THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/30/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Wayshowers, we love you, and yet we MUST implore you now to pay attention to what you are focusing on. What are you choosing to look at in your environment? Tonight we are here to show you that you are each Walt Disney. Whatever you believe, you bring to life and animate.

Think on this for a minute... your life and everything in it is no more real than it is reel. The movies that you play in your mind are very much what gives credence and color to what makes life real to you. For a minute, take any story you are telling yourself about the world around you and change it to its opposite even if for 10 seconds. Notice then how you feel about the world around you. It changes, even if just because it is weird or strange to think of THAT story from the opposite point of view. This is the proof in the pudding, so to speak, that what you choose to believe makes the elements of your life appear a certain hue.

But you are the animator. You are THAT powerful. And if you knew it on a deep level, you would change your ENTIRE world. And that is what keeps people in comfort zones of discomfort... not that they are disempowered but that they are empowered believing they are disempowered because THAT is easier than taking full responsibility for your life and your creations.


So, it is time to reel it all in and stop monkeying around. This is unless, of course, you want to continue to suffer. Suffering exists in the monkey mind. The monkey mind exists because the ego attempts to keep you safe in your “safe” stories. And to know a story, rather than simply being with the unknown makes the ego feel safe... so it creates stories to “know” things. But knowledge is empty without experience.

Here is the master equation that you need to get right in your hearts:

Knowledge + FULL Experience = Wisdom.

Interestingly enough, if you have preconceived knowledge of something without a full experience of it, you limit your experience and thereby your potential for wisdom. And a lack of potential for wisdom = ignorance, and where there is ignorance there is lack of enlightenment, and most certainly unconsciousness.

So to stop the monkey mind that keeps you in darkness, you need to understand what drives your stories and own it. Then you open to other experiences within the experience and create an open mind that makes you a mindful, conscious, creative animator, bringing to life that which brings love and truth, rather than suffering.

We support you fully in this endeavor. You will be so much happier for it. Blessings and best wishes.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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