Beth Nolte

Beth Nolte, EdD (coach & astrologer)

Beth’s work is ideal for women who are ready to embody their feminine energy for change. She uses the birth chart as a mirror to help clients quickly identify their core beliefs and blockages.

Clients experience seeing their lives multidimensionally with astrology. Coaching helps  them connect to their soul’s brilliance and take actions aligned with unleashing the song that’s in their heart.

  • Over seven years of astrology study with world-renown teachers
  • Certified in both old-school and contemporary (5D) interpretations
  • Author of The New Moon Report

Beth helps navigate transformative life passages by helping people get grounded and feel part of the whole.

Beth has a Doctorate in Education and brings three decades of experience helping people expand their awareness of themselves. She’s a founding member of the Institute for Woman-centered Transformational Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership, and a global leader in the women’s self-actualization movement.

To schedule a reading, please visit her website