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Jan Finley Channel of the Week

Each time Stephanie mentions a Bridge between two or more planets in her blog, I make it a practice to place myself there and experience the particular energies there.  Each bridge is unique, while some are quite brief in duration, others last much longer.  Their energy is unique as well and I enjoy experiencing them.  I say all this because Saturday, after reading Stephanie’s blog, I stepped on to the MakeMake / Black Moon bridge and instantly saw a sign on the side of the road in front of me that said JUSTICE in capital letters. As I read it, my mouth filled with the taste of honey and the word itself shot into my heart. I could feel it expand within me.  “Justice from the heart is a gift from the Divine Feminine” I am told. 
It is the only true justice and from that point, all things wholing/holy are possible.  Justice is the foundation.
Allow the concept of heart centered justice to fill your heart and mind. Let it expand and take root within your soul. Meditate on it and you will find it changing how you perceive the world around you and your place within it.
Many are heart damaged at this time and must complete their role in this ending.  Allow them on their way, knowing that their part in the play, as it were, is rapidly reaching the end.  Hate plays no part in the new world.  They simply model all that must be left behind.
We do not say this to suggest that hate will no longer exist but as human consciousness expands, hate becomes a symptom rather than a condition which will be treated with compassion and healed.  When you accept what you see without judgment, compassion will always direct your actions.
The world demonstrates the abuse of justice at this time/space so all can see that its misuse subverts the concept of justice at its deepest level.  What passes for justice now is designed instead to instill fear and authority.  Fearful people feel powerless and are less inclined to expand consciousness, instead contracting into their fear, limiting options and choice.
Fortunately, that is not what is happening in many heart/souls.  Humankind is awakening and re-membering who they are.   The new world continues to expand with each newly awakened heart.  It cannot be stopped now but much work and attention is yet required.  Be willing to embrace the lessons of opening as they come to you for with the open and accepting heart, the New World is yours.

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