Full Moon in Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse 5 16 22

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May 16, 2022

12:13am EDT

25 Scorpio 17

Welcome to the May Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!  This Full Moon is features a total lunar eclipse (the moon is conjunct the Karmic South Node, aka the Earth Star Chakra) at 25 and 22 Scorpio, respectively.  The Moon makes a lot of aspects during this lunar event; with the Sun in Taurus this event is ruled by disposed by) Pluto and Venus, so take a deep breath and settle in.


As mentioned, the Moon is in communion with the Karmic Node.    This is where our emotions and Karma come together for a purifying event.  Take the journey, allow yourself to feel what comes up without attachment, and allow the past to break free.  The other half of this Full Moon eclipse is the Sun and Dharmic North Node (Soul Star Chakra) conjunct (or communing with) Sedna.  Sedna brings the divine feminine into this eclipse, at a time when we really need it.  The Sun is illuminating the way forward (Dharma/Sedna).  We can be feeling really emotional about all of this, but remember that strong emotions can lead to transformation when we allow ourselves to feel without getting attached, or making our feelings mean too much. Eclipses are reboots, and lunar eclipses call for a new emotional response.  It’s time to see how we reacted emotionally in the past and how we can change that response; the result will be transformational.



Pluto disposes this lunar event, and the Moon is in resource (sextiles) to Pluto at 28 Capricorn.  This is a gentle aspect but you can use it consciously by choosing to allow your emotions (Moon) to bring forth a transformation (Pluto).  Look to your own chart to see where in your life this transformation may be occurring on a personal level.  On a global scale we are all impacted by the Pluto return of the United States.  This may be a good time to get comfortable with Pluto and embrace the transformation that is happening.  Because Pluto is moving retrograde you may be uncovering more of something that you thought you had already completed.

Pluto is also manifesting (making a trine) with the Sun/Dharma/Sedna.  Manifestations are easy flows between the planets, so transformation and rebirth are connected to our path forward- this path that is being lit up by the Sun.


Intersection with Vesta/Saturn

The Nodes have been in an intersection with Vesta and Saturn in Aquarius for a few weeks now, and this lunar event is lighting it up in a big way.

Vesta represents the home/hearth; and Saturn, the Inner Guru, indicates where we need to claim our inner authority.  These planets are currently residing in Aquarius, where Saturn is dignified.  Aquarius energy is leading edge, revolutionary, and conscious. In 5D consciousness, Aquarius is about being awakened and learning to love yourself unconditionally.   So we have a devoted focus (Vesta) to awakened self-love.  Our Inner Guru (Saturn) insists upon this.   This could also represent a commitment to a larger cause.  With an intersection to the nodes you have a choice between the past (Karmic Node) and the future (Dharmic node).

A Moon/Karma stepping stone (square) with this Aquarian conjunction speaks an emotional cleansing, as uncomfortable as that may be, that leads you to a place of more self-love.  In other words, what you feel during this Full Moon can lead you to a new place where you have you released the restrictions and judgments (Saturn) that keep you from loving yourself to the fullest.  We can clear some of the karmic debris with this Full Moon.

The Sun/Dharma lights up the way forward.  So which direction will you commit to?  Which cause will secure your devotion?



The Moon also is manifesting with Mars and Neptune in Pisces.  This is a harmonious, watery flow.  With Mars and Neptune communing in Pisces, you have gentle action that is in alignment with your dreams, if you aren’t confused.  Neptune can be the fog that is confusing, or it can be a clear dream.  The Mars communion here is helpful because the fog around Neptune often clears when there is action.  The emotionality of the Full Moon can help clear the fog so you can see where your next steps lie.   On the other hand, in Tarot the Moon can represent illusion and confusion- so it’s important to make sure you are in action with what you really want, and not an illusion.


Eris, the Inner Awakener

Finally, the Moon forms a great eliminator with Eris, the inner disruptor.  We all have Eris in Aries in our charts, so we’re all likely to feel something, so look to where Aries is in your chart to see what area of your life this will show up.  This may be a tension that needs to be reconciled- a choice may need to be made that will allow more harmony between these two areas (Scorpio and Aries).


Mercury, Jupiter and the 5D planets

Mercury (now retrograde) is making several aspects to 5D planets and to Jupiter, which has now entered Aries.  Mercury is in Intimacy (semi-sextile) with Ceres in Cancer and Pallas in Taurus. These subtle aspects indicate that our mind can easily connect with our inner nurturing and wisdom.

Mercury forms sextiles (resources) with Jupiter in Aries and Varuna in Leo.  These are harmonious aspects.   Jupiter in Aries has an energetic fire- the divine spark of creation, and Varuna sees the big, cosmic picture.  You can make a conscious choice to see the larger, cosmic view and to let your mind access the expansive, creative thoughts made available through the connection to Jupiter.

Mercury also manifests with MakeMake in Libra.  MakeMake is the 5D version of Saturn, so there is a flow between your thoughts (Mercury) and living from the heart.

Finally, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Ixion and Quaoar. Quaoar is the 5D version of Mercury.  Stephanie refers to Ixion as the “promise our soul made when it entered this plane of existence”. This is a great opportunity to choose (because great eliminators bring us to choices) to align our thoughts with our higher paths.

Because Mercury is retrograde, this is an inner process, and we may feel like we are going over old ground, but with these amazing 5D connections, this is our opportunity to go over old ground with a higher perspective.

You may feel this eclipse strongly, but remember, this is all happening for us, not to us.  Stay tuned into your heart. Stay present.  Be good to yourself (and others- because we are all connected).


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