Cosmic Path of Initiations

Understanding the Cosmic Clock

In traditional astrology the birth chart is read in a counter-clockwise manner. The Ascendent is considered the starting point and you track it numbering each section of the birth chart sequentially. There are 12 signs and therefore 12 sections of the chart known as houses. Aries is the traditional beginning of the zodiac, ruling the first house followed by all of the other signs and ending at Pisces, ruler of the 12th house.

In Cosmic Astrology, the cosmic clock is superimposed over the birth chart and read literally like a clock. The traditional houses are subsequently referred to as hours, or mansions. The starting point is the 12 o’clock mansion instead of the Ascendent/1st house in traditional astrology.

If you can imagine a clock as you look at your own birth chart, you will easily be able to incorporate the cosmic clock into your understanding of the 5D consciousness of the signs. The 12 o’clock hour will always be your Midheaven/10th house cusp. Each hour will be the next spoke of the wheel. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 12 o’clock hour much like Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house in a birth chart. And so forth around the clock.

The cosmic clock can be understood as the correction to the birth chart simply by considering the spiral of life. The birth chart goes counter-clockwise, the cosmic clock goes clockwise; in combination they make a spiral much like strands of DNA, the Fibonacci Spiral, etc. In the Cosmic Astrology system, the birth chart is thought of as the drama of life, whereas the cosmic clock reveals the divine Self. They work together mirroring our experience in life when we travel the low road or the high road at any given time. Following the cosmic clock and the 5D qualities of the signs enables you to choose the high road more consciously.

The Cosmic Path of Initiations system explores this relationship in a very personal way helping you map out the road of heart-centered living.

Please enjoy these two FREE PDF documents of Cosmic Astrology’s cosmic clock:

Cosmic Clock Overlay

The overlay is a blank wheel that you can use with your natal birth chart. Match your Midheaven to the 12 o’clock hour to see how your chart aligns with the signs on the clock.

The Cosmic Clock

This is a colorful depiction of the cosmic clock complete with the sacred geometry of the trines between elements, the name of the Masters of each sign, and the energy center that corresponds to the sign.

Click on the links to view the PDF and download the files.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

Using a newly developed astrological tool, it is possible to illuminate your soul’s journey at any point in time by following a path of personalized Initiations on a regular basis. Using your natal birth information, you can begin right here right now to comprehend exactly where you are on the path of your evolution. This information allows you to transmute blocked energies in a simple step-by-step process.

New Energy for New Answers

Welcome to a new cosmic astrology system, the COSMIC PATH OF INTIATIONS™ (CPI), an ongoing therapeutic and energetic approach to understanding what you’re going through and why, at any given moment. You don’t have to feel lost anymore. With this system you can locate where you’re at on your Path and instantly ‘get’ the lesson that’s being offered. Learn to choose, with great consciousness and confidence, to step into the higher qualities that are always there for your development. You will feel empowered supported and Loved through this process.

Whenever there is a crisis or drama that generates fear or struggle in your life, there is an amazing opportunity to break through to your highest Self. Imagine being able to pinpoint the very nature of the issue right in the moment it arises and using that awareness to move past your old habitual responses and break the chain of constantly reenacting your old Belief Systems (BS).

The Cosmic Wheel

The natural wheel of the zodiac is actually a series of solar hierarchies (the signs) that can be overlaid onto your natal birth chart to help with your understanding of the different aspects of Source consciousness. Each month you undertake an initiation, the first step onto the next leg of your journey. This has always been true, it’s just that we haven’t been particularly conscious of it before. Each time you successfully undertake the lessons of the sign you’re dealing with you gain momentum toward your ascension process. When done on a monthly basis, the clarity and understanding that is achieved facilitates the evolution of your soul in a most personalized way.

How CPI Works

These initiations are the gateways to your higher Self. The process begins with a 60 – 90 minute reading that delineates your higher purpose, the particular issues you’re dealing with in this lifetime and the timing with which you personally are able to access your own growth process. This method will be explained fully and your own personal Path mapped out for you.

After this first session, there will be monthly 30-minute sessions that fall around the same time each month, based on your birth date, to focus you in depth on the issues you will be facing for the four weeks ahead.

You will work closely together with a specially trained, certified CPI facilitator for one year to mobilize you toward your higher self by helping you to release your Self from the gravity of the karmic wheel’s centrifugal force that has kept you stuck, going around and around for lifetimes.

The focus is on clearing away past responses and moving into your full potential.

The time is Now. Are you ready to move into Ascension?

Why waste another minute trying to figure out why you can’t get past your old issues. The COSMIC PATH OF INITIATIONS will take you where you are truly meant to be: co creating your destiny in a very interactive way. It’s time to serve yourself and the planet.

Get Started with Stephanie!

First session: $300
1/2 Hour, Monthly Focus Sessions: $125


**Due to the high demand and popularity of the Cosmic Path of Initiations, working directly with Stephanie Azaria involves a 2-3 month wait. Email her at to get started.**


I wish to express my gratitude to all of the teachers and masters whose paths have crossed mine in the past and who are with me now for all their contributions and support in allowing this system to come forward, with special undying Love for my Beloved teacher, Derek O’Neill. ~ Stephanie Azaria

Here’s what people are saying about the CPI system:

The information and insight I have received from Stephanie’s readings have been hugely transformational. I consider myself as being knowledgeable with astrology and my spiritual path, however, Stephanie’s advice and explanations are real and practical tools which have helped me tremendously. Her explanations of what is happening in my life are comforting and accurate, and her advice on how to improve my life and understanding of life are spot on! This has been an amazing journey for me and having Stephanie’s help and insight are invaluable. You need this!