Channel of the Week for October 10, 2022

Jan Finley Channel of the Week









Some mornings I awaken to what I can only describe as a pause, as if the
world has taken a deep breath and we are present in the moment between
I breath and exhale. My garden is quiet, secure in its beauty. The dogs
have given up monitoring the neighbors as they walk by, choosing instead
to nap following their long night’s sleep. My tea is soothing, comforting and
I find my breath has slowed bringing me completely into this one precious

A tiny voice inside me reminds me that this moment does not last. In the
past, that insistent voice would have tampered with my perfect pause,
rendering it useless but I find that these tumultuous years that we have
travelled have made me less inclined to listen and more inclined to greet
that moment, fleeting as it may be, with grace and appreciation. Today I
welcome that moment allowing it to unfold within my heart.

These moments serve as resets, if humankind may allow them to be so.
There will always a rhythm, a wave that travels through your dimension as
humans strive for and resist unity. Some ride the wave, embracing all of
life’s experiences. Other attempt to cling to the wave in an attempt to freeze
the experience and resist movement. And others are completely unaware
the wave even exists.

Your heart’s beat echoes this wave, and for those who pay attention, is
both teacher and guide. If one listens closely enough, one can hear the
music that accompanies the wave. Sit within this sacred moment, hear the
music and allow their embrace to enfold you in loving arms. 



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