Channel of the Week for October 19, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week








I have unexpectedly begun a deep process of clearing out some very old core issues, ones I expected would be with me throughout the rest of my days.  I only thought that because they seemed insurmountable and were so painful that I believed they truly could not heal.  Imagine my surprise….


I have grieved, railed, screaming, journaled, changed how I look at historical circumstances, grieved more and allowed my heart to rip open. And it has been a ripping.  There is nothing kind and gentle about this kind of heart opening. It hurts, plain and simple.


But….as I keep going, I am finding a kind of inner peace I did not really believe existed and a huge place is opening up inside me that is warm and comfortable and somehow familiar. A place that feels a whole lot like home.


And so I am told:

We rejoice for you and for all who, in these changing times, have found their way to inner healing. You are needed, your light, your love, your Be-ing. Those who hold the Light are more important than ever. 

The core issues of each individual are, more often than not, historical in nature, and when one individual begins to heal them, to imbue them with light and compassion, the healing is done for all. 

Simply put, what you heal for yourself, you heal for the world. 

Your inner light is needed now more than ever, both for you and for the world you serve.  Trust your higher self to reveal to you new ways of perceiving yourself, your history and your place in the now.  You are needed in the days to come.



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