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November 15: End of the Wormhole

Written by Stephanie Azaria

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I’m working so hard to get the site going smoothly, but for me the blog is the most difficult to settle into. I apologize. It has always been my favorite thing. I want to write it every day. I am working on this inner block and I hope to get back to it regularly, eventually. For now, it will be my effort to be more and more frequent about it.

We have just come out of that wild and crazy wormhole. I don’t know anyone who didn’t go through a major upheaval of some kind, somewhere in there, leaving each of us unbalanced, unsure, or unhinged in some way. But in the end, during this past Monday’s powerful Scorpio new Moon in a new cycle with both Mars and Ceres, we are beginning to realize it was all for a major healing, or a remembering. Scorpio is a positively alchemical sign, and the greatest Truth I can offer up right now is that anything, absolutely anything, is possible from here.

The fact that this New Moon stellium is forming a perfect (exact) bridge with Uranus is a major factor in all of this. Uranus can assist greatly in bringing about any outcome, no matter how unexpected. Taurus is a profoundly physical and present sign, making those magical Scorpionic energies manifest in undeniable ways here in the 3D realm.

Since the New Moon reverberates and makes grow all its seeds over the course of the next two weeks, it will certainly take that long to be able to perceive just how much the wormhole has transformed you and certain aspects of your life. Don’t jump to conclusions or try too hard to grasp what’s going on. Instead, let the new reality you’ve allowed your Self to access unfold before your eyes. I promise, you’ll be amazed IF you can be present for whatever shows up and wait until it all crystallizes into undeniable clarity.

One more piece of good news: In April 2024 Jupiter will join up with Uranus for a new cycle, right about where Uranus is now. That means that whatever Uranus helps to bring into being now will amplify and expand immensely, little by little, over the next 5 months. Something very positive to look toward. Bear it in mind as much as you possibly can, it will help to stay focused on that higher ground that Jupiter reflects, so that the craziness of this 3D world doesn’t hold too much of your attention.

What you focus on becomes your world. And since you are an architect of the new world, it won’t do to be conscious of anything but what Love and Unity can bring about.

To read Elias Lonsdale’s meditation for the Scorpio New Moon degree, please CLICK HERE.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on the the Scorpio New Moon degree, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny

The world is splitting open. Not the way fruit splits open. The way a secret splits open.  Jaiya John

Cosmic Consciousness for October 12, 2023

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Written by Stephanie Azaria

If you missed my Equinox Webinar on the current wormhole we are traveling through, it isn’t too late to get your copy. Please CLICK HERE to purchase.

Pluto has stationed and gone direct (October 10), and he will remain at the 27/28th degree of Capricorn for more than a week. This is the last leg of the Pluto return of the United States. It began more than two years ago and will continue to reverberate till the end of 2024. But this is the last time Pluto will sit on the exact degree of the United States Pluto for the next 250 years. Expect the reverberations ahead to produce all kinds of undoing and the ultimate tearing down of the old familiar structures. This must happen if a new resurrected reality is going to be established. As my favorite astrologer/mentor Michael Lutin recently stated, “To get to other side of this process, it is necessary to walk through the fire.”

Additionally, we are headed directly into the first of two eclipses that are contained within the current wormhole we are moving through. This coming Saturday. October 14, the New Moon in Libra occurs at 1:55pm Eastern time, at 21 Libra 07. This is a solar eclipse of monumental proportions. Not because it’s a total eclipse (it isn’t), but because that New Moon is a part of a major intersection (T-square) that includes Mercury, Arcturus, the Earth Star chakra (South Node) with the Sun and Moon all in a bridge with Chiron, Eris, and the Soul Star Chakra (North Node), and this entire bridge being squared by the stationing Pluto.

This is a powerful reflection of the very volatile energies that are brewing within every one of us. Along with a few other aspects, such as the Mars/ Earth Star (karma) New Cycle (conjunction) last week and a Finger of God (Great Eliminator) between Uranus and Neptune, pointing at the Eclipse and the Karmic South Node, the war that has begun in the Middle East is easily recognizable. I won’t hesitate to say that regarding the planet, things are going to get worse before they get better, and it will take a while.

But they will get better. And it is up to each of us with eyes to See and ears to Hear to focus on the higher Truths and refuse to look away from them. When you do that, you become the much-needed Light in the world. There is an amazing series of Crossroads (Grand Crosses) and/or Intersections (T-squares) happening among the 5D planets. TWELVE 5D planets and two of the planets within our solar system are involved in these amazing planetary pictures. Those two more familiar planets are Jupiter and Saturn, the ONLY two planets that serve to reflect the social identity. That seems to say that it is essential to keep an unwavering focus on the big picture, which invariably reveals that we are all ONE, and that the fragmentation, polarization and duality we experience is not the Truth.

The Power (Cardinal) Crossroad contains Quaoar and Ixion in Capricorn, bridging Vesta and Astraea in Cancer, and Salacia in Aries bridging MakeMake in Libra. The Love (Fixed) Crossroad is wide but coming together, and it includes Chariklo in Aquarius bridging Varuna in Leo and Jupiter in Taurus bridging Ceres in Scorpio.  And finally, the Wisdom (Mutable) Intersection includes Saturn bridging Regulus and squaring Alcyone in a New Cycle (conjunction) with Sedna. For more information on these 5D energies and what they mean, please go to The Cosmic Consciousness Corner on my website.

This rare configuration provides three Truths for your consideration. First, remember always that the planets are reflecting what is going on within us. If you tune into that, you will remain on higher Ground through it all. Second, consciously allow this major regrouping of the planets to deliver you to your true destiny as an architect of the Golden Age. If those words resonate with you, you know who you are, and it up to you to choose the Path that takes you there, as often as that choice becomes necessary. And third, this planetary picture is just the beginning of a major configuration that involves FOUR Fingers of God and a Hammer of Thor that will take us through 2045 or so and deliver us to the Aquarian Age, once and for all. (Please note that I will offer a webinar on these amazing aspects around the end of the year, so please stay tuned). 

“Can you look at ‘what is’ without the word?” J. Krishanmurti



Cosmic Consciousness Blog- October 4, 2023

Stephanie AzariaCosmic Consciousness Blog

October 4, 2023

By Stephanie Azaria

If you missed my 2023 Equinox Webinar (Live from Inside the Virgo Worm Hole), it’s not too late to purchase it. Scroll down and click on the link to get your MP4.

We are fully immersed in the worm hole now, headed for the first of two eclipses, the Libra New Moon, a rare Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on OCTOBER 13 at 12:13pm EASTERN time. This eclipse will affect the southwest United States most powerfully, and it is the last ring of fire eclipse until 2046. RARE. Considering we are inside a major worm hole; this eclipse should bring unexpected events that focus on the expression of everything we’ve accumulated this year into the physical realm. This New Moon is in Libra. Libra represents the mirrored Self. Watch for unusual events related to your most significant relationships. Bear in mind that relationships could be people, but they could also be anything that truly matters to you… Your job, food, a hobby, your home…. anything you have a meaningful connection to.

We have crossed the equinox point, meaning day and night have balanced perfectly in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Here in the north, it is time for the harvest. Each of us must gather all the important fruits of our labors and prepare for a season of turning inward.  Take inventory of what you’ve managed to achieve and determine to make good use of your resources.

Pluto is stationing, and this is a very important turning point, as it marks the last of the Pluto return of the United States transits. Pluto turns direct on October 10, exactly on top of the US Pluto. Watch for important unprecedented changes related to how the government is run. The Pluto return promises to take democracy down and resurrect it from the bottom up. That will take another year or so. Pluto dips back into Aquarius in late January, then back into Capricorn and finally into Aquarius for good in late November 2024. It’s not a coincidence that it is an election year. I don’t recommend watching the news with any regularity but do pay attention to what’s going on. It promises to be unlike anything you’ve seen before.


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  


– Henry David Thoreau



I am going to reprint Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for both the Solar Eclipse degree on October 13 and the Pluto station on October 10.   Please CLICK HERE to read them.

Cosmic Consciousness Blog- September 15, 2023

Stephanie AzariaCosmic Consciousness Blog

By Stephanie Azaria

Mercury stations to go direct today at 4:21pm Eastern time at exactly 8 Virgo. Coming on the heels of the Virgo New Moon/Wormhole opening, Mercury’s turnaround adds much energy to the pivotal energies of the moment and also serves to speed things up considerably during the course of the next two weeks. Mercury will recover its shadow on September 30, when an entirely new chapter of communication and connection begins. Take the weeks ahead to make new decisions about situations that have occurred  since the last week of August. Mercury went retrograde on August 23 at 3:59pm Eastern time at 22 Virgo. That is exactly the same degree as today’s new Moon. There are no coincidences.

Mercury spent his entire retrograde journey in the sign of Virgo, which means that consciously or not he has been informing you of the stuff this Virgo wormhole is made of. Whether you know it or not, you are more prepared for the upcoming sideways elevators than you realize. Trust your Self to Know what you Know and remember that you will have everything you need at your fingertips as long as you stay centered in the moment and raise your focus to the higher Truths.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but an experience to be had.” ~Alan Watts


For Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on today’s Mercury station, please CLICK HERE: