Jan Finley









A gifted healer and intuitive, Jan’s journey has always been focused on the transformational process of healing.  Fully embracing her journey and its higher purpose, channeling creates that powerful path of spiritual awakening and conscious transformation.  She considers herself a catalyst for positive change, a midwife participating in the birth of Unity Consciousness, supportive of the emergence of the cumulative “We”. The world is constantly changing and transforming, and by clearing out old belief systems and embracing self empowerment, humankind  becomes co-creators of the world rather than succumbing to circumstance.  Her channels light the way forward, bringing messages of hope, love and unity,  creating positive change for all humankind and the earth.

She can be found on Facebook and Instagram at The Clarion’s Call:  Messages to Light the Way and can be reached at JFINLEY04631@gmail.com.