A gifted healer and intuitive, Jan’s journey has always been focused on the  transformational process of healing.  As a young child, she always knew there was “more” than this mundane 3D world and spent every moment she could reading and learning new spiritual teachings, ideas, theories, and techniques which then provided the heart-based foundation for her life.  She considers her life a journey toward spiritual growth and awareness, and loves sharing her knowledge and abilities with others.

A Reiki Master,  Karuna Master and La Ho Chi facilitator, Jan is also certified in several other healing and therapeutic modalities including Healing with the Seven Rays, and Essential Peacekeeping: Women and Men.  She is a certified practitioner of Eupsychia’s Integrative Breathwork and Psychospiritual Integration. She was a student of many notable teachers including Stephanie Azaria, Patricia Squires, Jacqueline Small, Jeremiah Abrams, and Nathalie Marshall Nadel.  Early on, she obtained her degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga where her drive for helping others continued to flourish. This degree and her subsequent experience provided a structure for the intuitive energy work that she considers her greatest calling.

While therapeutic healing work is her focus, she is also fascinated by astrology and finds that the archetypes involved create an important dialogue with the world around her. As a long time student of Stephanie’s life altering Cosmic Consciousness, she has found a framework for these archetypes to take form and both speak to her and through her.

Jan considers the written word to be pure magic.  Inspired by Jo March of Little Women, she has written several children’s stories, hundreds of poems, and many essays.  She is a lifelong student and continues to strengthen her channeling abilities, enhance her energy work, and share her gifts. 

She can be reached at JFINLEY04631@gmail.com