Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan Finley Channel of the Week


This time of confinement and redirection seems to go on endlessly, doesn’t it? Many I know are getting a bit stir crazy and restless. Many have unnecessarily exposed themselves and others to Covid 19 in a desire to escape and feel “normal”. I think we can all agree that normal as we knew it no longer existed. This is the new normal, and it is a normal that is constantly evolving. It comes down very simply to this: you can choose to fight it or you can choose to embrace it.   A New World is opening up before our eyes, and it is important to be an instrument of the world we want to see and not more of the same old, same old. Yes, there was and is plenty of good and loving and inspiring in the old world. No question about that at all, but there was (is) much that is destructive and hurtful and ugly and all of that needs to be left behind. There is no place for hate. Separation as we have known it is leaving this world.
As a side note, I want to remind all of you that self-care is essential as we navigate through these troubled waters. Get the rest you need, walk, do yoga, meditate – do whatever you can to support yourself through not only the chaos that goes around you but for the changes within you. Your Light is more important than you can imagine.
Do not give up hope. The real changes are just beginning and your participation is essential. Your strength and commitment to this time of change are essential. As you evolve and ascend, so does the Earth. You are inextricably united, and in your union, you find your place within the macrocosm. As you go, so goes the earth.
Can we put it any more plainly? When you hear “be the change you want to see”, do you understand that this is Truth, not simply aphorism? Do you not yet understand that you yourself are the instrument of change, the voice of change, indeed the Heart of Change? It is your Light that is essential.
These simple truths, like “Believe” and other frequently seen messages, are sent into the world so you will recognize them and allow them to trigger remembrance with you. You came with a sacred purpose and that time, that moment is Now.  
Some of you may find yourselves compelled to take new steps you never imagined for yourself. Some may find a voice needing expression that they did not know they had. Should you feel such a call, we implore you to embrace it, as part of your most sacred self. Listen for that inner voice within to make itself known to you. Your Light, the gift that is you, will lead you to yourself and heal the world. You are the Light you have been waiting for.

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