready to be transformed. What needs to go? This is a Full Moon after all- the end of a cycle! What intentions did you set at the New Moon? What needs to die off that doesn’t support those intentions? The Sun and Pluto are in Aquarius, which presents a beautiful opportunity to step into our true identity. To live authentically. To love and be loved. To allow it all in. Maybe what needs to die off is the tendency to close our hearts, and hide our authentic selves. Maybe we can have what we want once we are willing to release that which no longer serves.

The Sun and Moon are forming an intersection with Jupiter at 5 Taurus. This, again, represents a tension between contrasting desires. Expansion is definitely on tap with this lunar event, and we are being called to reconcile that which stops us from moving forward. On the flip side, don’t let your emotions get the better of you and take you too far into expansion and excess! Jupiter is in grounded, earthy Taurus and this can be beneficial in that we can take practical steps towards what we want. On the other hand, we may choose material matters over what really serves our highest good. This is a great time to meditate on our wants vs our needs, and how we can consciously expand to incorporate both.

Mercury and Mars are coming into a new cycle- these two planets are forming a stepping stone with the Nodes, and Chiron is getting ready to form a new cycle (conjunction) with the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) on February 19th. Our thoughts and actions are getting into alignment around moving towards our highest good- following the path of soul growth. With Chiron there, this may hurt a bit. But what hurts is where the healing and growth lies, so don’t turn away. Our comfort zone (Earth Star Chakra/South Node) may look very appealing right now. It’s safe. It’s comfortable. We don’t have to look at what hurts. But that doesn’t move us forward towards our highest good.
This is the time to focus on what we want to manifest. Leo Full Moons are ripe with creative potential. What great potential do you want to embrace? How can you align your heart, mind and actions towards this potential? There is so much energy here to support you!

New Moon Report- January 11, 2024

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Written by Beth Nolte

January 11, 2024; 6:58am EST

New Moon at 20 Capricorn 44

HEY! Happy new year. 

Here’s to the New Moon at 20 Capricorn 44!

Feel like you’re standing at an epic crossroads, while giving birth? 

That’s what it is.

Fun fact: In 2020, when Saturn and Pluto came together at 22 Capricorn, Ceres, the cosmic midwife, powerful feminine archetype was at this very spot of the Capricorn New Moon (20 Capricorn).

You’ve been here before, but it was totally different. You were totally different. 

Just to show you how different things are now, imagine this year, Saturn, whose home is Capricorn, invites you to a vision board party. Even if vision boarding is not your thing, you accept. Of course. It’s Saturn. 

It happens at the crossroads, you’re still in labor, Saturn shows up wearing fuzzy slippers and hauling every magazine under the sun. You can cut out any image you want. There’s gel pens, glitter, all the stuff. 

As the archetype of form and structure, Saturn knows that to do the work, the vision has to inspire. What’s the feeling you’re gonna go back to when the work gets hard? 

What kind of beingness are you striving to become? 

YOU – in your full divine power. What’s it feel like? How will you celebrate?

In this moment you merge the energy of striving and being. The duality between the masculine and feminine blurs; the sacred union is alive in you. 

Feel more clarity around your actions. There’s higher alignments coming through – archetypes of soul level purpose and new thought paradigms (Ixion and Quaoar) are on either side of Mars. Mercury hangs out at 27 Sagittarius, the degree of the Galactic Center, streaming the downloads of truth you need to succeed. 

Saturn in Pisces, your host for this party, sits at the center of two near perfect sextiles; one to Mars, action/motivation in Capricorn and the other to Jupiter, expansion/growth in Taurus. You’re both resourced and resourceful. 

Saturn raises their cup to you and asks, What’s the best part about being the universe embodied? 

The New Moon resets collective consciousness. On January 11, this event happens in a square to the Moon’s opposing South and North nodes, creating a stepping stone between karma/dharma, Earth Star/Soul Star energetic portals and transpersonal bridge of root/source.

Duality starts and ends and begins again. 

Capricorn is the energy of your inner guru. Inner guru equals inner work. Is it your inner work; your participation in the collective death-rebirth cycle; your ability to ride the contractions and tune into the glory coming through; your joy at being; or anything else?….

What’s the best part about being the universe embodied? 

Happy new year! So glad you’re here. EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji

**Picture used Source**(https://www.russh.com/new-moon-in-capricorn-january-2024/)

Full Moon Report-December 2023 Cancer Full Moon

Cari CampbellFull Moon Report, Moon Report

Written by Cari Campbell

December 2023 Cancer Full Moon

This lunar event features a cradle formation, which is formed between the Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn.   A cradle is four points separated by three resources (sextiles), two manifestations (trines), and with the first and last points (the Moon and Sun in this case) forming a bridge.

A cradle offers a gift- this one brought about by Jupiter and strengthened by Saturn.  Saturn can provide the structure and diligence to bring this gift fully to fruition.  The Moon in Cancer is family, home and loved ones.  This is a great energy for nurturing and loving family during the holidays, but can also bring lots of emotion around nostalgia, loved ones, etc.  The holidays are ripe with this every year, and this Cancer Moon is amplifying our emotions.

With the Sun in a bridge in Capricorn, we are likely feeling pulled towards responsibilities, goals, and our routines.  The key with a bridge is to balance this feminine (Moon in Cancer) and masculine energy (Sun in Capricorn) and reside somewhere in the middle.  We can love and nurture ourselves and our loved ones, and still carry on with some responsibilities. Take time for both!

The Moon in also conjunct Astraea, whose energy is all about balance, justice and feminine energy, so balance is definitely called for during this time.

Retrograde Mercury and Mars are in communion in Sagittarius and in a stepping stone with Neptune in Pisces.    This means this is the second of three stepping stones that Mercury will have with Neptune- we are covering old ground and with the Mars communion we may be feeling feisty about something.  Mars could provide a push to do something towards a long-held dream, or on the flip side Mars may be adding fiery energy when we are meant to keep reviewing (for now, while Mercury completes his retrograde cycle).  The final stepping stone between Mercury and Neptune will occur on January 8th, and Mercury and Mars will start their new cycle on January 27th, so whatever is coming up now likely isn’t the final version.

Chiron is stationing direct, so if something hurts right now, trust that it is being shown to you so that you can integrate and accept it.  We don’t “heal” our Chiron wounds, we learn to love and accept these parts of ourselves.  As we do that, we “whole” ourselves.    

This is a great time to practice loving ourselves fully and wholly and turn, we love others more authentically and we allow others to love us back.

Happy Holidays!