September 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

By: Shelly Leal

September 2023

Gradually the pace starts to pick up this month. There are 4 planets in Virgo, and 5 in Libra, as the planets slowly shift into the sign of the Mirrored Self.  Five planets change signs; Mercury and Venus station direct, with 4 other planets also changing direction; a new season begins, and a wormhole opens in anticipation of another eclipse season. This is a transitory month.


Let’s begin with the stationing planets. Sedna, the universal librarian barely in Gemini, goes retrograde first thing on 9/1, conjunct Alcyone, the main star of the Pleiades. That is some very high dimensional divine feminine energies to recalibrate. Venus stations direct 9/3, and Juno catches up to her on 9/10, mingling energies of love and of valuing our relationships.  As Venus picks up speed, she meets up with Juno again 9/27 for a new cycle, reinforcing their connection and our appreciation of all we are connected to. Jupiter, sitting on the world axis point of 15° Taurus, begins his retrograde 9/4 that lasts till the end of the year. Jupiter expands our consciousness, and even when retrograde his expansive frequencies can be felt. During this time, we go within and reevaluate how we connect socially, where we could have applied wisdom but did not, and how we can expand our consciousness to see the Truth in others.


On 9/15 both Mercury and Ixion station direct, giving a lift to our mental operating systems as well as our collective soul purpose, which is to allow higher consciousness into our lives. New ideas begin to blossom regarding how to actualize that purpose. Ixion’s traveling partner in Capricorn, Quaoar, also stations direct, on 9/20, bringing higher order thinking to bear. Mercury’s new cycle with Orcus 9/25 suggests that while the lower mind is limited, we know that our soul is not, and this is merely a journey we are taking. The final Mercury-Black Moon new cycle 9/26 puts a fine point on that, sharpening our thinking and communication skills for the months ahead.  Mercury leaves his shadow 9/30. Meanwhile, the Black Moon begins her dance with Orcus; their first communion occurs 9/18 and lasts for months. What will we learn about our souls?


The Sun also makes his yearly new cycle with Orcus 9/7, reinforcing the importance of our awareness of the invisible realm that is a part of us. Focusing on the beyond tends to raise our consciousness. Prior to that, on 9/6, the Sun-Mercury inferior conjunction occurs, marking a turning point in Mercury’s retrograde cycle.


A new wormhole opens with the New Moon in Virgo 9/14. Chiron has domain over this lunation, and therefore the wormhole. Wormholes can produce radical shifts in our experience, and although the energies may get wonky, we can count on healing and alignment of our energy bodies wherever Virgo is in our charts. Orcus is nearby the Sun-Moon new cycle; it’s amazing what a big presence he has this month. The New Moon forms a bridge with Neptune; while possibilities and dreams abound, we have the opportunity to discern which ones deserve our attention. Vesta and Pallas both change signs 9/13, Vesta into Cancer and Pallas into Libra, and they form a stepping stone that informs the New Moon. And the Ceres-Haumea new cycle in Libra on the New Moon marks a new beginning in creativity and mastery of what others show us about ourselves.


Now is a good time to discuss Ceres’ travels through Libra. She has been traveling through that sign since June, and she meets MakeMake in July. The via combusta, also known as the Fiery Way, is a portion of our energy field that runs from 15° Libra to 15° Scorpio, and it contains intense, vigorous energies. Passage through the via combusta can be difficult, but yields so much wisdom. Ceres enters that field 8/8, resourcing the Sun, and we may find it more difficult to nurture ourselves, but that is exactly what is needed. By 9/1, Ceres merges with Arcturus, the fixed star representing scientific breakthroughs, and 9/4 she makes a new cycle with the karmic Earth Star Chakra. It’s important to be aware of repeating old wounds. What is also striking is that Ceres makes a Lightbridge to the Soul Star Chakra and Eris; we are undergoing a rebirth of new consciousness, and these breakthroughs will be disruptive to the status quo (and to us as well). After the new cycle with Haumea, discussed above, Ceres enters Scorpio 9/15, manifesting with (trining) Vesta and Astraea, and making a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Sedna. The divine feminine will have something to say, women will be prominently featured.


Mars, also traveling in Libra, makes a new cycle with MakeMake 9/9. The state of everything in physicality, from our bodies to the Earth itself, is in perfect order, although it may not feel like it. We can achieve right action if we remember to use the higher laws of the universe: the Law of Love, of One, Spiritual Attraction, etc. Mars’ energies feel foreign in Libra, and it doesn’t get any better when he enters the via combusta 9/19, the second planet to do so. It is important to pay attention to one’s actions and be as objective as possible. And to look after our bodies.


The Sun enters Libra 9/23, kicking off the Fall/Spring Equinox. Once again, day and night are evenly balanced, and everyone on the planet feels it. The Sun manifests with Sedna, barely moving, and makes a great eliminator with Saturn; and the Vesta-Astraea new cycle also occurs today, squaring the Sun and manifesting with Saturn, calling our attention to our inner authority and the need to step up to our own truths. This ties in with our inner purpose.


On 9/29 the Full Moon in Aries occurs, the final supermoon of the year. Pallas and MakeMake attend the Sun, while Salacia conjoins the Moon. Quaoar forms an intersection between the Sun and Moon, and the Varuna-Chariklo Lightbridge makes supportive aspects to both. The 5D planets raise the frequencies of the Sun and Moon, adding wisdom and lightness, calm and stability, and a higher perspective. Eris and the Soul Star Chakra are conjoined together, only minutes apart, bridging Arcturus and the Earth Star Chakra. This configuration will last for months! It anchors the Full Moon, preparing us for the solar eclipse coming our way.

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August 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

August 2023

This month seems to provide a respite from all the planetary action. Only 3 planets change signs, and two planets change direction. But the Black Moon, a balancing point between the Earth and the Moon, travels between Leo and Virgo this month and interacts with the Sun and Venus more than once. August also features 3 lunations, with 2 Full Moons—the 2nd one being a Blue Moon.


The action begins with the Full Moon in Aquarius on 8/1, another super moon. It’s got a strong 5D influence, with the Moon conjoining Chariklo and the Sun flanked by Varuna and the Black Moon. A wider perspective is possible, along with stabilizing self-love. The Mars-Orcus new cycle occurs today as well, manifesting with Jupiter, and making a stepping stone with Astraea. ,This new cycle brings those of us who are ready to the awareness of the temporary nature of our human form, and Jupiter helps us see the truth of it. Hopefully this awareness allows us to be grateful to be incarnated on Earth at this time, where we can grow and evolve, and where we are so needed. Hopefully more people open to aligning with this truth.


As the Sun makes his way through Leo, where he is dignified, he conjuncts the Black Moon twice: 8/4, and 8/15. The Black Moon is kind of a trigger, an activator of light, and when she conjoins an archetype repeatedly, we learn a little more of the truth that we could not see. The Sun represents life force, and so does Leo; life force from the heart. Our consciousness is growing and we are learning more about it, as well as how to integrate higher frequencies and ground them in our bodies.


The Black Moon is an integral part of the New Moon in Leo that occurs on 8/16, along with Venus. The Sun and retrograde Venus came together 8/13 for an inferior conjunction, the midpoint of Venus’ backwards cycle. She is transiting from being an evening star to a morning star, but right now she’s too close to the Sun to be seen. The Sun-Moon new cycle makes a stepping stone to Uranus, and a manifesting aspect with Eris and the Soul Star Chakra, so the elements of surprise, disruption, awakening and revelation are possible. It can come from anywhere: the Earth herself, a changing of values, self-realization, bold action, even a scientific breakthrough (a resource with Arcturus). Wherever it comes from, comfortable or not, it’s good for our evolution.  The Venus-Ceres resource (with Venus resourcing Astraea as well) indicates an involvement at the heart level, one that is harmonious.


After that powerful lunation, the Sun shifts into Virgo, sign of emotional wisdom, on 8/23, where he meets the Black Moon yet again 8/28. We are getting a dose of truth about our consciousness and life force from a different part of our energy field, and aligning it with our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. This is important, as it will be the last time they meet.


The 2nd Full Moon of the month, the Blue Moon, occurs in Pisces 8/30, and it’s a big one. For one thing, Blue Moons happen every 2.5 years, and this one is a super moon.  Once again, the Sun is flanked by Black Moon Lilith, but also Orcus; the Moon conjoins Saturn and they both resource Quaoar and Ixion. Very heady emotional energies. This sextile makes great eliminators pointing to the Juno-Varuna new cycle that occurs today as well. The potential here is to get in tune with the part of us that knows it’s immortal, and to remember that life force reverts back to Spirit when not in the body. Saturn may put a damper on our emotions, or conversely, may help us see their deeper meaning if we think about it in a new way. A higher perspective is available for the choosing, especially one that understands that we are all connected. Chiron and Neptune have domain over this lunation, so healing and trusting in one’s higher self is a part of it.  Which is a good thing, since the evolutionary Soul Star Chakra (N. node) conjuncts Eris and stays by her side the next 3 months!  We are ascending, and the resulting disruption and discomfort are designed to shake us out of self-absorption and denial into Self-realization.


Ever since 6/3 the Black Moon has been dancing with Venus, first in Cancer, then in Leo, where they meet again on 8/14. This conjunction happens to manifest with Chiron, bringing healing to what is uncovered within the heart, and the capacity to master our emotions. From there Venus retraces her steps through the sign of Emotional Love; she doesn’t meet Black Moon again until October.


Mercury enters his retrograde shadow 8/3 at 8° Virgo. From then on, every aspect he makes will be repeated. On 8/8, the Lion’s Gate portal, Mercury conjuncts Pallas for the first of 3 meetings. He follows through with Orcus on 8/9. There is much wisdom to be gained here, especially about our spiritual side. Like Venus before him, Mercury approaches Mars, but stations retrograde (8/23) before joining him. Mercury conjuncts Pallas again 8/26, continuing backwards in Virgo for the rest of the month. Meanwhile, Mars continues on and enters Libra, a sign he feels uncomfortable in, on 8/27.


There are some notable events that need mentioning. Juno enters Leo 8/15, and makes a new cycle with Varuna 8/30. And Uranus stations retrograde 8/28, as is his pattern every August. It’s time to go within and reevaluate our values, how we treat the Earth, where we can apply insight to the way we handle resources.


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July 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

July 2023

We are now in the 2nd half of the year. The intensity of spring/fall has lessened, and we are into the summer/winter of rebirth, with planets moving into Leo and Virgo. There are still plenty of shifts, as 5 planets change direction, including Venus, whose last retrograde occurred at the end of 2021. In addition, 5 planets change signs, Mercury twice, and the Moon’s nodes shift as well for the next 18 months.


The action begins on the very first day, when the Sun and Mercury, consciousness and mind, come together for a superior conjunction in Cancer. Astraea enters Gemini and immediately conjoins with Sedna. It should be mentioned that Alcyone, one of the stars of the Pleiades, is also conjoined with Sedna. There are some very high dimensional energies with this triple conjunction and it is decidedly feminine. Astraea brings it down to us somewhat.


The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on 7/3. It’s a Super Moon, meaning it’s close to Earth. It’s a high frequency event as the Sun is flanked by Juno and the Mercury-Sirius new cycle; while the Moon cavorts with Quaoar and Ixion. The Moon has domain over the Sun, and Saturn disposes the Moon. Saturn and Quaoar resource each other in a sextile, and make great eliminators (inconjunct) in a Finger of God pointing at Varuna and the Black Moon. Our capacity for perceiving new thought gains authenticity and structure when we keep mind and emotions open and allow in the downloads available to us now. A larger perspective is waiting to be unveiled, but we must choose to see it. There is no way to make it happen, we have to commit to being open and letting it in.  Our consciousness gets a dose of multidimensionality with the Sun-Sirius new cycle on 7/6. On the same day the Mars-Neptune great eliminator suggests it’s time to act on our dreams, even a little bit, or pay attention to our body’s needs. All these downloads will require grounding self-care.


July 17 is an important day: not only is that the New Moon in Cancer, but it’s also the day the Moon’s nodes change signs for the next 18 months, shifting into the Aries/Libra axis. Aries is the spark of creation from the higher mind; Libra is the realization that we are not separate. Aries is Self-awareness from within; Libra is Self-awareness from what others show us. This lunation is always an emotional one, and it bridges Pluto, manifests with (trines) Neptune, squares Eris and resources (sextiles) Uranus. When we feel our emotions, they tell us about ourselves and our needs. They can surprise us, illuminate us, and point to the next steps to take. On this day the Juno-Sirius new cycle underscores our interconnectedness. And the 7/18 Ceres-MakeMake new cycle indicates that whatever arises from this New Moon is according to divine plan.


The Sun enters Leo, his home sign, on 7/22, the same day as Venus’ retrograde station. He finishes the month with a Varuna new cycle 7/30, following the conjunctions by Venus and Mercury. A higher perspective brings more awareness.


All month Venus has been within 3° of Mars in Leo. But instead of conjoining, Venus slows down, and Mars enters Virgo with Pallas before they conjunct with Regulus, all on 7/10. Meanwhile, the Black Moon plays with Venus as she stations retrograde 7/22. Venus has a very particular retrograde pattern, going retrograde in only 5 signs over the course of 8 years: Gemini, Capricorn/early Aquarius, Leo/early Virgo, Aries, and late Libra/Scorpio. This year she moves backwards entirely in Leo. On 7/27, Venus conjoins the Black Star and Mercury for a triple conjunction of mind/heart balance that is a gift in the sign of inner gratitude. Right now, Venus is an evening star, running ahead of the Sun, but when she meets him in August, she will disappear for a while and reemerge as a morning star. This retrograde signifies the life force available to the open heart. Living with gratitude promotes joy, which raises our frequencies. This has a cumulative effect on everyone around us, and ultimately, the world. It is very much needed now.


As always, Mercury is very active. Following his conjunction with the Sun on 7/1, the Great Messenger, out of bounds since June, reenters the ecliptic 7/6, ready for his new cycle with Sirius and the ensuing downloads. He enters Leo 7/11, and communes with Varuna 7/14. As he continues through Leo, we are reminded to maintain thoughts of gratitude for what we have. Black Moon Lilith interacts with Mercury repeatedly, as well as the Sun and Venus, helping by uncovering things to be grateful for. Following the Mercury-Venus-Black Moon conjunction on 7/27, Mercury enters Virgo 7/28 and our mental operating systems shift towards alignment with our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.


Venus is not the only planet stationing this month. On 7/10 Salacia stations retrograde followed by Haumea’s station direct 7/13. Time to apply creativity to fresh ideas. Eris begins her annual retrograde 7/21, and Chiron begins his 7/23. These backwards cycles give us a chance to go within to recalibrate and reassess how to access joy and wholeness, as well as what makes us uncomfortable, and what to do about it.


It should be noted that right after the nodes shift into Aries and Libra, on 7/17, retrograde Pluto in Capricorn forms stepping stones with both, resulting in an intersection, all in power signs. Haumea joins the karmic Earth Star Chakra; time to bring un-or underutilized talents and gifts to the forefront. New creations are possible. An intersection is a revelation of new options that take the polarity—in this case, the nodes—to another level. With Pluto providing the 3rd road, it gives rise to the question: Where do we place our power? Do we focus on the past, and recycle old wounds and power-games, or do we focus on the future, and apply our power towards creating the world we want to live in? Do we apply our own power to Self-realize, or do we give it away? How can we creatively heal our past? Pluto makes this intersection 3 times, on 7/23, 7/25 and 7/28, before the Soul and Earth Star Chakras move out of range. This is one of the lessons Pluto wants us to learn before we are ready to experience him in Aquarius.


June 2023 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

June 2023

We’ve come to the midpoint of the year. While there are only 3 planets changing direction this month, they are important ones, and there are altogether 8 (!) planets shifting signs, and one creates a new season. The Taurus stellium breaks up as the planets move into Gemini and Cancer. There is a lot of change for one month, with plenty of new cycles to work with.


On 6/1 the Jupiter-Soul Star Chakra new cycle occurs, which is good news. It’s a big push forward, towards who we want to be what and we want to accomplish for the future. We are planting ourselves in new ground, and with our eyes on the cosmos, our possibilities are endless. It’s a grand way to begin the month.


Mercury was pretty quiet in May, except for conjunctions with Vesta and Astraea as part of his retrograde cycle. Now direct, he picks up steam, beginning with a new cycle with Astraea (the 3rd conjunction) 6/2. Mercury finally meets Uranus 6/4 for a new cycle of revelatory news or surprising communications; we are ready for that now. June 6 sees the Mercury-Vesta new cycle, their 3rd and final meeting. We are dedicated and ready to think with our hearts and engage in heartfelt communication. Finally, 6/11, Mercury pays respects to Sedna with a new cycle before moving into Gemini an hour later.  This is fortuitous, since Sedna holds all the cosmic information of our galaxy; high frequencies are available to us through an open mind.  It also happens to be the day that retrograde Pluto reenters Capricorn, where he will stay for the rest of the year, tying up loose ends and helping us loosen our grip on things that must be left behind or allowed to collapse so that we can move forward.


Now at home, Mercury travels swiftly, as if trying to catch up on what he missed in retrograde.  On 6/23 the Great Messenger goes out of bounds, taking our thoughts to uncharted territory. One thing we must remember is that Mercury in Gemini is always moving, connecting, thinking, and if we’re not centered, our thoughts can carry us away. This is especially true with Mercury out beyond the ecliptic. Just 15 days later, 6/26, Mercury changes signs again, entering Cancer.  Now our minds shift into a wholly different energy field, one that can yield needed emotional intelligence. There he meets Juno (6/28), and their new cycle brings new expression to our emotions and how we connect emotionally with each other.


On 6/3 the Sun bridges the Moon for the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Juno is near the Sun, but the Moon stands alone. Orcus forms an intersection, another path, between the Sun and Moon, while Chariklo and Pallas also make connections. Mercury and Jupiter have domain over this lunation, and they are both in the Taurus stellium. The Moon happens to be close to the Great Attractor in Sagittarius, meaning our emotions are being pulled into a new way of feeling and responding, coming from beyond our personalities. There is wisdom here, an understanding based on calmness and compassion. This allows us to see what is and what is not acceptable to our spirit, and make the appropriate response.


The Sun and Moon unite for the New Moon in Gemini 6/18, with Juno conjoining (the Sun-Juno new cycle is exact 6/20). Eris resources this lunation, and Neptune forms a stepping stone with it. Saturn is stationing retrograde (as of 6/17) as well. While our mental operating systems are busy gathering information and making connections, we are aware of the importance of our words; how they can mislead or ring true, how they can clarify or confuse. It is time to be impeccable in our speech and observe what we create or diffuse with it. The Jupiter-Saturn resource (sextile) on 6/19 is a part of the New Moon energies, signifying the importance of this conscious way of relating to the greater social environment we all inhabit.


On 6/21 The Sun manifests with Haumea and creates a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Pluto all at 29° before he enters Cancer for the Summer/Winter solstice. It’s also the day Ceres reenters Libra after her retrograde cycle, and she forms a stepping stone (square) with the Sun. Sedna entered Gemini a week earlier (more on this), and the Sun is in an intimate aspect with her, as well as with Vesta. It will take a while to get to know Sedna in Gemini. All these aspects are part of the solstice chart, which shows the potentialities for the entire season, and there are so many planets at the 29th degree of a sign, calling for mastery of that quality of consciousness, or else newly entered into a sign. These are endings, recalibrations, beginnings. It’s like another season of rebirth.


The Sun makes a Lightbridge with Ixion, and the nodes connect with the Sun through a resource (Soul Star-N node) and manifesting aspect (Earth Star-S node) on 6/25. As such, the Sun resonates with all these planets. Higher frequencies are coming into the planet, and our capacity for growth, awareness and creativity increases; it is our strength and power, and is there if we choose it. The Black Moon Lilith conjoins Pallas, uncovering the wisdom of shining our Light and raising our vibration. The Jupiter-Saturn resource is still in effect, making a Finger of God with MakeMake, and connecting with Quaoar in positive ways.  New ideas and ways to think about social connection and interaction are beginning to arise, which is as it should be, although we have to choose the high road of Love over that of fear. It’s a beginning.


Speaking of Love, Venus, who took our hearts out of bounds in April, heads back to the ecliptic 6/1. On 6/5 Venus enters the Leo quality of consciousness, where our hearts can rejoice with gratitude for what we have. It helps to have an expansive view of things, which the Venus-Varuna new cycle provides. As Venus proceeds through the sign of Inner Gratitude, the Black Moon repeatedly connects with her (as well as Mars), unveiling hidden gifts, and where we let self-importance block the sharing of those gifts.


Among the planets changing signs, 6/22 finds Juno moving into Cancer, while Vesta ingresses Gemini. But the really big news is that Sedna, a planet with an orbit so large she didn’t appear in our solar system until recently, shifts into Gemini on 6/15, after spending half a century in Taurus! Sedna will retrograde back into Taurus again, but next year she’ll remain in Gemini—for 42 years! Our higher selves will feel this shift on some level. Sedna’s ingress into Taurus was the start of the ecology movement, and of our awareness of air, water, land and noise pollution and its effects. Now that we have awakened to the need for change, and are working towards it, Sedna turns her attention to raising the frequencies of the collective Gemini energy field. According to Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini is the sign that transcends duality, and now, while we are so polarized, is the perfect time to begin that process. There are many dualities: mind/heart, male/female among them. Already we are beginning to understand that gender is a construct and a continuum; it doesn’t exist in the higher dimensions. When our minds and hearts integrate, when our hearts are part of our mind’s longing to know, we can access our higher mind, which results in right action. We will see new ways to communicate and connect with each other. Sedna will hold what we need to learn; we can access it when we are ready.

And it’s no coincidence that the first planet to begin a new cycle with Sedna is Vesta, planet of passionate devotion, on 6/22, the same day MakeMake goes direct. All is in perfect order.


Neptune, representing higher love, clarity and enlightenment, stations retrograde on 6/30 for 5 months. It is an opportunity to turn within and see which of our dreams are still feasible, and what brings confusion into our lives. We learn to trust ourselves. We discern what brings us joy.

I offer short, written 5D readings based on one question. For more details and pricing, please email me at, with your birth information and your question. I look forward to hearing from you!