Channel for June 17, 2024

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I surrender, and in surrendering, I find peace. 

These words came to me this morning as I awoke, once again buffeted and tossed by the tumultuous energies in our world, the personal and the global, right now.  Change is here, and with it brings grief, release and rebirth. We cannot underestimate the power of these days to transform our world but it is essential that we stay in our hearts and allow this change energy to move through us. We are releasing our pasts, our traumas, our outworn beliefs, even those we love and becoming who we truly came here to be. We are each essential to creating the new world that comes.

 Change comes whether we fight it or not.  

And so I am told:

Beloved children of earth, you are more prepared for these days than you realize.  Your soul holds you and will provide guidance. Sit within the softness of your heart.  There is treasure to be found there. Grief and loss do not lessen you. Instead, you are brought ever closer to the full realization of the oneness of all. Nothing is ever truly lost, only your experience of the physical.  

The Earth experience was designed to return you to the Oneness of All. Only through loss, and change, and resultant newness can you allow yourself the release that Oneness is.  By clinging to the experiences of the past, you lose the sacredness of simply allowing and accepting. Resistance creates depression, anger, resentment, projection and physical symptoms, which further delays the gift of acceptance. 

Return always to your heart, that soft and always loving place within you.  

Envision yourself in the middle of chaos as it swirls around you. You are safe within your own golden egg, within your own golden soul.  

Even so, change touches all of you.  Allow yourself to grieve, release and be reborn.  Oneness is your birthright.  Light is who you are.

(Dedicated to Tater’s family, Jean, J and V, Heather and Craig, Stephanie and all those who are grieving.)

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Channel May 28 2024

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Written By Jan Finley

Today I awakened to a new/old truth. It isn’t that I haven’t heard it before or recognized the truth of it, it is that it wasn’t completely *real* for me yet. And that is the reality of all “truths”: they are only truth when we step into them, no matter how many times we have heard them before the moment of awareness.

Today, in my moment of awareness, I have finally acknowledged that at any moment, any crossroad, I can choose my way forward. I have always allowed myself to feel that I followed a somewhat predetermined path for the most part. One step led to the next and so on.

What I have accepted today is that choices make all the difference. There is no predetermined anything. We are creators. We are not beings dropped into an unfamiliar and random existence and expected to not only survive but thrive. Instead, hidden in plain sight, we can step into the reality that we are creators. Which means I get to decide where I go from here. We get to decide who we are. We. Get. To. Choose.

I read that changing a habitual pattern of behavior (I.e. the roads you take as you drive to work) can change neural pathways in the brain. Mixing up how we approach our daily routines is a good practice.. Doing so allows us a freshness in our perspective, how we view ourselves and the world around us. It can move us from the worn down repetitious viewpoint we humans often carry (this again?) to a newness and an opportunity to really Be in the moment, bringing a greater awareness of every thing around you.

Choices not only have consequences, they can completely change the direction of our lives. For instance, we women have largely been taught that choice is out of our hands but the secret is that we were always the deciding factor. In our efforts to protect the sacred feminine wisdom we found ways to work within the patriarchy. What I have discovered is that, instead, we inadvertently boxed ourselves in and limited our glorious abilities.

In our efforts to protect the sacred feminine wisdom we hid ourselves, we adapted, and we inadvertently lost parts of ourselves. Today it is time to bring our entirety home and be all who truly are. We have hidden in plain sight long enough. We know the truth of how the world is supposed to be. It is time for us to awaken to this awareness and take our rightful place. Today I set myself free, free to be all of the glorious sacred being that I am. I ask you to set yourself free to be be all the glorious sacred self you are.

We know the secrets of creation and it it is time we embodied them. We are birth. We are life. We are creation.

And so I am told:

Balance has never been more needed or required in human existence. To reach that goal, women must once more take their rightful place at the side of the Divine Masculine principle. Only through balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine can the harmony of the New World be found.

While the Patriarchy postured and controlled, women gestated, deeply within the sea of feminine wisdom. Hiding in plain sight was a brilliant way designed to keep women safe, but it has outlived its usefulness. All that you have learned traveling in the depths of the soul have reached fruition and must be brought forth so all can flourish.

Your Higher Self knows the way forward, has planned this day for centuries. Listen to your heart and heed its wisdom.

You were always more than you believed. Time to step up.

“You can either stand up for yourself or get run over.” The More Love Grows” (movie)

Channel May 7, 2024

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Written by Jan Finley 

One of the pages I follow on Facebook is a local wildlife rescue.  Recently a tiny bobkitten came into their facility. His mother was deceased and he had been alone for several days.  Little Rufus was extremely debilitated but so sweet and adorable.  Every day I (and others) eagerly watched his progress on Facebook, minute steps as they were.  He made some progress but it seemed like for every step forward, there were several backward.   About 15 days after his arrival, and despite a courageous battle, little Rufus succumbed.

The director of the facility wrote a touching piece memorializing Rufus, and lamented her growing attachment during Fergus’s care.  The job – truly a vocation – this woman embraces so willingly takes tremendous commitment, courage and responsibility.  She wrote eloquently of how diligently she tried not to get attached to this little being and how she still fell in love with him.  Her words were raw and incredibly real. Anyone who works with wild creatures knows that distance is needed in the relationship between wounded animal and human care giver.  This is necessary so the animal does not become tamed and unable to return to the wild.  Even so, when one works to heal another, animal or human, a bond is created.  In this case, the director fell hard for little Rufus.  

Reading of Rufus’ passing was heart wrenching. I, like many others, were rooting for him and felt keenly his loss. 

I began to wonder at our very human need to regulate how we love and when we love.  Our need to not get attached in certain situations. From every analytical viewpoint I could find, I came back back to a single thought. We humans are meant to love. As painful as it can be at times, the act of loving is why we are here.  The act of physically caring for another can create connection, sometimes whether we want to or not.  

This woman’s commitment arose from a desire to help, to heal and to care for the wild creatures that surround us.  Her heart and devotion are a gift to us all. Her vulnerability is her true strength, and her compassion is one of the highest forms for love.  

And so I am told:

Love is always the answer, no matter how it is disguised. Call is kindness, call it compassion, call it forgiveness, call it willingness…it is all the same.

Be willing to open. Be willing to listen. Be willing to nurture. Just be willing…

Love is always the answer. Do you understand why? Love meets in the middle. Love finds a way to make it work. Love forgives. Love starts anew. Love remembers and love finds new context. Love balances and love creates. Love lights you up inside and love loves up those around you. Love is all there is.

This simple bit of wisdom is all you need to know and all you need to remember.

And so I am told:

The soul’s light that manifests as love is the single greatest gift humankind can offer.  Love is also where your deepest and most profound lessons can be found. Imagine for a moment if everyone around you acted from a place of love, whether it is called compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, openness or commitment. The world would be instantly transformed. This, then is your goal. Find ways to act from love in everything you do, not matter how tedious they may be. With every step you take, allow love to guide your way. Even in anger, find a way to love yourself, if you cannot love another. Let yourself experience love with your entire heart in all things and in all ways. 

“Love shows up.”  

Charles Martin

Channel April 15, 2024

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Written by Jan Finley

Long ago,  I experienced several years that left me shattered and uncertain who I was and where I belonged in the world. All that was familiar was gone. I questioned who I was and why I was here, always feeling that I was a misfit in both my family and this world. These dark years emphasized feelings of isolation and not belonging.  I was ill-equipped to navigate the chaos so I did what I knew at the time and I buried myself deeply inside.

In the ensuing years, therapy and inner work of various kinds helped me to  heal, grow and transform. Beginning to accept myself opened astonishing doors within me.  I have accomplished much but discovered today, purely by accident, how a tiny piece of me still holds sway deep within my hidden realms. Being able to see how it kept me from stepping forward as I wanted to, I chose to face this “smallness” that chooses fear and powerlessness (Joyous Woman With Sukhvinder Sircar). My smallness has held me back and it is time I acknowledged that aspect of me fully, with patience and acceptance.  I might surprise myself with what I find.

We live in days of great expansion, both externally and within the mysteries of our own inner world.  Our consciousness allows us to be both complex and direct. As we expand, as we open, more inner aspects reveal themselves in this world of inner discovery, allowing us to embody more than we ever imagined possible.  We are allowing our natural state of  multi-dimensionality to emerge.

The beauty of an eclipse is that after the light is taken away, it returns and with it renewed clarity. I have lived long enough to experience many eclipses but none as powerful as the total eclipse last week. As the sunlight returned I literally felt myself returning to me. I felt me expanding, including the person I used to know, and so much more.  The Mystery of my smallness, I discovered, is both my greatest place of resistance and my greatest blessing. 

And so I am told:

Within in each soul is a rainbow of possibility.  Humans often limit themselves with “should” and “ought” and judgments and blame and so many other uniquely human “attributes”. We would suggest to you that all of that is nonsense. Step out of constraint, step out the past, step out of judgment and allow joy to rise with you. Yes, the human world is an amalgam of chaos and conflict right now but it will not stay that way and it does not have to overshadow your life.  Be the flame that rises high in sky rise within your soul. Be the butterfly that dances in the sun. Be the hope that ignites the world in unity and peace. Your multi-dimensionality allows the prospect of expanding beyond your imagining.  Why be  limited by past experience and beliefs? 

Open to ALL you can be. When we remind you to be the light that you are, we mean the entire light and not the limited bit that you have allowed yourself and others to see. Let it all go. Let it all be set free. You have nothing to lose and a world of wonder to discover.