Monthly Report for September 2022

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September Overview

The pace begins to pick up this month, in preparation for the major events coming up in October. We welcome the pace, as the usual personal planets (Sun, Mercury and Venus) change signs, and there are 3 retrogrades—but one is our old friend Mercury. A new wormhole opens, and we enter a new season, so there are still some major changes.


On 9/1, Mars resources (sextiles) Jupiter and Varuna, and Mercury resources the Black Moon, makes a stepping stone (square) with Quaoar, and manifests with (trines) Chariklo; there are a lot of 5D energies at work today.  Mercury and Mars manifest with each other 9/2. There is a strong mind-body connection, and while we may find the mental stability to uncover (or think about) a newly revealed Truth, our actions are informed with a wider perspective and positive energy. It’s a good way to start the month. Mars enters his shadow 9/3, preparing for his all-important retrograde in a few weeks.


Mercury conjoins with (conjuncts) MakeMake 9/4, the 1st of three communions. The Great Messenger is moving quite slowly, and he begins his 3rd retrograde of the year on 9/9 at 9° Libra, the sign of the Mirrored Self in Cosmic Consciousness. Other people will show us where we need to rethink our ideas, and where we need to lighten up and change our perspective. This is all part of the divine Plan, and it’s time we allowed our thinking to change. As Mercury travels backwards towards Source, the direction of his retrograde, he checks in with MakeMake again (9/14), on his way to meet the Sun (9/23) midway through his retrograde cycle for an inferior conjunction. Whenever these two planets come together (as they do 6 times a year) there is a reboot in our mental operating systems and we become more aware of our thoughts and how we communicate. This conjunction occurs at the beginning of Libra and is part of the Vernal Equinox, so it’s pretty important; just after that (9/23) Mercury reenters Virgo to realign and balance our mental responses.


Venus is moving through Virgo, the sign of Emotional Wisdom, having entered that sign 9/5. She makes her way to a new cycle (conjunction) with Orcus (9/16), reminding us that Love is the only thing that endures beyond physicality. Venus then goes on to conjunct Mercury (9/26), the 1st of 3. Mind and heart connect in the healing space of the Divine Mother (Virgo), who heals and aligns all our parts, making us whole. These 2 archetypes manifest with (or trine) Pluto on the degree of his return (27° Capricorn) ; to say that our mind-heart connection (or masculine-feminine aspect) is undergoing a major transformation is an understatement. We don’t know how it will manifest; all we can do is allow it. The energies here are harmonious and flowing.


Venus then moves on into Libra 9/29, the sign which, according to Cosmic Consciousness, she once held dominion over (Libra now belongs to Astraea). Still, we learn about Love through relating with others, so Libra will always be connected to Venus. On the same day Ceres, the cosmic midwife, enters Virgo to slowly follow in Venus’ footsteps.


The Sun also makes a new cycle with Orcus, as any planet moving through Virgo will, on 9/6, bringing our consciousness to the realm of immortality, or what endures beyond the physical. Focusing on the beyond tends to raise our consciousness. A few days later, on 9/10, the Pisces Full Moon occurs. It holds the soft, visionary energies of the divine feminine, with Astraea, Juno and Neptune flanking the Moon and Orcus still near the Sun. Uranus connects with this Full Moon, by resource (Moon) and manifestation (Sun); it’s possible to bring some awakening or clarity through our responses to what comes to meet us. Again, these are positive energies.


When the Sun makes his way into Libra 9/22, the Fall/Spring Equinox kicks off a new season.

Day and night are perfectly balanced, and everyone on the planet experiences that. Mercury is just hours away from his inferior conjunction with the Sun, so communication and connection are important this season. The Sun makes a stepping stone (square) with Ixion, newly direct, suggesting the importance of redefining our collective purpose going forward. The Leo Moon forms a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Pluto; if we choose to make our emotional responses one of gratitude and looking for any blessings in whatever comes our way, we will find the path much easier to navigate.


On 9/25 a new wormhole opens with the New Moon in Libra. This is a powerful lunar event, with Mercury, Venus and MakeMake surrounding the Sun-Moon new cycle (aka conjunction), and Jupiter creating a bridge to it (aka opposition) from Aries. It is part of the divine plan to learn about ourselves through interactions with others, and what we see may prove eye-opening. What we think and how we feel about it are there for us to see, and while Jupiter holds a big mirror up for us, he also shows us our wisdom. Chariklo is also involved, bringing a calming, stabilizing energy, especially in the social realm. This is an opportunity to gain real knowledge of one another. The wormhole is disposed by Sedna in the 5D realm, and Astraea, so ancient feminine wisdom is available to take us to new places, especially within relationships. We will learn so much.


A word must be said about Ixion and Quaoar, two 5D planets that seem to travel together through the ages. Their astrological pattern is to go retrograde within days of each other in April (or, in Ixion’s case, very late March) and to go direct in September. True to form, Ixion resumes direct motion 9/14, and Quaoar follows suit 9/18, both in Capricorn. These long-termers will maintain this pattern for many years to come. With new thought (Quaoar) comes a new purpose (Ixion), and vice versa.


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April 2021 Cosmic Consciousness

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As the 4th month, April affords us the energies of a new foundation upon which to build new, more sustainable structures for a brand-new world. Yet we know that sometimes a building has to be demolished before a new foundation can be secured in order to build something more solid and stable. We began that process last year, and there is still much work to be done.
The energies of ‘4’ bring stability and order, such as the 4 elements that make up physicality (fire, air, water, earth), and the 4 sacred directions that orient us in space. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 4 etheric bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) form the essential components of our existence (see the Lower Body System in the CC Corner). The '4' represents the building of new structures, and the presence of doors opening (and closing) everywhere. To build these new structures, the foundation must be balanced and even.  Just as the 4 corners of the square form the base of a pyramid upon which the triangular energies of manifestation rests, the creative manifestations of the ‘3’ ground and stabilize with each decision and action resulting from the gathering of our intuitive ‘4’ energies.

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March 2021 Cosmic Consciousness

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As the 3rd month in this ‘5’ year of new life force, March holds the space of expansion, abundance, self-expression, inspiration, joy, mastery, and creativity. The active initiating force from the “1” combines with the receptive, germinating energies of the “2,” resulting in the “3” vibration of physical manifestation.
The ‘3’ represents the energies of the triad, the Trinity, a sacred triangle (trine) where all parts work together harmoniously, creating a portal that brings forth manifestation of desires by allowing the descent of Spirit into the mental plane. There, Source-based faith in action (Pisces) becomes consciously directed intention (Aries). The triangle is the ancient symbol for the element of FIRE. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth, light, and inspiration. Aries, the Divine Spark of Creation, is a Fire sign.
In Cosmic Consciousness, Aries represents the 3 o’clock hour, where we enter the mental etheric body and experience its power. It is the sign of Conscious Discipline, the place in our energy field where we bring in Love purposefully and diligently to activate the higher mind, which is Christ Consciousness. This activation requires focusing golden Light on the heart chakra, elevating its vibration into the higher mind, aligning it with Love, and opening a gateway for the divine spark of something new to manifest.
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February 2021 Cosmic Consciousness

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Welcome to February, the 2nd month of an already tumultuous year. February carries the frequency of the ‘2,’ bringing us the feminine energies of compassion, balance, service, diplomacy, receptivity, adaptability, courage, and unconditional love, all the elements of Pisces and some Aquarius too. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, including those we have with all parts of our Selves. It can reveal polarities that separate us, or offer ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, intuition, higher perspective, and heartfelt Love.
The ‘2’ represents duality, polarity, reflection, and balance. Duality is the perception of otherness through which the One can understand itSelf. It is what results when Source energies descend into the 3rd dimension. Duality provides contrast and differentiation; there is no Light without darkness, up without down, and so on. Electricity is the positive Male (yang) principle, and magnetic attraction is the negative Female (yin) principle. Both are necessary for creation. Balance between masculine and feminine energies produces ascension, which brings us back to Source, the Oneness behind everything.
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