2020 Cancer Full Moon

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Cold Moon Report

December 29, 2020

08 Cancer 53

10:28 pm EST

Ancient Full Moon names for December are related to the low temperatures and darkness, with the most common reference being the Cold Moon, while another is the Long Night Moon (www.timeanddate.com). Rudolf Steiner, an early 20th-century Austrian philosopher and founder of biodynamic agriculture, recognized the months of November and December as a time when what is beneath the surface of the Earth has a particularly strong effect on plant growth (Lecture 2, Agriculture Course, R. Steiner, 1924). Steiner also recognized the winter months as having the strongest crystallizing forces that develop within the Earth. As we begin to realize/remember our oneness with the Earth, it is no coincidence we are reaching the apex in our journey of a very chaotic year with the Full Moon in the sign of Cancer (bearer of natural Mother energy) which, incidentally, is the same sign as the first full moon eclipse of 2020. We are entering into a new age, the Aquarian age, birthing a new, crystalline Earth, and all in perfect timing to capture naturally occurring crystallizing energies inherent in the Earth at this time of year.
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2020 Sagittarius New Moon

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2020 Sagittarius New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

December 14, 2020 

23 Sagittarius 08

11:16am EST; 8:16am PST; 4:16pm GT

New Moon in Sagittarius. Here is the reboot. First, it all goes dark, then comes back on. We are experiencing a total solar eclipse. The Sun’s light will be blocked by the shadow of the Moon. The nodes are aligned just right so that our tiny Moon casts a shadow on the Earth so large it covers the Sun. When the Sun, Moon, Earth alignment separates and the lights come back on, we have reset at our spiritual core.
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2020 Gemini Full Moon

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2020 Gemini Full Beaver Moon

Annular Lunar Eclipse

November 30, 2020

4:30am EST, 1:30am PST, 9:30am GT

8 Gemini 38

November’s Full Moon was traditionally called the Beaver Moon by a number of Native Americans and colonial Americans. November is the time of year the beavers are most actively preparing for winter, and this is the time traps were set before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm winter fur. The nature references assist us in remembering our connection to nature and our planet as we move into unity consciousness.
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2020 Scorpio New Moon

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2020 Scorpio New Moon

Sunday, November 15, 12:07 am EST, 5:07am GT, 9:07pm (11/14) PST


Scorpio is the alchemist. A new Moon in Scorpio takes us to places underneath the surface of the transformation. The Sun and Moon just moved past Juno and Astraea, beginning new cycles of Unity and Justice, and that energy is present.
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