2021 Virgo Full Moon

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Full Snow Moon in Virgo

February 27, 2021

08 Virgo 57

3:17 am EST

For millennia, people across Europe, as well as Native American tribes, named the months after features they associated with the Northern Hemisphere seasons, and many of these names are very similar or identical (dateandtime.com). The February Full Moon is commonly known as the Snow Moon. This year, across the entire global Northern Hemisphere from North America through Europe, Northern Africa and Asia we all have experienced unprecedented accumulations of snowfall. Typically, snow is associated with cold and unpleasant attributes; however, every snowflake contains an inner beauty held within its crystalline structure that serves as a reminder that every human also has a unique inner beauty waiting to be discovered and revealed.
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2021 Aquarius New Moon

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New Moon 23 Aquarius 16

February 11, 2021

7:05 pm GMT; 2:05 pm EST; 11:05 am PT

In the middle of another beginning.
Would you look at that beautiful stellium in Aquarius?! On a day made only of zeros, ones and twos (02-11-2021)! This feels like tasting the most delicious, mind-blowingly complex dish that is both sweet and savory, but made from just a few basic ingredients.  
The first Aquarian new Moon since Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius seems big. Do you get the sense that St. Germaine is near? In some realm, the ascended master of Aquarian consciousness is standing by and waving us in.
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2021 Leo Full Moon

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Full Wolf Moon in Leo

January 28, 2021

09 Leo 05

2:16 pm EST

The Native American tribes’ name for the January Full Moon is the Wolf Moon. The Native Americans associated the wolf with mountains, high places and as a teacher and guide to sacred things. (Earth Medicine- K. Meadows). Wolves howl as a way of communicating with other wolves and do this more frequently during mating season, between January and March. (https://animalcorner.org/animals/wolves/). Although we may not be privy to the sound of howling wolves, we can use the naming of the Wolf Full Moon to remind us to move our awareness internally, to seek out our inner guru and all-important guidance system designed specifically for us.
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2021 Capricorn New Moon

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New Moon Capricorn – Wormhole passage closes

Jan 13, 2021

23º 13’ Capricorn

0:00 am EST; Jan 12, 9:00 pm PST; Jan 13, 5:00 am GT

Alchemy comes from the ashes.
The Sun, Moon, and Pluto are all at 23 & 24 Capricorn.
Picture sitting in a graveyard at night. The Moon is new, so all is dark. Since it is too dark to see, your senses are heightened. The energy is thick with unrest. In the shadows, you feel movement is happening.
This could be scary.
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